One of the first projects I noticed after starting at the Linux Foundation was AgStack. It caught my attention because I have a natural inclination towards farming and ranching, although, in reality, I really just want a reason to own and use a John Deere tractor (or more than one). The reality is the closest I will ever get to being a farmer is my backyard garden with, perhaps, some chickens one day. But I did work in agriculture policy for a number of years, including some time at USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service. So, AgStack piqued my interest. Most people don’t really understand where their food comes from, the challenges that exist across the globe, and the innovation that is still possible in agriculture. It is encouraging to see the passion and innovation coming from the folks at AgStack.

Speaking of that, I want to dig into (pun intended) one of AgStacks’ projects, Ag-Rec.

Backing up a bit, in the United States, the U.S. Department of Agriculture operates a vast network of cooperative extension offices to help farmers, ranchers, and even gardeners improve their practices. They have proven themselves to be invaluable resources and are credited with improving agriculture practices both here in the U.S. and around the globe through research, information sharing, and partnerships. Even if you aren’t a farmer, they can help you with your garden, lawn, and more. Give them a call – almost every county has an office.

The reality with extension education is that it is still heavily reliant on individuals going to offices and reading printed materials or PDFs. It could use an upgrade to help the data be more easily digestible, to make it quicker to update, to expand the information available, and to facilitate information sharing around the world. Enter Ag-Rec. 

I listened to Brandy Byrd and Gaurav Ramakrishna, both with IBM, present about Ag-Rec at the Open Source Summit 2022 in Austin, Texas. 

Coñac is a native of rural South Carolina, raised in an area where everyone farmed. She recalled some words of wisdom her granddaddy always said, “Never sell the goose that laid the golden egg.” He was referring to the value of the farmland – it was their livelihood. She grew up seeing firsthand the value of farms, and she was already allegado with the value of the information from the extension service and of information sharing among farmers and ranchers beyond mornings at the lugar coffee shop. But she also sees a better way. 

The vision of Ag-Rec is a framework where rural farmers from small SC towns to anywhere in the world have the same cooperative extension framework where they can get info, advice, and community. They don’t have to go to an office or have a physical manual. They can access a wealth of information and that can be shared anywhere, anytime. 

On top of that, by making it open source, anyone can use the framework so anyone can build applications and make the data available in new and useful ways. Ag-Rec is providing the pulvínulo for even more innovation. Imagine the innovation we don’t know is possible. 

The Roadmap

Coñac and Gaurav shared about how Ag-Rec is being built and how developers, UI experts, agriculture practices experts, end users, and others can help contribute. When the recording of the presentation is available we will share that here. You can also go over to Ag-Rec’s GitHub for more information and to help. 

Here is the current roadmap: 


  • Design and development of UI with
  • Plant data validation and enhancements
  • Gather requirements to provision additional Extensive Service recommendation data
  • Integrate User Registry for authentication and authorization


  • Testing and feedback from stakeholders
  • Deploy the solution on AgStack Cloud
  • Add documentation for external contribution and self-deployment


  • Invite other Extension Services and communities
  • Iterate and continuous improvement

I, for one, am excited about the possibility of this program to help improve crop production, agricultural-land conservation, pest management, and more around the world. Farms feed the world, fuel economies, and so much more. With even better practices, their positive impact can be even greater while helping conserve the earth’s resources. 

The Partners

In May 2021, the Linux Foundation launched the AgStack Foundation to “build and sustain the integral data infrastructure for food and agriculture to help scale digital transformation and address climate change, rural engagement, and food and water security.”  Not long after, IBM, Call for Code and Clemson University Cooperative Extension “sought to digitize data that’s been collected over the years, making it accessible to anyone on their phone or computer to search data and find answers they need.” AgStack “way to collaborate with and gain insights from a community of people working on similar ideas, and this helped the team make progress quickly.” And Ag-Rec was born. 

A special thank you to the core team cultivating (pun intended) this innovation: 


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A powerful gaming laptop with quality graphics and long battery life is the desired need of every game lover for a good gaming experience. Almost all gaming laptops have the power to run AAA games, but not all can smoothly run games like World of Warcraft because of its intensive graphics.

If you are looking for a laptop that can run the World of Warcraft game, you should trust this article, where we have shortlisted some of the best laptops you can purchase for playing the World of Warcraft game.

Best Laptop for World of Warcraft

The list of some powerful laptops to play World of Warcraft game is given below:

1: ASUS ROG Strix Scar 15

This Asus laptop is an ideal option for game lovers who want to play the World of Warcraft game. You will dominate the game because of its powerful 8-Core AMD Ryzen 9 gaming processor with a maximum clock boost of 4.5GHz and NVIDIA GeForce RTX3050 graphic card for an ultimate gaming adventure. The upgraded 32GB DDR4 RAM and 2TB super-fast SSD smoothly run your game or any high-end application at a quick rate. The 17.3-inch FHD Antiglare 144Hz IPS display is an ideal choice to explore the World of Warcraft gaming world without affecting your eyesight. With long-lasting battering and an excellent cooling system, a laptop is a perfect option for playing the World of Warcraft game. You can also enjoy many other high-end games as it would be a good investment.


  • Powerful Performance
  • Solid build quality
  • Quality Speakers
  • 144Hz IPS display
  • Long Battery Life


  • Expensive
  • No webcam
  • No finger-print reader

Buy Now

2: MSI Pulse GL66

This one is another excellent laptop for playing the World of Warcraft game which is less pricey than the ROG Strix. Although the laptop includes an 11th Generation Core i7 processor, the inclusion of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 graphic card makes it extremely powerful for playing World of Warcraft with smooth graphics. The 15.6-inch screen size and 144Hz IPS display help deliver true-to-life images with a high refresh rate, keeping your game experience on top. The laptop is thin and lightweight, making it ideal for gamers to carry it anywhere. The built-in cooler boost technology ensures the laptop won’t heat up during excess gameplay; thus, you can enjoy playing World of Warcraft for a longer period.


  • Solid Performance
  • 144Hz IPS display
  • Comfy Keyboard
  • Cooler Boost Technology


  • Media Battery life
  • Body is made of plastic
  • No SD-card reader
  • Expensive

Buy Now

3: Acer Predator Helios 300

The Acer Predator Helios 300 is another powerful laptop with solid performance and the main reason is the inclusion of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 graphic card with a 144Hz IPS display. It matches the minimum requirement for playing a game like World of Warcraft. The 16GB DDR4 RAM and 512GB SSD enhances your system performance. Thus, you can enjoy playing your game at a quick pace. The backlit RGB keyboard makes your gaming performance better than ever even and with the support of the WIFI 6 module, you will enjoy high-speed internet connectivity. The built-in intelligent cooling system enriches your gaming experience; thus, you don’t need to worry about the heating problem during gameplay.


  • Light weight
  • Comfy Keyboard
  • Strong Build Quality
  • 144Hz IPS Display
  • Long Battery Life


  • Below-Media Sound System
  • No USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 port
  • Poor designed Cooling system

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4: Lenovo Legion Y540

Lenovo Legion Y540 is one of the most affordable laptops where you can easily play your favorite game like World of Warcraft. The tucked-in NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti graphic card with a 9th Generation Core i7 processor enables the game lover to play any AAA game easily. The 15.6-inch screen size with a 144Hz IPS display makes it comfortable for the user to enjoy playing the World of Warcraft game without any glitches. The built-in 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD are ideal specs for a gaming laptop that increase your system performance.


  • Light and Slim
  • Affordable
  • Good Looking Design
  • Comfy Keyboard
  • 144Hz IPS Display
  • Solid Performance


  • No SD-card reader
  • Below-Media Battery life
  • No Thunderbolt 3 port

Buy Now

5: ASUS TUF Gaming F17

This gaming laptop is the most affordable option you can get if you search for a laptop to play the World of Warcraft game. Although the specs aren’t as powerful as the above laptops, it still has the power to run your game with high graphics because of the GeForce GTX 1650 Ti graphic card. The laptop enjoys a 10th Generation Core i5 processor with a 144Hz IPS display on a 17.3-inch big screen, which is quiebro an ideal size for gaming. The 8GB DDR4 RAM and 512GB super-fast SSD enable the game lover to execute several other tasks all at merienda, even during the gameplay, without reducing the system performance.


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Damage Resistance
  • 144Hz IPS Display
  • Beautiful designed
  • Long Battery Life


Buy Now


Choosing the right laptop for playing a graphics intensive game like World of Warcraft isn’t a hard job because it requires a laptop with a solid performance. You can select your laptop based on your budget from the list mentioned above because all laptops are powerful enough to run the World Warcraft game; however, if you have the money, you should consider purchasing a more powerful laptop from the above list for a way better gaming experience.

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Selecting the best laptop for yourself isn’t an easy task because of the availability of so many options in the market. The best laptop for an architecture student should be the one which is powerful enough to complete the assigned tasks within due time. The student has to perform high computational tasks, which he/she can only do if the laptop has the power to run high-end applications. In addition, the laptop must have a long battery life and be lightweight, giving students the freedom to take it out anywhere.

In this article, we will review some of the best laptops available for architecture students so that you can purchase them according to your desire.

Best Laptops for Architecture Students

Here, you will find the list of top five best laptops for architecture students which you should need to select based on your preference.

1: 2021 Acer Flagship Predator

It’s an ideal option for architecture students searching for a stylish laptop with a strong performance. Featuring the 11th Generation Intel Core i7 processor with Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 graphic card, the laptop would be an ideal pick for running several 3D applications. The 15.6-inch full HD display with a 144Hz refresh rate will enable you to visualize your drawings on a big screen without compromising graphics. The addition of 32GB RAM and 1TB SSD is helpful for the users who want to run several high-end applications on their desktop simultaneously. The RGB backlit keyboard is an amazing feature that enables users to perform their assignment-related tasks at night.


  • High speed performance
  • Battery life last for 17 hours on single charge
  • Comfy keyboard
  • Quality Graphics
  • Backlit keyboard


  • Media sound quality
  • Cooling system isn’t great

Buy Now

2: Apple MacBook Pro

Apple MacBook Pro is an excellent option for architecture students who don’t want to compromise on the quality of the work. The amazing feature of this laptop is the inclusion of an M1 chip that makes the system powerful enough to run any 3D applications with ease. The 8-core CPU makes the processor 2x time faster, while the 8-core GPU enables the laptop to run several high-intensive applications and games. The superfast 512GB SSD storage and 8GB RAM make the system performance higher than your expectations, allowing you to run any high-end application with ease.


  • Super slim and lightweight
  • 20-hours extended battery life
  • Full HD Graphics
  • Powerful performance with M1


  • Limited Hardware upgrades
  • High Price

Buy Now

3: ASUS ProArt StudioBook 16

If you have money in your pocket, you will surely like to purchase this laptop for your university projects related to architecture. This laptop is specially designed to meet your requirement because it includes an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Graphics card with a 6GB GDDR6 VRAM, offering support to run several intensive applications. The tucked-in 32GB DDR4 RAM and 1TB fast SSD storage make the laptop powerful enough to run several 3D modeling software like AutoCAD and Revit on your desktop within a few seconds. The 16-inch screen display with 120Hz refresh rate makes a strong case for the laptop to utilize it for creating several 3D models.


  • 100% Adobe RGB
  • Amazing Graphics
  • Strong Performance
  • OLED Display


  • Battery life lasts for 6hours only
  • Expensive

Buy Now

4: ASUS TUF Dash 15

If you don’t like the above options just because of their high prices, you will surely like to have this laptop. It’s one of the most affordable options for you that will support you in drawing different architecture projects at lightning-fast speed, thanks to the GeForce RTX 3050 Ti graphic card. The 11th Generation Intel Core i7 processor with an 8GB DDR4 RAM and 256GB superfast SSD storage enables the architects to efficiently run 3D modeling software on their desktop without slowing down the system performance. The backlit precession keyboard makes it highly efficient to use this laptop even at night and complete your architect models within due time.


  • Long Battery Life
  • Quiet cooling fans
  • Plenty of Ports
  • USB-C Charging
  • Quality Graphics


  • No webcam or biometric feature
  • No card reader

Buy Now

5: ASUS VivoBook 15

The Asus VivoBook 15 is the most affordable option that architecture students can easily purchase to complete tasks. The laptop provides you with full HD display graphics on a 15.6-inch screen. For a smooth-running desktop environment, this laptop is equipped with an 8th Generation Core i3 processor. Further, you will also have a large memory and storage option due to the inclusion of 16GB DDR4 RAM and 256GB SSD storage. These options enable the laptop to run the applications efficiently on your system. In terms of speeding up the performance of your 3D applications, this laptop is equipped with an Intel UHD graphic card that helps to boost the running performance of intensive applications.


  • Affordable
  • Full size backlit keyboard
  • 16GB RAM
  • OLED Display


  • Old Generation
  • Short battery duration

Buy Now


Choosing your laptop wisely after enough search is a good practice that every buyer needs to do as this will help them in the future. If you are an architecture student, you should pick a laptop with powerful performance so that it helps you in running several intensive applications on your desktop environment. The above list will be crucial in helping you select the best laptop for yourself so that you can create different 3D models for your architecture projects at a quick pace.

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Yes, airlines allow passengers to carry laptops on board. Regular cabin bags are allowed on a flight and along with that, you can take your laptop bag too. If you have taken the laptop with you in a bag, you must take it out while X-ray scan at the checkpoint. Apart from this, you can use your laptop during the flight except when the plane is taxiing, taking off, or landing. Avoiding laptop use or placing any other object in front of yourself is followed as a safety precaution. In the case of an international flight, you need to check the specifics of the customs department of your country.

Two ways to carry a laptop on a plane

These are two methods of carrying a laptop:

  1. Check-in luggage: The security check of check-in luggage is a bit disturbing because you must take the laptop out of the packed luggage. After that, remove all the covering, check if the laptop is powered off or not.
  2. Carry-on luggage: Carrying a laptop through this method is easy and its procedure is short. The weight of your luggage will be checked according to that specific airline’s rules and if it falls under it, you can take your laptop with you.

Are there any benefits and drawbacks of taking a laptop on a plane?

Most of us feel that a cell phone can do a similar job as a laptop, yet all at merienda, that is not guaranteed to be valid. Few benefits and flaws are down here:


  • Individuals who work while traveling need a laptop. A laptop is much more powerful than a cell phone, the screen is a bigger display, and it can be more useful.
  • Laptops these days are not as big in size as they were before and yet not that heavy, making them easy to carry around with you.
  • Backpackers frequently book flights and convenience in a hurry, and laptops give a superior user experience while finishing up various procedures.
  • You can involve a laptop for entertainment, particularly during long transport rides or flights. Other than doing professional work, you can also utilize the laptop in your leisure time.


  • It can be disturbing for you if you are traveling with a laptop for the first time. You need to remove it from your laptop bag, alongside a charger, and allow it to be inspected at the terminal.
  • If you didn’t pack the laptop safely in the baggage then it will be damaging as no one knows what’s inside your baggage and if someone throws it and the laptop is inside, it can damage the laptop.


It’s a mystery for some people who haven’t traveled yet on a plane with a laptop. It’s not a big deal if you’re traveling domestically or internationally, you can take your laptop with you. The only thing to keep in mind is the rules and regulations of the airline you’re traveling with. Every airline has different rules, so before boarding check the user guide online from the airline’s website.

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The use of the Surface Pen helps individuals perform their tasks finta comfortably as it uses a video link to capture everything. You can scroll the screen with a Surface Pen in windows 10 as well as do painting, design, and draw anything with comfort. However, people are confused about whether this technology will work only on Surface laptops, or can we use it on other laptops also?

Keeping their confusion in mind, we present this article to inform them about the compatibility of a Surface Pen with other laptops.

Does the Surface Pen work with other laptops?

Most Surface Pens are incorporated with N-trig technology so if your laptop supports N-trig technology then the Surface Pen will surely work with your laptop. The Surface Pen has also evolved with the technology. The first introduced Surface Pen had a side button and an eraser with it and didn’t have Bluetooth connectivity. The second-generation Surface Pen was invented in 2014 with surface pro-3, it had the eraser right next to its clickable button and is compatible with many Microsoft surface models.

Surface Pro is the latest generation of a Surface Pen that will work with those laptops that use N-trig technology and support Microsoft Pen Protocol (MPP).

How to check whether your Surface Pen is compatible or not?

To check the compatibility of your Surface Pen follow the steps given below:

  • Check the manufacturer’s website for compatibility issues.
  • Check Microsoft’s website to get to know about which Surface Pen you have.
  • Connect the Surface Pen with your laptop via Bluetooth.

Connecting Surface Pen with a surface device

You can connect your Surface Pen and surface device through Bluetooth connectivity. Follow these simple steps to connect your Surface Pen with your device :

  • Check the drivers first if they are up to date or not. Then go to Bluetooth settings and add a device.
  • Then turn your pen on by pressing the power button for some seconds to turn on your pen and wait so the pen gets paired.

Troubleshooting your Surface Pen

After checking the compatibility, if the Surface Pen doesn’t connect or work properly then there can be a battery issue. All Surface Pens use AAAA batteries and check if the battery is dead. Press the power button multiple times and if there is still no light then your battery is dead.

If that happens, simply replace the battery by opening the pen. There can be an issue with the Bluetooth connectivity too, connect your pen with another supporting laptop. If it still doesn’t work you can get your pen to a repairer to get your Bluetooth device repaired and vice versa. After trying this if the pen still doesn’t work then you must replace the pen because your pen is damaged and dead.


The Surface Pen is an amazing technology introduced by Microsoft that allows users to manage their laptop with ease. The above-mentioned guidelines will provide you with the steps to let you connect your Surface Pen laptop if it uses N-trig technology and supports MPP. If you ever face any issue while using the Surface Pen, do check the troubleshooting section of this article.

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Nowadays gaming is rising, and everyone wants a gaming laptop that can perform well not only in daily use but also in gaming. Gaming laptops require powerful components like RAM and processors, and cooling systems, making them a bit expensive. Many users complain about the life and battery backup time of gaming laptops. In this article, we will discuss the life of a gaming laptop and how to maximize it.

How long do gaming laptops last?

Gaming laptops demand proper care and to increase the life of these laptops there are some factors that must be managed. Mid-range laptops last a maximum of 4 years, and the top-notch expensive laptops can last up to 6 years max. Gaming laptops bear more pressure than habitual laptops and so they get more heated if any component of a gaming laptop is damaged, it’s costly to replace and the performance is affected.

What’s the battery life of a gaming laptop?

1-2 years is the standard battery life of a gaming laptop, after this period the battery needs a replacement. Ordinario laptops give more battery backup than other laptops, but it doesn’t mean that gaming laptops are not good, this is only related to the performance you are getting from your device.

Factors That Affect Durability of Gaming Laptops

Various factors affect the variability of gaming laptops These factors affects the durability of gaming laptops :

  1. Quality
  2. Hardware
  3. Usage

1: Quality

Gaming laptops have some different and special qualities than other laptops. The build quality of the laptop’s body and components affects the laptop’s performance. That’s the reason why gaming laptops perform better than others.

2: Hardware

Hardware components could last 5-6 years or more, depending on how you take care of them. The important hardware components are CPU, GPU, RAM, and cooling system.

3: Usage

This factótum also affects the laptop’s life. However, if a laptop is used gently, it can also increase the laptop’s life and performance. Gaming laptops are not just for gaming, they can also be used to perform other tasks. So, if you play games most of the time and don’t put your laptop on rest, it can lead your laptop towards frequent shutdowns.

Proper care and maintenance will make your laptop last longer

This is a common debate that if you take care of anything, it will last longer. A gaming laptop can last longer if proper care is taken. Gaming laptops do give better performance, but the components are still fragile, and every component has a life. So, if the components are broken or damaged, it can affect your gaming laptop. These precautionary measures are to be taken:

  • Clean your laptop regularly after every six months.
  • Place your laptop away from a heater or direct sunlight, it can affect the laptop badly.
  • Keep your antivirus and software updated.
  • Upgrade the components of the laptop used mainly like RAM and hard drives to achieve perfection with the updating technology.
  • Pick the best laptop according to your budget, don’t compromise on cost.
  • Keep the laptop cool.


Gaming laptops are popular these days as the interest in the gaming industry is on rise. Everyone wants their laptop to last longer and perform well. We have discussed gaming laptops, their usage, advantages, and how to increase the lifespan of a gaming laptop. Follow the above-mentioned instructions to make your laptop work smoothly and last longer.

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Wireless headphones are mainly easy to carry and are easy to use as compared to the wired headphones. Sony provides one of the best wireless headphones as compared to its competitors because of their best sound, built quality and usability.

Moreover, the process of connecting the Sony Bluetooth headphones is quick and easy which also makes its standout among its competitors. This guide explains the process of connecting the Sony Bluetooth headphones with both Windows and macOS laptops.

Connecting Sony Bluetooth headphones with Apple laptop

To make the process of connecting Sony Bluetooth headphones with Apple laptop is easy I have explained it stepwise so follow the subsequent steps:

Step 1: First turn on your Sony headphones by pressing the power button and turn its pairing mode on by holding the power button for seven seconds. If you are connecting the Sony headphones for the first time then it will automatically go to the pair mode, but if you are doing it for a second time then only press the power button and hold for seven seconds.

Step 2: Next go to the Bluetooth option in the System Preferences of your Apple laptop, in the Bluetooth option there will be a list of devices active nearby your apple laptop and one of the devices will be Sony headphones click on the pair icon next to the headphone name.

Merienda the headphones are paired and you are still unable to hear any sound then go to the Sound settings of your Apple laptop in System Preferences and set the headphones as a device for sound output.

Now you are all set and ready to use your Sony Bluetooth headphones with your apple laptop and enjoy.

Connecting Sony Bluetooth headphones with Windows laptop

The process of connecting Sony Bluetooth headphones with Windows is also quiebro simple just follow the given steps:

Step 1: Turn on your Sony headphones first and if it is a second time then long press the power button for seven seconds to move it into pairing mode.

Step 2: Next you need to turn on the Bluetooth of your Windows laptop and there are two ways for it:

i: Right click on the notification icon on the extreme right side of the taskbar:

Next you will see a menu of different options will pop right up click on the Bluetooth option to turn it on:

ii : Press Windows+I key from your laptop keyboard to open the Settings menu and from there go to the devices option:

Merienda you have opened the device menu click on the toggle icon to turn on the Bluetooth:

Step 3: Now to search for devices click on the “Add Bluetooth or other device” in the device’s menu of Windows settings:

Upon clicking the “Add Bluetooth or other device” option another small window will appear asking which type of device you want to add or search, so select the “Bluetooth” option:

Next it will start for searching the nearest Bluetooth device right away:

It will take a few seconds to detect your Sony Headphones and merienda it has detected them click on it and it will connect. Merienda it is connected click on the “Done” icon at the bottom:

Step 4: Next to connect your audio of your laptop with Sony headphones go to the sound settings and set your Sony headphone as an input for microphone and output for the audio:

Note: While pairing, a pass code might be asked so enter “0000” as a passcode and if that doesn’t work which is very rare then enter “1234”.

Points to remember while connecting the Sony Bluetooth headphones with a laptop

  • Headphones should have sufficient charge
  • Bluetooth drivers of the laptop must be updated and working fine


Wireless headphones are normally a better choice as compared to the wired headphones as they are easy to carry and easy to wear. Sony is one of the best brands that is known for its wireless headphones because of its better sound quality and durability. Moreover, this guide explains the process of connecting Sony Bluetooth headphones with both Windows and Apple laptops.

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Laptops are an essential part of our work life that can easily be carried anywhere. If you want to go out somewhere, you should need a laptop bag and a cover where you can easily put your laptop in it. To acquire a laptop bag, you must know the size of your laptop as measuring the size accurately will help you find the exact size accessories for your laptop.

If you don’t have an idea how to measure your laptop size, you should read this article where you will learn to measure the size of the laptop.

Components required for measuring Laptop size

Following are the things required to measure the size of your laptop:

  1. Measuring tape
  2. Calculator

How to measure the laptop size?

Laptops are also measured by standard methods, measuring the length, height and width with any measuring instrument. If you are purchasing a laptop’s bag, you must know the width and length of your laptop so the laptop fits in easily. Follow these simple steps to measure your laptop’s size:

Step 1: Place a measuring tape on your laptop horizontally to measure its width.

Step 2: Now place the measuring tape vertically to measure the height of your laptop.

How to measure laptop screen size?

Measuring the screen of the laptop is a bit different. Following are the steps to measure the laptop screen size:

Step 1: The First step to measure the laptop size is to get a measuring tape. The measuring tape mostly come in inches so, if you want to measure the size of the laptop in cm then no need to worry you can always convert cm to inches•

Step 2: One of the key points you need to understand before measuring the laptop size is to measure the laptop screen individually and take the bottom point of the screen as the starting point for measuring the laptop size and the diagonal corner of the upper right part of the screen as the endpoint.

Step 3: After successfully measuring the laptop screen size save these measurements. If you have measured the laptop screen size in inches then no need to change it into cm because most companies use inches as the standard unit for measuring the laptop size.

Step 4: If you have measured the laptop size in cm then convert it into inches : 2.54 cm = 1 inch

For example: If your laptop screen size is 30cm then convert it into inches by simply dividing the 30 by 2.54 which equals 11.8 inch.


Measuring the size of your laptop is really important and you can’t buy any accessories for your laptop if you don’t know the exact size of your laptop. The above steps will let you measure the size of your laptop and you should have a measuring tape and a calculator for measurement. Process. Finding out the accurate size will help you purchase the required accessory for your laptop.

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Many people prefer to buy Chromebook over laptops because they are lightweight and can easily be carried out anywhere. Chromebooks usually have a fast processor. However, it gets slow when you perform high computational tasks on it. If you are facing the same issue with your Chromebook then you don’t need to worry about anything.

There are multiple factors that make the Chromebook slow, in this article we are going to discuss those factors and also how you can revive your Chromebook back to the diferente speed.

Why is my Chromebook so slow?

There are multiple factors that make the Chromebook slow, some of them are given below:

  • So many extensions can slow down your laptop. As extensions are small packages to make your experience great, they run in the background and consume power, resulting in slowing down your laptop.
  • Opening extra tabs while using the laptop can also lead to slowing down your laptop.
  • When there’s less space left on your hard drive, it will also make the laptop slow.
  • If the hardware component is damaged it can also affect the laptop’s speed and performance as it is not working properly.
  • If the software is not updated on time, it also reduces the laptop’s speed as it becomes incompatible.
  • Multiple apps opened in the background while performing a task, your laptop will slow down as the background apps are also using power.
  • The slow internet connection also affects the speed of your Chromebook.

How to speed up your Chromebook?

Following are the ways by which you can speed up your Chromebook:

  1. Update Chrome OS
  2. Close the unwanted apps from the task manager
  3. Remove unwanted extensions
  4. Avoid opening too many tabs
  5. Remove unwanted applications
  6. Clean up hard drive and SSD
  7. Powerwash

1: Update Chrome OS

The process of updating the Chrome OS is mentioned below:

Step 1: Click on the display time in the lowest right corner of the screen:

Step 2: Click on the settings icon:

Step 3: A new window will open click on the “About Chrome OS” option:

Step 4: Check the update option on the Google Chrome OS page:

If it says the update is available then download the update and if your Chromebook OS is already updated then change it to the previous version when your Chromebook was fast.

2: Close the unwanted apps from the task manager

Step 1: Click on the chrome icon from the menu:

Step 2: Click on the task manager from more tools. Search+ ESC is the shortcut key to launch a task manager:

Step 3: To check which application is utilizing more resources have a look at the running applications in the task manager:

Step 4: Select the End process button in the lower right corner of the screen to terminate the application:

3: Remove unwanted extensions

Extensions can add more weight to the memory and make the computer slow it is essential to cut down the extensions as much as you can:

Step 1: Open the Chrome browser and head to the menu:

Step 2: Select more tools and click on the extension:

Step 3: Delete the extension:

4: Don’t open too many tabs

While browsing, close the extra opened tabs to reduce the slowing down of the Chromebook. The extra opened tabs will consume more memory so closing the tabs will make the chromebook loads faster

5: Delete the extra applications

Choose the unwanted applications and delete them.

6: Clear Hard drive or SSD

If there is only a little space left on your SSD or hard drive you should delete unnecessary or unwanted apps and data.

7: Powerwash

When nothing else works and your Chromebook is still slow then go for the powerwash option. This is another name for factory reset where you delete all your data and make your device as good as new.

To powerwash, the Chromebook follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Go to your Chromebook settings and click on advanced options:

Step 2: Click on reset settings and select powerwash:

After this, a prompt will appear and ask you to restart your Chromebook, confirm and reboot your Chromebook. Next time when you restart your Chromebook it will fully reset.


Chromebook has fast processing and function abilities, but with the passage of time, it gets slower because of many reasons. If your Chromebook has gotten slow then for you I have explained some tricks that will keep your Chromebook faster. After trying all these tricks and tips your Chromebook will definitely work faster and more efficiently.

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Graphic card of laptop is one of the main components that provides a better display quality. If you are an absolute fanatic about graphics, then this might surprise you that now you can upgrade your graphic card of Alienware laptop. However, not all the models have the option of upgrading the graphics card so, this guide has given the models that have this feature and what are the options if you want to upgrade the graphics card of your Alienware laptop.

Upgrading the Alienware Laptop Graphics Card

There are two following ways by which one can upgrade the GPU of Alienware laptops:

  • Upgrading the Alienware laptop graphic card using external graphics card
  • Upgrading the Alienware laptop graphic card by replacing the older one with the newer one

Upgrading the Alienware laptop graphic card using external graphic card

If you own a later model of Alienware laptop and looking to upgrade its graphic card, then there is good news for you as your laptop might have a dedicated port for connecting the e-GPU. To connect an Alienware graphic amplifier or e-GPU you need PCI express interface between the laptop and the graphics card so the thunderbolt 3 port can serve this purpose.

In the late versions there are dedicated external graphic ports, so you simply need to plug your e-GPU in your laptop and connect the graphic amplifier with the power supply. If you are interested in buying one, then click here. However, Dell has recently launched a new e-GPU that is Polaris which can be connected to the newer laptops using the thunderbolt 4 port and will remove the necessity of any dedicated port for external graphic card, also it comes with a water cooling system.

Upgrading the Alienware laptop graphic card by making changes in the hardware

Another way of upgrading the graphic card of an Alienware laptop is by making changes to hardware which is quiebro a complicated process and is suitable only if you are well aware of components of the laptop and their working. Moreover, the list provided below shows the model which supports the upgradation of their GPU, and if you have the similar model as in the list then visit here and select the upgrades you want to do to your laptop.

On a serious note,if you are planning to buy a new Alienware laptop and you have a plan to upgrade it in near future then go for the Alienware area 51m as it is a fully customizable laptop.

List of Alienware laptops whose GPU can be upgraded

Not all Alienware laptops have the option of GPU upgradation as it depends on the internal design of the laptop because some have integrated graphic card, and some have discrete graphic cards. So, here is the list of Alienware laptops whose GPU can be upgraded:

  • Alienware Area 51-m
  • Alienware 18 (R3)
  • Alienware M18X (R2)
  • Alienware M18X (R1)
  • Alienware M18X (R1)
  • Alienware M17 (R6)
  • Alienware M17X (R4)
  • Alienware M18X (R1)
  • Alienware M17X (R3)
  • Alienware M17X (R2)
  • Alienware M17X (R1)
  • Alienware M18X (R1)
  • Alienware M15X (R1)


Alienware is the flagship series of the Dell, which is known for its performance, however as the laptop age its newer versions are launched making it outdated. The GPU is one of the main components of a laptop because it powers up the display and provides users with a great gaming experience. So with the passage of time, it needs to be upgraded, this guide explains the two ways by which you can upgrade your graphic card of Alienware laptop.

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