A flexbox or item is used to contain HTML contents in it. A CSS flex property is used to apply the effects of flexible lengths on flexible items. A cascading style sheet offers the property of order used to arrange the flex items. To apply the order property, the items inside the flexbox should be flexible. Otherwise, the property will not be affected.

Flex Creation and Ordering

In this example, we have used a simple div to add further divs inside it, creating a nesting div phenomenon. The outer div is known as a flexbox to several contents inside it. Their outer div is the main div that carries several divs inside it. It is declared with a CSS class to apply some CSS effects on it. This class is described in the head section with the style tag by forming an internal CSS.

Inside the div, four more divs are declared. Each div referred to the single flex. We will add inline styling here to add color to each flex. Each div is also further entertained with the CSS ids. These all ids are responsible for applying all effects on the flex that are arranged in an appropriate order.

CSS ids and Class

At this point, it is necessary to elaborate on these two terminologies of CSS. As we discuss the CSS properties being affected, these ids and classes play an essential role in applying any effect on the HTML contents. Whenever we talk about internal and external CSS, we come across ids and classes. These ids and classes have the color, text style, dimensions, and many other effects on contents declared in the body section. To access these effects from the classes and ids, we need to mention they’re named in the content tag, just like the “one” id. And all the ids from first to fourth are also declared.

Coming back to the HTML code, here with each internal div or flex, we have also used the text that will show the order more clearly. This occurs when the sentence is formed by arranging the flex in the appropriate order. The order direction of the flex is the user’s choice. We can number the flex randomly. These flexboxes are formed when the CSS styling is applied to them. Now, let us consider the CSS code.

We will first declare the id that belongs to the outer div inside the style tag. This div will specify the area in which all inner divs are formed. We will add width, height, and border properties to this id. An important feature that is used to form a flex is the “display” effect. Because this property is removed, simple rectangles will be formed on the web page. These flexes will be formed by using this display property:

Flex is usually formed in a horizontal direction from left to right. Alright, this was for the outer div. To add dimensions to all the inner div or flex, we will use the id “one” with div. These properties include the width and height of a single block or flex. The height of the single inner div is equal to the height of the outer div. Whereas the width of the outer div is divided into all four inner divs. This is done by declaring the id description re-accessed by each flex inside the tag with the different id names for each flex. Each div name is given according to the order. For instance, the first div contains the order as 1. It does not matter in which order you declare the code in CSS or HTML, but the order number will decide the order of each flex.

Close all the tags. Now, save the code with the HTML extension to open it as text and a webpage.

On the execution, inside the browser, you will see that the order in which you have defined each inner div or the flex is displayed with the blocks of respective colors, making the flex in proper order. Moreover, the text added with each inner div tag depicts that the sentence is formed by arranging the flex in order. This shows that the order we have mentioned is followed precisely.

Reverse Order of Flex

With flexbox and flex creation, it is visible that there is no need to mention any flex flow in the code. By default, the flex flow is in a horizontal direction, and the order is followed in the same way as it is described, that is by default ascending order. But, merienda you have declared the order of flex in the flex creation, you can reverse it by mentioning the direction of the flex.

#one {

Flex-direction: row-reverse;


This property is added to the flexbox or the outer div as it is responsible for containing inner flexes inside it. And if you want to use the default order, remove this direction property completely or add the flex-direction as “row”. It will make the ascending order again.

On the execution, you will see that all the order of flex is reversed, you can see clearly through the colors of flex, and the sentence text is reversed accordingly.

Tieso Flex

As we have described previously the direction of flex is not described. By default, it is in the horizontal direction having a single column and multiple rows. But, to make a erecto flex, then the direction of the flexbox is changed from the row to columns.

#one {

Flex-direction: column;


By using this feature, a erecto flexbox will be formed, having all the flex div intact, and the order of all the flex will be the same.

Reorder Flexbox

The flexbox can be reordered by specifying any flex inside the box to come at the first position. We have chosen the 3rd one that is given an order of -1, The text color is changed from black to red, and the size is also increased to discriminate it from others.

This third flex will be removed from the order list. By doing this, the order will not be maintained. The box that will come to the first position will disturb the order of the whole div.

On the execution, you will see that the first block is moved toward the right to form a place for the 3rd block. This way, we can reorder the flexbox by specifying any one flex.


In this article, we tried to describe the CSS flex order property by creating a flexbox and flex contents inside it. The flex order is applied by adding colors and text to the flex showing that the order we have mentioned is maintained. Furthermore, we can reverse the order by mentioning the flex-direction flow in reversed order. The horizontal direction is the default direction of the flex; it can also be changed in the erecto direction by changing the row direction in the column. All these effects are explained by using specified codes to explain the concept of flex order.


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A cascading style sheet is a piece of style code that is added to the HTML tags to enhance the work and appearance of HTML contents. Among many effects of CSS, one of the fundamental properties of styling the content is to apply a style sheet to the text, including text color, family, size, and location. One of the text properties of CSS will be explained in this article. This is an indent property. Indent means the displacement of the text from a certain point to a specific place.

Text Indent Property

While viewing some educational websites, you must have seen such paragraphs or text boxes that start with the first line from a distance of a whole paragraph, making it more prominent and appealing. This is done by making the first line of the text indented. Not only the first line, but we can also indent the second line keeping the first line intact. This text property is taken in either pixel or percentages. The syntax for the indentation of text is:

This property can be applied on any HTML content. However, now we will apply this property on the text. HTML and CSS both are the backbone languages for the front-end development and design of a webpage. HTML contains two basic sections: head and body sections. Both these portions are described with the tags:

All the HTML contents are described in the body sections. The head section contains the title of the webpage and the CSS if it is internal CSS. The basic HTML tags used in this article will be explained at the implementation time. Talking about the CSS declaration, we have used internal CSS among three CSS types. The CSS properties are declared inside the style tag, which is declared in the head tag.

There are several approaches to indenting the second line of the HTML paragraph. Some of the simple methods are explained below.

Example 1

First, we used an example to apply the CSS property of indent on a paragraph text of HTML. As the article’s name shows, we need to indent the second line of the text. In this example, we applied the indent property so that the first line of the paragraph remains the same at the point where it was before. However, the paragraph from the second line will be indented. Let us start with the example code. First, consider the body section, where a simple paragraph tag is used to apply the indent.

A simple heading is declared, which we will not apply any effect. The paragraph tag is declared inside the div. It is a container that keeps the HTML contents at a specific point. Similarly, here we will declare a div. A class is also declared here.

In CSS, the designing is done through the ids or the classes. All the effects we want to apply are written inside the class declaration in the CSS body. In the head portion, we need to mention the name at the point where we want to apply these effects.

Close all the tags and the HTML body as well. Merienda the HTML contents are declared, a single paragraph and a heading will be displayed when you run the page on the website. We will use the following CSS code to apply effects on this.

Heading toward the style tag, a div for the class is explained with the features we want to apply to this container. The text-indent of -36px is used, which means that the first line will not be indented. However, the first line is moved towards the left compared to the remaining paragraph lines. This is done by declaring the div’s left side padding 36px. Both the values are set in pixel units.

div.a {

text-indent: -36px;

padding-left: 36px; }

The padding property is for the inner content, which the outer one controls. This is the distance between the text boundary and the div container boundary. Now, save the code with the HTML extension and execute the webpage on the browser.

You will see a simple heading. A paragraph has the first line intact, but the second and all the other lines are shifted towards the right. The text-indent property of CSS does this.

Example 2

The text-indent property will be applied to the heading in this example. A simple heading is declared. After that, we used the paragraph tag to add text to it. The id in the div container will be applied to the whole div precisely in the same way. The effects described in the class were applied.

Inside the head section, a style tag will contain the id features. The div is given a margin and the width to be applied. The id is declared with a hash sign with it.

To apply effects on the paragraph specifically, we need to mention “p” with the id. The border above the paragraph is given with color and size. The padding-top effect is applied. This is the distance between the paragraph and the heading. The left two features are the text size and weight of the paragraph. This will be without the indented feature of the text. The heading is applied with the text-indent property of -26 pixels and padding the heading towards the left with the same value with a positive sign.

#container h2 {

Text-indent: -26px;

Padding-left: 26px;


Save the code and execute the file to examine the output.

On the execution, you will see that the heading is displayed so that the second line of the heading is indented towards the left direction. However, the first line remains the same.

Note: To make the second line of the text either in the paragraph or heading indented, we need to take the value of the text-indent in a negative direction. At the same time, the padding of the text should be done in the left direction with the positive value. The user should confirm that both these values should be the same. In both examples, we have applied the same concept.


The CSS indent property for the second line is an essential feature of text content that is applied to the paragraphs and headings to discriminate this text from others by making the text appealing to the user. Indent values can be taken in pixels and percentages as well. This property is applied to the paragraph’s first and second lines. The text-indent of the second line feature of CSS is accomplished by having the value with a negative sign and the same value for the padding with a positive sign. The padding direction should be taken as left. We have used two examples to elaborate on this text-indent concept that will be enough to enhance your knowledge regarding the text properties.

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351,Adelle,Kenney,[email protected],Macao,doctor
352,Olivette,Phyllis,[email protected],Guinea-Bissau,developer
353,Genovera,Sheng,[email protected],Azerbaijan,developer
354,Reeba,Tamsky,[email protected],Kiribati,police officer
355,Gabriellia,Douglass,[email protected],Bolivia,worker
356,Loree,Larochelle,[email protected],Albania,developer
357,Maridel,Vernier,[email protected],Guyana,doctor
358,Fred,Bouchard,[email protected],Syrian Arab Republic,police officer
359,Frank,Alice,[email protected],Mongolia,worker
360,Danika,Jagir,[email protected],Niger,developer
361,Patricia,Hurley,[email protected],Dominican Republic,firefighter
362,Hollie,Gaynor,Hollie.Gayn[email protected],San Marino,worker
363,Viki,Deegan,[email protected],Sierra Leone,worker
364,Chickie,Daniele,[email protected],Madagascar,police officer
365,Wynne,Baylor,[email protected],Mozambique,firefighter
366,Mary,Tomasina,[email protected],»Micronesia, Federated States of»,developer
367,Corry,Holbrook,[email protected],Botswana,police officer
368,Ofilia,Adrienne,[email protected],Vanuatu,firefighter
369,Bobinette,Nickola,[email protected],Åland Islands,police officer
370,Jolyn,Prouty,[email protected],Guadeloupe,worker
371,Bernie,Roxanna,[email protected],Mauritania,firefighter
372,Codie,Edison,[email protected],Saint Kitts and Nevis,developer
373,Charlena,Frendel,[email protected],»Korea, Republic of»,developer
374,Daryl,Adalbert,[email protected],Guyana,firefighter
375,Paola,Fosque,[email protected],Película del Oeste Sahara,worker
376,Deane,Alice,[email protected],Costa Rica,developer
377,Lolita,Roxanna,[email protected],Uruguay,firefighter
378,Harrietta,Lilybelle,[email protected],Nauru,worker
379,Randa,Bashemeth,[email protected],Israel,doctor
380,Vinita,Harl,[email protected],Guernsey,firefighter
381,Melodie,Delp,[email protected],Grenada,firefighter
382,Nyssa,Tristram,[email protected],Mauritius,doctor
383,Ezmeralda,Edvard,[email protected],Ghana,developer
384,Christy,Cimbura,[email protected],Ukraine,police officer
385,Arlena,Ranjiv,[email protected],Eritrea,doctor
386,Clementine,Charmine,[email protected],Czech Republic,doctor
387,Melina,Mendez,[email protected],Haiti,developer
388,Binny,Pelagias,[email protected],Maldives,police officer
389,Vonny,Garbe,Vonny.Garbe[email protected],Mongolia,firefighter
390,Rosaline,Iaverne,[email protected],Germany,firefighter
391,Betta,Rhu,[email protected],French Southern Territories,worker
392,Arlina,Dorine,[email protected],Bangladesh,police officer
393,Donetta,Decato,[email protected],Puerto Rico,developer
394,Nessie,Fennessy,[email protected],Guinea-Bissau,developer
395,Dione,Adamsen,[email protected],Norway,police officer
396,Joelly,Kevon,[email protected],Ireland,police officer
397,Jan,Damarra,[email protected],Trinidad and Tobago,doctor
398,Dianemarie,Joli,[email protected],Russian Federation,worker
399,Yolane,Lorain,[email protected],Gibraltar,developer
400,Alyda,Even,[email protected],Comoros,worker
401,Viki,Emanuel,[email protected],Tuvalu,police officer
402,Elyssa,Talia,[email protected],Japan,police officer
403,Georgetta,Ioab,[email protected],Costa Rica,worker
404,Petronia,Catie,[email protected],British Indian Ocean Territory,doctor
405,Shandie,Alisia,[email protected],Slovenia,firefighter
406,Margette,Bord,[email protected],Niger,developer
407,Sheelagh,Iphlgenia,[email protected],RWANDA,doctor
408,Jaime,Shama,[email protected],»Micronesia, Federated States of»,firefighter
409,Jobi,Latini,[email protected],Cook Islands,developer
410,Randa,Thar,[email protected],»Virgin Islands, British»,police officer
411,Gale,Helfand,[email protected],Nauru,firefighter
412,Marita,Nunci,[email protected],United Arab Emirates,doctor
413,Di,Barney,[email protected],Bahrain,police officer
414,Mignon,Bevin,[email protected],Belize,police officer
415,Hollie,Yerkovich,[email protected],Guam,firefighter
416,Gerrie,Brady,[email protected],Germany,police officer
417,Caressa,Leffen,[email protected],Antarctica,developer
418,Lenna,Waldron,[email protected],Yemen,police officer
419,Halette,Zenas,[email protected],Denmark,doctor
420,Wileen,Lilybelle,[email protected],Tunisia,firefighter
421,Winifred,Rubie,[email protected],»Tanzania, United Republic of»,doctor
422,Mara,Buckler,[email protected],Venezuela,firefighter
423,Winifred,Carolin,[email protected],Puerto Rico,developer
424,Sindee,Travax,[email protected],Bulgaria,police officer
425,Lesly,Hazlett,[email protected],Barbados,firefighter
426,Ursulina,Celestine,[email protected],Qatar,firefighter
427,Blinni,Jaylene,[email protected],Turkmenistan,firefighter
428,Helena,Colbert,[email protected],Libyan Arab Jamahiriya,doctor
429,Annecorinne,Kenney,[email protected],Timor-Leste,police officer
430,Anallese,Grobe,[email protected],Switzerland,firefighter
431,Maurene,Rebecka,[email protected],Ecuador,worker
432,Kamilah,Stuart,[email protected],Lithuania,worker
433,Janis,Dermott,[email protected],Turkmenistan,police officer
434,Florencia,Eldrid,[email protected],Pitcairn,police officer
435,Joeann,Zuzana,[email protected],Ukraine,developer
436,Gwyneth,Wallis,[email protected],Guam,worker
437,Mariele,Belldas,[email protected],Swaziland,firefighter
438,Marcelline,Mitzi,[email protected],Netherlands,police officer
439,Paulita,Buttaro,[email protected],Argentina,worker
440,Frances,Docilla,[email protected],»Korea, Republic of»,firefighter
441,Valera,Demitria,[email protected],Pullover,developer
442,Leeanne,Kalinda,[email protected],Jordan,developer
443,Imojean,Diann,[email protected],Kyrgyzstan,worker
444,Diena,Santoro,[email protected],India,developer
445,Robinia,Ietta,[email protected],Bhutan,doctor
446,Nyssa,Wadell,[email protected],Portugal,developer
447,Marinna,Harl,[email protected],Netherlands Antilles,police officer
448,Codie,Eugenia,[email protected],Cameroon,firefighter
449,Amii,Aprile,[email protected],Macao,developer
450,Eolanda,Tamar,[email protected],Albania,worker
451,Jackie,Gombach,[email protected],South Georgia and the South Bocadillo Islands,developer
452,Paola,Lissi,[email protected],Heard Island and Mcdonald Islands,developer
453,Eadie,Doig,[email protected],Portugal,police officer
454,Ottilie,Gladstone,[email protected],Costa Rica,police officer
455,Chloris,Cimbura,[email protected],Kazakhstan,doctor
456,Hyacinthe,Uird,[email protected],Belgium,firefighter
457,Janis,Malina,[email protected],Pakistan,doctor
458,Sam,Connelly,[email protected],»Moldova, Republic of»,doctor
459,Joelly,Faso,[email protected],Tuvalu,worker
460,Basia,Kunin,[email protected],Romania,firefighter
461,Doro,Zenas,[email protected],Aruba,doctor
462,Claresta,Isacco,[email protected],Tuvalu,police officer
463,Felice,Regan,[email protected],Bosnia and Herzegovina,doctor
464,Maye,Bultman,[email protected],Germany,doctor
465,Danny,Belanger,[email protected],AndorrA,worker
466,Courtnay,Girardo,[email protected],Honduras,doctor
467,Hermione,Catie,[email protected],Guinea-Bissau,developer
468,Melina,Poppy,[email protected],Mayotte,doctor
469,Florie,Charity,[email protected],»Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of»,developer
470,Viviene,Muriel,[email protected],Turkey,doctor
471,Andeee,Lipson,[email protected],Djibouti,worker
472,Tami,Koziara,[email protected],United Arab Emirates,worker
473,Kial,Delacourt,[email protected],Yemen,developer
474,Desirae,Wolfgram,[email protected],Bouvet Island,police officer
475,Deane,Gherardo,[email protected],Vanuatu,worker
476,Lulita,Hebner,[email protected],Honduras,developer
477,Caritta,Irmine,[email protected],Turkey,developer
478,Melisent,Dudley,[email protected],Czech Republic,developer
479,Iseabal,Chem,[email protected],Central African Republic,worker
480,Leanna,Hourigan,[email protected],Afghanistan,developer
481,Kamilah,Presber,[email protected],China,developer
482,Elvira,Lilybelle,[email protected],Argentina,firefighter
483,Susan,Kylander,[email protected],Solomon Islands,worker
484,Wilma,Carmena,[email protected],Nepal,worker
485,Jolyn,Nahum,[email protected],Uzbekistan,doctor
486,Berta,Faria,[email protected],Mozambique,firefighter
487,Nonnah,Garrison,[email protected],»Iran, Islamic Republic Of»,worker
488,Rozele,Brackely,[email protected],Paraguay,doctor
489,Bertine,Bakerman,[email protected],Mayotte,worker
490,Albertina,Lamoree,[email protected],Hungary,firefighter
491,Leontine,Stav,[email protected],Bhutan,doctor
492,Nonnah,Maribeth,[email protected],Madagascar,doctor
493,Antonietta,Zaslow,[email protected],Liberia,police officer
494,Aubrie,Arne,[email protected],Jordan,doctor
495,Oona,Eldrid,[email protected],Niue,police officer
496,Melanie,Phi,[email protected],Hungary,firefighter
497,Ulrike,Roxanna,[email protected],Togo,developer
498,Oralee,Harl,[email protected],Papua New Guinea,doctor
499,Wanda,Tatianas,[email protected],United Kingdom,doctor
500,Sallie,Selway,[email protected],Benin,firefighter
501,Jennica,Norrie,[email protected],Tonga,developer
502,Lulita,Chinua,[email protected],South Georgia and the South Bocadillo Islands,doctor
503,Ariela,Libna,[email protected],Burundi,firefighter
504,Marita,Kravits,[email protected],Sri Lanka,firefighter
505,Keelia,Annabella,[email protected],Grenada,firefighter
506,Mady,Therine,[email protected],Bouvet Island,firefighter
507,Mariann,Kaja,[email protected],United States Minor Outlying Islands,firefighter
508,Karly,Brodench,[email protected],Cook Islands,developer
509,Karena,Phaidra,[email protected],Costa Rica,doctor
510,Corina,Kendrick,[email protected],Switzerland,police officer
511,Carree,Corabella,[email protected],Luxembourg,doctor
512,Lanna,Adalbert,[email protected],Pakistan,firefighter
513,Eolanda,Japeth,[email protected],Peru,doctor
514,Yolane,Krystle,[email protected],Macao,developer
515,Doralynne,Zaslow,[email protected],Pullover,developer
516,Gwenneth,Laurianne,[email protected],Costa Rica,doctor
517,Renie,Dorine,[email protected],Monaco,doctor
518,Marguerite,Olnee,[email protected],»Micronesia, Federated States of»,worker
519,Lynea,Chobot,[email protected],Lithuania,developer
520,Moyna,Weaks,[email protected],Anguilla,police officer
521,Shaylyn,Lanita,[email protected],Seychelles,police officer
522,Perry,Lindemann,[email protected],Bhutan,doctor
523,Raf,Kaete,[email protected],Holy See (Vatican City State),firefighter
524,Ermengarde,Kimmie,[email protected],Fiji,doctor
525,Tracey,Darbie,[email protected],Luxembourg,firefighter
526,Philis,Sidonius,[email protected],Comoros,firefighter
527,Amalie,Ventre,[email protected],Solomon Islands,doctor
528,Elbertina,Marcellus,[email protected],Chad,firefighter
529,Henriette,Craggie,[email protected],United Kingdom,worker
530,Cathie,Horan,[email protected],Lesotho,doctor
531,Susan,Johanna,[email protected],Bermuda,worker
532,Sandie,Calhoun,[email protected],Madagascar,developer
533,Belinda,Jacobah,[email protected],Zambia,doctor
534,Kalina,Maryanne,[email protected],Liberia,firefighter
535,Misha,Sasnett,[email protected],Mauritania,police officer
536,Carmencita,Rosemary,[email protected],Venezuela,police officer
537,Arlena,Erskine,[email protected],Comoros,developer
538,Maye,Katrine,[email protected],Mexico,developer
539,Nessie,Bari,[email protected],Grenada,worker
540,Ekaterina,Matthew,[email protected],Mozambique,firefighter
541,Elvira,Winnick,[email protected],Venezuela,police officer
542,Winny,Regan,[email protected],Madagascar,firefighter
543,Millie,Pillsbury,[email protected],Greece,firefighter
544,Siana,Parsaye,[email protected],Libyan Arab Jamahiriya,developer
545,Zsa Zsa,Gemini,Zsa [email protected],Antarctica,worker
546,Sadie,Olnee,[email protected],Cambodia,firefighter
547,Stacey,Gilmour,[email protected],Guam,police officer
548,Kelly,Shaddock,[email protected],Cuba,police officer
549,Rayna,Halla,[email protected],»Korea, Republic of»,police officer
550,Margalo,Leler,[email protected],Swaziland,worker
551,Penelopa,Briney,[email protected],Hungary,worker
552,Vanessa,Raychel,[email protected],Ethiopia,developer
553,Leontine,Raychel,[email protected],Croatia,worker
554,Jackie,Fabiola,[email protected],Guatemala,doctor
555,Ira,Kosey,[email protected],Norfolk Island,developer
556,Nickie,Rudolph,[email protected],Haiti,police officer
557,Ashlee,Sinegold,[email protected],»Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of»,developer
558,Claudina,Sothena,[email protected],Liechtenstein,police officer
559,Candy,Chandler,[email protected],Tuvalu,firefighter
560,Meghann,Sadowski,[email protected],Estonia,doctor
561,Starla,Riordan,[email protected],Jamaica,developer
562,Charmaine,Darrell,[email protected],»Lao People»»S Democratic Republic»,firefighter
563,Marika,Yate,[email protected],Niue,worker
564,Alexine,Wyn,[email protected],»Micronesia, Federated States of»,doctor
565,Margette,Gwenore,[email protected],Cocos (Keeling) Islands,firefighter
566,Drucie,Dudley,[email protected],Botswana,police officer
567,Myrtice,Brady,[email protected],Liechtenstein,doctor
568,Mariele,Wu,[email protected],Greenland,police officer
569,Ruthe,Lorain,[email protected],Swaziland,worker
570,Mureil,Hunfredo,[email protected],Sri Lanka,developer
571,Mildrid,Lattie,[email protected],Anguilla,doctor
572,Ronna,Lindemann,[email protected],Antigua and Barbuda,worker
573,Letizia,Hepsibah,[email protected],»Cote D»»Ivoire»,firefighter
574,Wendi,Beniamino,[email protected],Brazil,doctor
575,Mara,Ajay,[email protected],Georgia,worker
576,Valli,Mitzi,[email protected],Seychelles,firefighter
577,Kerrin,Koehler,[email protected],Uzbekistan,police officer
578,Miquela,Hepsibah,[email protected],Ethiopia,worker
579,Marjie,Strephon,[email protected],San Marino,police officer
580,Orsola,Libna,[email protected],Venezuela,doctor
581,Shaylyn,Vale,[email protected],Chad,worker
582,Trixi,Lemuela,[email protected],Christmas Island,developer
583,Jacquetta,Nore,[email protected],Syrian Arab Republic,developer
584,Corene,Clarissa,[email protected],Dominica,doctor
585,Sharlene,Glenden,[email protected],Switzerland,police officer
586,Jolyn,Dash,[email protected],Wallis and Futuna,developer
587,Valera,Goldina,[email protected],Ireland,worker
588,Gusty,Henebry,[email protected],RWANDA,doctor
589,Shandie,Sharl,[email protected],Marshall Islands,developer
590,Steffane,Hertzfeld,[email protected],India,doctor
591,Randa,Thunell,[email protected],Sao Tome and Principe,developer
592,Charlena,Randene,[email protected],Panama,developer
593,Adelle,Melleta,[email protected],Somalia,firefighter
594,Sabina,Melony,[email protected],Finland,developer
595,Clementine,Edvard,[email protected],Guam,developer
596,Florencia,McCutcheon,[email protected],Djibouti,firefighter
597,Mignon,Anis,[email protected],Tokelau,doctor
598,Chickie,Helfand,[email protected],Malaysia,developer
599,Tressa,Paton,[email protected],Lithuania,firefighter
600,Kore,Pip,[email protected],Slovakia,worker
601,Nita,Tjon,[email protected],United Kingdom,worker
602,Maryellen,Dermott,[email protected],Australia,developer
603,Brianna,Florina,[email protected],Madagascar,worker
604,Karly,Hanleigh,[email protected],French Polynesia,police officer
605,Audrie,Germann,[email protected],Heard Island and Mcdonald Islands,worker
606,Dania,Merell,[email protected],Falkland Islands (Malvinas),doctor
607,Bernardine,Stephie,[email protected],San Marino,developer
608,Rori,Mozelle,[email protected],Isle of Man,doctor
609,Jackie,Harday,[email protected],Greenland,firefighter
610,Corly,Heidt,[email protected],Aruba,doctor
611,Josephine,Dex,[email protected],Brunei Darussalam,developer
612,Renie,Carvey,[email protected],Hungary,worker
613,Marylou,Stanwood,[email protected],Slovakia,police officer
614,Judy,Mehalek,[email protected],Viet Nam,police officer
615,Nikki,Norrie,[email protected],Maldives,firefighter
616,Pierette,Iphlgenia,[email protected],Comoros,firefighter
617,Sindee,Halla,[email protected],Bahamas,developer
618,Oona,Cherianne,[email protected],Mayotte,developer
619,Jacenta,Raychel,[email protected],Timor-Leste,doctor
620,Karlee,Garbe,[email protected],Hungary,doctor
621,Lita,Hirsch,[email protected],Croatia,developer
622,Kore,Hailee,[email protected],Saint Kitts and Nevis,firefighter
623,Sheree,Berl,[email protected],»Congo, The Democratic Republic of the»,firefighter
624,Nadine,Ioab,[email protected],Benin,doctor
625,Chopera,Parsaye,[email protected],Tunisia,developer
626,Marita,Delacourt,[email protected],Dominican Republic,police officer
627,Mellicent,Mehalek,[email protected],Cambodia,firefighter
628,Lesly,Firmin,[email protected],»Korea, Republic of»,firefighter
629,Lolita,Celestine,[email protected],Turks and Caicos Islands,developer
630,Elsie,Justinn,[email protected],»Korea, Democratic People»»S Republic of»,worker
631,Merry,Lutero,[email protected],Mongolia,worker
632,Augustine,Gaynor,[email protected],Isle of Man,police officer
633,Sophia,Roscoe,[email protected],Norfolk Island,doctor
634,Leona,Gibbeon,[email protected],Cambodia,developer
635,Merci,Sibyls,[email protected],Spain,police officer
636,Marika,Keelia,[email protected],Martinique,firefighter
637,Belinda,Viddah,[email protected],El Salvador,developer
638,Tina,Sparhawk,[email protected],Albania,police officer
639,Viki,Lail,[email protected],Estonia,worker
640,Margarette,Fennessy,[email protected],Tokelau,firefighter
641,Aryn,Ethban,[email protected],Reunion,police officer
642,Florencia,Carmena,[email protected],Latvia,worker
643,Nickie,Maples,[email protected],Svalbard and Jan Mayen,firefighter
644,Elbertina,Holtz,[email protected],Guernsey,firefighter
645,Jackie,Estella,[email protected],Lesotho,police officer
646,Jerry,Bertold,[email protected],Guatemala,worker
647,Fred,Boehike,[email protected],Uzbekistan,doctor
648,Carree,Stevy,[email protected],Liechtenstein,developer
649,Tomasina,Bergman,[email protected],Palau,doctor
650,Sibella,Shuler,[email protected],Cameroon,doctor
651,Rhea,Naashom,[email protected],»Virgin Islands, U.S.»,doctor
652,Allis,Vastah,[email protected],Guadeloupe,developer
653,Brena,Tatianas,[email protected],Barbados,doctor
654,Melina,Hilbert,[email protected],Isle of Man,worker
655,Ardeen,O’Rourke,Ardeen.O’[email protected],Malaysia,police officer
656,Chere,Lesley,[email protected],South Africa,worker
657,Carmencita,Thema,[email protected],Guernsey,police officer
658,Tina,Stacy,[email protected],Japan,police officer
659,Jinny,Terencio,[email protected],French Polynesia,worker
660,Camile,Rocray,[email protected],Bolivia,doctor
661,Marline,Marsden,[email protected],British Indian Ocean Territory,worker
662,Sallie,Ummersen,[email protected],Guyana,developer
663,Mahalia,Daegal,[email protected],Antarctica,firefighter
664,Fayre,Mandler,[email protected],»Congo, The Democratic Republic of the»,doctor
665,Daryl,Donell,[email protected],»Iran, Islamic Republic Of»,doctor
666,Lucille,Ardeha,[email protected],Turkey,police officer
667,Olivette,Killigrew,[email protected],Kenya,developer
668,Tybie,Ethban,[email protected],Antigua and Barbuda,doctor
669,Juliane,Engdahl,[email protected],France,police officer
670,Karly,Olympium,[email protected],Panama,worker
671,Melisent,MacIntosh,[email protected],Australia,police officer
672,Florie,Hourigan,[email protected],Brazil,doctor
673,Mady,Pernick,[email protected],Christmas Island,firefighter
674,Rosene,Ortrude,[email protected],»Korea, Republic of»,worker
675,Carmencita,Alejoa,[email protected],Myanmar,developer
676,Debee,Ummersen,[email protected],Northern Mariana Islands,developer
677,Vivia,Tound,[email protected],Israel,police officer
678,Nataline,Zaslow,[email protected],Colombia,firefighter
679,Ellette,Buttaro,[email protected],Kyrgyzstan,worker
680,Jennica,Elbertina,[email protected],Bermuda,police officer
681,Ingrid,Publia,[email protected],Timor-Leste,police officer
682,Alyssa,Kronfeld,[email protected],Liberia,firefighter
683,Deane,Minetta,[email protected],Zimbabwe,worker
684,Susan,Ammann,[email protected],Antigua and Barbuda,firefighter
685,Ardys,Dudley,[email protected],Costa Rica,developer
686,Gertrud,Dorothy,[email protected],San Marino,worker
687,Dyann,Rosemary,[email protected],Falkland Islands (Malvinas),worker
688,Sue,Gusella,[email protected],Heard Island and Mcdonald Islands,police officer
689,Chickie,Rona,[email protected],Cameroon,police officer
690,Rosene,Nadia,[email protected],United States,developer
691,Elfreda,Brunell,[email protected],»Palestinian Territory, Occupied»,police officer
692,Maurene,Weide,[email protected],Pullover,worker
693,Bernardine,Forrer,[email protected],Bhutan,developer
694,Sheelagh,Faso,[email protected],British Indian Ocean Territory,doctor
695,Ashlee,Clarissa,[email protected],»Korea, Republic of»,police officer
696,Christy,Standing,[email protected],United States,worker
697,Dolli,Leifeste,[email protected],Bulgaria,worker
698,Micheline,Engdahl,[email protected],Guinea,doctor
699,Catrina,Chapland,[email protected],India,firefighter
700,Cathyleen,Cressida,[email protected],Sudan,firefighter
701,Nicoli,Tremayne,[email protected],Pitcairn,developer
702,Dulce,Rad,[email protected],Mongolia,developer
703,Miquela,Sigfrid,[email protected],Japan,worker
704,Jere,Latini,[email protected],Luxembourg,police officer
705,Tobe,Blake,[email protected],Sri Lanka,developer
706,Rebeca,Hilbert,[email protected],Yemen,firefighter
707,Mignon,Judye,[email protected],Djibouti,worker
708,Cathyleen,Alice,[email protected],Belarus,doctor
709,Nickie,Therine,[email protected],Malawi,doctor
710,Roslyn,Dex,[email protected],Costa Rica,police officer
711,Ulrike,Albertine,[email protected],Greece,worker
712,Jessamyn,Bonucci,[email protected],Senegal,police officer
713,Albertina,Allina,[email protected],Saint Kitts and Nevis,firefighter
714,Karolina,Beebe,[email protected],Pullover,doctor
715,Binny,Thema,[email protected],South Africa,firefighter
716,Charlena,Sprage,[email protected],Marshall Islands,doctor
717,Neila,Han,[email protected],Myanmar,police officer
718,Emilia,Craggie,[email protected],Mayotte,developer
719,Kalina,Brandice,[email protected],Belize,firefighter
720,Layla,Bakerman,[email protected],Tokelau,police officer
721,Orsola,Sparhawk,[email protected],Namibia,worker
722,Malina,Yoko,[email protected],Singapore,police officer
723,Albertina,Joli,[email protected],Singapore,worker
724,Clo,Joseph,[email protected],Mauritania,worker
725,Ekaterina,Fiester,[email protected],Ethiopia,police officer
726,Carolina,Terrence,[email protected],Sierra Leone,firefighter
727,Lolita,Yam,[email protected],Peru,developer
728,Jeanna,Suanne,[email protected],Dominica,worker
729,Priscilla,Cynar,[email protected],Kuwait,firefighter
730,Elka,Maples,[email protected],Pullover,worker
731,Eve,Poll,[email protected],Greece,doctor
732,Meg,Eachern,[email protected],Gabon,worker
733,Alejandra,Natalia,[email protected],Switzerland,worker
734,Ann-Marie,Blase,[email protected],Nepal,firefighter
735,Regina,Vale,[email protected],Antigua and Barbuda,police officer
736,Olwen,Middleton,[email protected],Algeria,worker
737,Mireielle,Sacken,[email protected],Guinea,police officer
738,Bill,Telfer,[email protected]ail.io,South Georgia and the South Bocadillo Islands,developer
739,Leanna,Drus,[email protected],Bosnia and Herzegovina,worker
740,Leanna,Tamsky,[email protected],Netherlands,doctor
741,Gaylene,Weinreb,[email protected],Reunion,firefighter
742,Rochette,Sikorski,[email protected],Belarus,developer
743,Atlanta,Whittaker,[email protected],Hong Kong,worker
744,Rosene,Lia,[email protected],Saint Pierre and Miquelon,firefighter
745,Chandra,Zrike,[email protected],Afghanistan,police officer
746,Hollie,Jobi,[email protected],Nigeria,worker
747,Aurore,Charmine,[email protected],Mozambique,police officer
748,Nicoli,Penelopa,[email protected],Venezuela,police officer
749,Roberta,Janith,[email protected],Sri Lanka,firefighter
750,Stevana,Francene,[email protected],Senegal,firefighter
751,Dione,Koehler,[email protected],Aruba,police officer
752,Aurelie,Vivle,[email protected],Reunion,firefighter
753,Hettie,Sadowski,[email protected],Heard Island and Mcdonald Islands,firefighter
754,Taffy,Lewes,[email protected],»Tanzania, United Republic of»,police officer
755,Marsiella,Montgomery,[email protected],Tajikistan,firefighter
756,Caryl,Lea,[email protected],Liechtenstein,police officer
757,Annice,Wittie,[email protected],Cyprus,doctor
758,Violet,Bendick,[email protected],Mongolia,police officer
759,Reeba,Esmaria,[email protected],»Moldova, Republic of»,doctor
760,Shannah,Esmaria,[email protected],Jordan,worker
761,Margalo,Woodberry,[email protected],Dominican Republic,firefighter
762,Celene,Radu,[email protected],Kazakhstan,worker
763,Janey,Gunn,[email protected],»Taiwan, Province of China»,police officer
764,Quintina,Brandice,[email protected],Kiribati,developer
765,Jolyn,Hollingsworth,[email protected],China,firefighter
766,Hallie,Ferino,[email protected],Qatar,firefighter
767,Meg,Roumell,[email protected],Czech Republic,police officer
768,Farrah,Leonard,[email protected],»Virgin Islands, British»,firefighter
769,Elena,Giff,[email protected],Antigua and Barbuda,police officer
770,Sarette,Secrest,[email protected],Syrian Arab Republic,developer
771,Ira,Darbie,[email protected],Sudan,worker
772,Helena,Aida,[email protected],Kuwait,police officer
773,Ardys,Sothena,[email protected],Pakistan,doctor
774,Minda,Schwejda,[email protected],»Palestinian Territory, Occupied»,firefighter
775,Elora,Eliathas,[email protected],Indonesia,police officer
776,Susan,Curren,[email protected],Tunisia,worker
777,Constance,Louanna,[email protected],Trinidad and Tobago,developer
778,Roz,Granoff,[email protected],Senegal,firefighter
779,Consuela,Ardeha,[email protected],Panama,worker
780,Nataline,Hubert,[email protected],Benin,doctor
781,Celene,Konyn,[email protected],Guinea-Bissau,developer
782,Aurore,Odysseus,[email protected],Egypt,firefighter
783,Ruthe,Tice,[email protected],New Zealand,firefighter
784,Kristina,Bettine,[email protected],New Zealand,worker
785,Candy,Waldron,[email protected],British Indian Ocean Territory,developer
786,Rozele,Konyn,[email protected],Papua New Guinea,developer
787,Fredericka,Marsden,[email protected],Trinidad and Tobago,doctor
788,Angela,Lubin,[email protected],Norfolk Island,doctor
789,Darlleen,Hamil,[email protected],Ethiopia,firefighter
790,Karly,Hewitt,[email protected],Bahrain,developer
791,Ardenia,Hailee,[email protected],Colombia,police officer
792,Berget,Bari,[email protected],»Palestinian Territory, Occupied»,police officer
793,Melisent,Yusuk,[email protected],Turkey,police officer
794,Linzy,Tayib,[email protected],Barbados,firefighter
795,Britni,Zenas,[email protected],Tunisia,worker
796,Cindelyn,Larochelle,[email protected],Malaysia,worker
797,Carmela,Wiener,[email protected],RWANDA,developer
798,Edyth,Xerxes,[email protected],Gabon,developer
799,Brooks,Pulsifer,[email protected],Anguilla,worker
800,Dorthy,Dunkin,[email protected],Pakistan,firefighter
801,Glynnis,Reneta,[email protected],Spain,worker
802,Heida,Rurik,[email protected],Norway,police officer
803,Lizzie,Jammal,[email protected],Bouvet Island,firefighter
804,Deloria,Niles,[email protected],»Korea, Republic of»,firefighter
805,Olwen,Johnsson,[email protected],Dominica,doctor
806,Mureil,Alva,[email protected],Bahamas,developer
807,Cissiee,Clarissa,[email protected],Mauritius,worker
808,Rani,Edison,[email protected],Angola,doctor
809,Rivalee,Alexandr,[email protected],Mali,developer
810,Gerianna,Kenney,[email protected],AndorrA,worker
811,Roxane,Pitt,[email protected],Central African Republic,developer
812,Isa,Isacco,[email protected],Antigua and Barbuda,worker
813,Glynnis,Lewes,[email protected],Pullover,developer
814,Odessa,Lunsford,[email protected],Cape Verde,firefighter
815,Katleen,Gillan,[email protected],Equatorial Guinea,police officer
816,Ronna,Ezar,[email protected],Bolivia,worker
817,Luci,Audly,[email protected],Kazakhstan,firefighter
818,Vonny,Ardeha,[email protected],Azerbaijan,developer
819,Harmonia,Bonilla,[email protected],Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,doctor
820,Anthia,Revkah,[email protected],Ethiopia,worker
821,Ottilie,Janith,[email protected],Bosnia and Herzegovina,developer
822,Valli,Dielu,[email protected],Japan,firefighter
823,Kial,Byrne,[email protected],Ecuador,doctor
824,Althea,Izaak,[email protected],Saint Kitts and Nevis,firefighter
825,Emmey,Lenny,[email protected],Djibouti,police officer
826,Florie,Adore,[email protected],Holy See (Vatican City State),firefighter
827,Kelly,Kristi,[email protected],South Georgia and the South Bocadillo Islands,worker
828,Ida,Roxanna,[email protected],Antigua and Barbuda,worker
829,Goldie,Cleo,[email protected],Romania,developer
830,Melodie,Phaidra,[email protected],Mauritania,police officer
831,Selia,Cordi,[email protected],Russian Federation,worker
832,Jessy,Janith,[email protected],Slovenia,doctor
833,Molli,Mata,[email protected],Yemen,police officer
834,Jessamyn,Niles,[email protected],»Virgin Islands, British»,police officer
835,Leeanne,Wilona,[email protected],French Southern Territories,doctor
836,Dawn,Marlie,[email protected],Indonesia,worker
837,Brena,Krystle,[email protected],Cayman Islands,worker
838,Ernesta,Rozanna,[email protected],South Georgia and the South Bocadillo Islands,firefighter
839,Janenna,Ardra,[email protected],Kuwait,police officer
840,Clarice,Jerald,[email protected],Puerto Rico,worker
841,Starla,Gemini,[email protected],Papua New Guinea,doctor
842,Hollie,Skurnik,[email protected],Switzerland,developer
843,Paule,Wandie,[email protected],Bahrain,doctor
844,Keelia,Naor,[email protected],Holy See (Vatican City State),doctor
845,Gaylene,Weide,[email protected],Niger,police officer
846,Evita,Krystle,[email protected],Solomon Islands,police officer
847,Corly,Mich,[email protected],Ethiopia,firefighter
848,Asia,Brackely,[email protected],Wallis and Futuna,developer
849,Benita,Naashom,[email protected],United States,police officer
850,Catharine,Peonir,[email protected],South Georgia and the South Bocadillo Islands,worker
851,Tani,Cutlerr,[email protected],»Moldova, Republic of»,firefighter
852,Barbi,Bach,[email protected],Cambodia,police officer
853,Ashlee,Atcliffe,[email protected],Tajikistan,developer
854,Babita,Blake,[email protected],Turks and Caicos Islands,worker
855,Arlina,Aaberg,[email protected],Viet Nam,police officer
856,Elsie,Daegal,[email protected],Libyan Arab Jamahiriya,developer
857,Sonni,McAdams,[email protected],Philippines,doctor
858,Lyssa,Kiersten,[email protected],Hong Kong,firefighter
859,Audrie,Toor,[email protected],Dominican Republic,doctor
860,Amara,Carbo,[email protected],Uganda,worker
861,Genevra,Louanna,[email protected],Bahrain,developer
862,Jaclyn,Erb,[email protected],Azerbaijan,police officer
863,Nikki,Voletta,[email protected],Suriname,developer
864,Lauryn,Lattie,[email protected],Bahamas,police officer
865,Carmela,Whiffen,[email protected],Portugal,police officer
866,Abbie,Clywd,[email protected],Norfolk Island,police officer
867,Lonnie,Deegan,[email protected],Somalia,doctor
868,Nyssa,Narton,[email protected],Gambia,developer
869,Lilith,Pierette,[email protected],Pakistan,police officer
870,Lisette,Emanuel,[email protected],Italy,firefighter
871,Cam,Karylin,[email protected],Qatar,firefighter
872,Ronna,Zola,[email protected],Guinea-Bissau,doctor
873,Annabela,Juliet,[email protected],Netherlands,developer
874,Eve,Phyllis,[email protected],Sweden,developer
875,Krystle,Hieronymus,[email protected],Comoros,firefighter
876,Minne,Grayce,[email protected],American Samoa,developer
877,Jacquetta,Dash,[email protected],Guinea,developer
878,Christy,Elvyn,[email protected],China,developer
879,Leona,Roarke,[email protected],French Guiana,developer
880,Quintina,Yoko,[email protected],Guinea,worker
881,Gretal,Rozanna,[email protected],Cuba,police officer
882,Alie,Shaver,[email protected],Switzerland,doctor
883,Cristabel,Burnside,[email protected],Swaziland,firefighter
884,Abbie,Hull,[email protected],Samoa,firefighter
885,Gilligan,Uird,[email protected],United Arab Emirates,doctor
886,Angelique,Alisia,[email protected],Turkmenistan,worker
887,Elfreda,Ashely,[email protected],Czech Republic,firefighter
888,Cherrita,Hoenack,[email protected],Kyrgyzstan,firefighter
889,Aeriela,Burnside,[email protected],»Korea, Republic of»,worker
890,Sheree,Dorcy,[email protected],Comoros,doctor
891,Flo,Marcellus,[email protected],Colombia,police officer
892,Dacia,Freddi,[email protected],Georgia,worker
893,Marylou,Knowling,[email protected],Israel,worker
894,Averyl,Ashely,[email protected],New Zealand,firefighter
895,Bill,Crudden,[email protected],French Southern Territories,doctor
896,Courtnay,Donell,[email protected],Dominica,police officer
897,Nicoli,Anselmi,[email protected],Romania,doctor
898,Lesly,Angelis,[email protected],Bermuda,firefighter
899,Taffy,Sabella,[email protected],South Africa,worker
900,Clary,Argus,[email protected],South Africa,doctor
901,Laurene,Gaulin,[email protected],Nauru,developer
902,Valera,Loring,[email protected],Kiribati,firefighter
903,Sindee,Cornelia,[email protected],Anguilla,developer
904,Chastity,Lamoree,[email protected],Hungary,doctor
905,Deane,Bendick,[email protected],Guam,doctor
906,Evaleen,Terrence,[email protected],Cyprus,police officer
907,Vevay,Gavrila,[email protected],Hungary,doctor
908,Claresta,Gahl,[email protected],Belize,police officer
909,Elyssa,Chandler,[email protected],Norway,police officer
910,Kate,Bebe,[email protected],Venezuela,developer
911,Maryellen,Chauncey,[email protected],United Arab Emirates,doctor
912,Oona,Lemuela,[email protected],Canada,police officer
913,Barbi,Tiffa,[email protected],Egypt,police officer
914,Frieda,Clie,[email protected],Saint Kitts and Nevis,firefighter
915,Selia,Lattie,[email protected],Angola,developer
916,Aurelie,Felizio,[email protected],Bangladesh,police officer
917,Kellen,Berne,[email protected],Bulgaria,firefighter
918,Kenna,Glovsky,[email protected],Uganda,worker
919,Maridel,Vittoria,[email protected],Kuwait,firefighter
920,Britni,Ahab,[email protected],Argentina,doctor
921,Chere,Dunkin,[email protected],Kenya,firefighter
922,Ann-Marie,Ioab,[email protected],Serbia and Montenegro,doctor
923,Eugine,Schenck,[email protected],Angola,firefighter
924,Janis,Linskey,[email protected],Guam,developer
925,Shaine,Fink,[email protected],Mali,developer
926,Ann-Marie,Moina,[email protected],»Palestinian Territory, Occupied»,developer
927,Margarette,Fitzsimmons,[email protected],Isle of Man,worker
928,Aili,Boycey,[email protected],Trinidad and Tobago,developer
929,Fernande,Douglass,[email protected],Turks and Caicos Islands,worker
930,Moyna,Eben,[email protected],Wallis and Futuna,worker
931,Dorthy,MacIntosh,[email protected],Liechtenstein,firefighter
932,Libbie,Ardra,[email protected],Hong Kong,police officer
933,Nataline,Fosque,[email protected],Costa Rica,developer
934,Rosanne,Ries,[email protected],Spain,worker
935,Orelia,Vivle,[email protected],Bermuda,doctor
936,Dotty,My,[email protected],»Congo, The Democratic Republic of the»,doctor
937,Janenna,Ackerley,[email protected],Hong Kong,developer
938,Arabel,Karl,[email protected],Belarus,doctor
939,Nerta,Delp,[email protected],Guernsey,doctor
940,Carolina,Truc,[email protected],Saint Kitts and Nevis,doctor
941,Jaime,Secrest,[email protected],Nigeria,developer
942,Carmela,Roarke,[email protected],Saint Helena,developer
943,Nerta,Madaih,[email protected],Kyrgyzstan,developer
944,Annabela,Mitzi,[email protected],Guyana,police officer
945,Kary,Ivens,[email protected],Seychelles,doctor
946,Eolanda,Emmy,[email protected],Montserrat,firefighter
947,Leontine,Hedve,[email protected],Zimbabwe,developer
948,Vinita,Pozzy,[email protected],RWANDA,doctor
949,Blinni,Gaynor,[email protected],New Zealand,police officer
950,Raquela,Alexandr,[email protected],Mayotte,developer
951,Mildrid,Sophronia,[email protected],South Georgia and the South Bocadillo Islands,doctor
952,Arlena,Saree,[email protected],Trinidad and Tobago,developer
953,Viviene,Pierette,[email protected],Panama,police officer
954,Ivett,Loleta,[email protected],Tokelau,worker
955,Jolyn,Prober,[email protected],Kiribati,worker
956,Ingrid,Nore,[email protected],»Moldova, Republic of»,firefighter
957,Maryellen,Weide,[email protected],Cocos (Keeling) Islands,firefighter
958,Emelina,Westphal,[email protected],San Marino,firefighter
959,Korrie,Dituri,[email protected],Cuba,worker
960,Flory,Dosia,[email protected],Comoros,firefighter
961,Heddie,Tybald,[email protected],Uruguay,worker
962,Aubrie,Kauppi,[email protected],Lebanon,doctor
963,Lanna,Parette,[email protected],Suriname,doctor
964,Aeriela,Arathorn,[email protected],Central African Republic,doctor
965,Dyann,Sundin,[email protected],Cambodia,developer
966,Alisha,Henebry,[email protected],French Southern Territories,worker
967,Gilligan,Lorenz,[email protected],Lithuania,developer
968,Halette,Urania,[email protected],Benin,firefighter
969,Gabriellia,Sholley,[email protected],Palau,developer
970,Atlanta,Melony,[email protected],Pitcairn,worker
971,Adele,Paton,[email protected],Luxembourg,worker
972,Rani,Peg,[email protected],Bangladesh,developer
973,Konstance,Adlare,[email protected],Solomon Islands,worker
974,Jackie,Tillford,[email protected],Nepal,doctor
975,Lesly,Bultman,[email protected],Bahrain,developer
976,Maryellen,Jefferey,[email protected],Gibraltar,firefighter
977,Kial,Kimmie,[email protected],Saudi Arabia,worker
978,Dominga,O’Rourke,Dominga.O’[email protected],Guatemala,firefighter
979,Josephine,Corrine,[email protected],Philippines,firefighter
980,Brietta,Maxi,[email protected],Botswana,developer
981,Ketti,Marlie,[email protected],Nauru,firefighter
982,Augustine,Gerge,[email protected],Isle of Man,police officer
983,Shel,Clara,[email protected],»Palestinian Territory, Occupied»,worker
984,Chopera,Durante,[email protected],Tunisia,police officer
985,Bill,Bow,[email protected],Cambodia,doctor
986,Karly,Catie,[email protected],Luxembourg,developer
987,Jere,Adlare,[email protected],»Lao People»»S Democratic Republic»,worker
988,Aeriela,Brittani,[email protected],Nepal,developer
989,Sonni,Demitria,[email protected],Mexico,police officer
990,Kathi,Tiffa,[email protected],French Polynesia,doctor
991,Tabbatha,Herrera,[email protected],Sri Lanka,developer
992,Katharina,Pillsbury,[email protected],Cambodia,worker
993,Allis,Sikorski,[email protected],Macao,police officer
994,Deedee,Adrienne,[email protected],Fiji,police officer
995,Elmira,Peg,[email protected],Finland,developer
996,Adelle,Schenck,[email protected],Svalbard and Jan Mayen,doctor
997,Sonni,Wallis,[email protected],Hong Kong,firefighter
998,Nannie,Land,[email protected],Heard Island and Mcdonald Islands,police officer
999,Orsola,Clara,[email protected],Honduras,doctor
1000,Phedra,Emmaline,[email protected],»Iran, Islamic Republic Of»,doctor
1001,Lucille,Alexandr,[email protected],Oman,firefighter
1002,Raina,Hashim,[email protected],Croatia,developer
1003,Carree,Oriana,[email protected],»Congo, The Democratic Republic of the»,developer
1004,Linet,Modie,[email protected],»Korea, Democratic People»»S Republic of»,worker
1005,Ottilie,Buttaro,[email protected],Saudi Arabia,developer
1006,Gabi,Yorick,[email protected],Madagascar,worker
1007,Chrystel,Lamoree,[email protected],Saint Lucia,worker
1008,Fayre,Ventre,[email protected],Puerto Rico,developer
1009,Kathy,Shaddock,[email protected],Tokelau,doctor
1010,Jessamyn,Ivens,[email protected],Kazakhstan,firefighter
1011,Cindelyn,Salvidor,[email protected],Ireland,doctor
1012,Annecorinne,Doig,[email protected],Libyan Arab Jamahiriya,doctor
1013,Gusella,Pernick,[email protected],Georgia,doctor
1014,Christy,Modie,[email protected],»Moldova, Republic of»,worker
1015,Rori,Lilybelle,[email protected],Isle of Man,firefighter
1016,Fina,Boehike,[email protected],RWANDA,police officer
1017,Jolyn,Leonard,[email protected],Azerbaijan,doctor
1018,Emelina,Salvidor,[email protected],Netherlands,firefighter
1019,Ann-Marie,Gower,[email protected],Japan,firefighter
1020,Corry,Martsen,[email protected],Angola,police officer
1021,Dolli,Silvan,[email protected],Oman,worker
1022,Gabriellia,Raffo,[email protected],»Moldova, Republic of»,doctor
1023,Hettie,Nunci,[email protected],Somalia,worker
1024,Madalyn,Charmine,[email protected],Latvia,doctor
1025,Camile,Helve,[email protected],Central African Republic,developer
1026,Jasmina,Brotherson,[email protected],Bulgaria,firefighter
1027,Cyb,Tippets,[email protected]io,Slovakia,doctor
1028,Tamqrah,Sigfrid,[email protected],Malawi,doctor
1029,Gabi,Zaslow,[email protected],Gibraltar,worker
1030,Lexine,Othilia,[email protected],Norfolk Island,doctor
1031,Dawn,Kendrick,[email protected],Christmas Island,firefighter
1032,Lenna,Ludewig,[email protected],Kyrgyzstan,doctor
1033,Carmencita,Macey,[email protected],»Taiwan, Province of China»,worker
1034,Ann-Marie,MacIntosh,[email protected],»Tanzania, United Republic of»,police officer
1035,Ricky,Bergman,[email protected],Costa Rica,developer
1036,Iseabal,Elbertina,[email protected],Vanuatu,police officer
1037,Daphne,Saint,[email protected],Comoros,firefighter
1038,Babita,Nea,[email protected],Indonesia,police officer
1039,Blondelle,Nore,[email protected],Trinidad and Tobago,worker
1040,Alyssa,Latini,[email protected],Burkina Faso,developer
1041,Alyda,Uird,[email protected],»Virgin Islands, British»,worker
1042,Miquela,Grobe,[email protected],Viet Nam,police officer
1043,Winifred,Durware,[email protected],Greenland,police officer
1044,Trixi,Allys,[email protected],Uzbekistan,worker
1045,June,Yam,[email protected],El Salvador,police officer
1046,Carilyn,Zitvaa,[email protected],Turks and Caicos Islands,developer
1047,Sheelagh,Lauraine,[email protected],»Moldova, Republic of»,doctor
1048,Aaren,Norrie,[email protected],United States Minor Outlying Islands,developer
1049,Lorne,Zachary,[email protected],Malawi,worker
1050,Chandra,Lorenz,[email protected],Austria,firefighter
1051,Sadie,Euridice,[email protected],Monaco,firefighter
1052,Agnese,Melony,[email protected],Zambia,worker
1053,Georgina,Laurianne,[email protected],Saint Lucia,police officer
1054,Suzette,Matthew,[email protected],Canada,doctor
1055,Letizia,Bow,[email protected],Netherlands Antilles,worker
1056,Tilly,Byrne,[email protected],Afghanistan,doctor
1057,Rozele,Casimir,[email protected],Bhutan,developer
1058,Candy,Kiyoshi,[email protected],Heard Island and Mcdonald Islands,worker
1059,Heddie,Syd,[email protected],Lithuania,firefighter
1060,Amelia,Madaih,[email protected],Turkmenistan,firefighter
1061,Kirstin,Truc,[email protected],Mauritania,firefighter
1062,Gui,Engdahl,[email protected],Saint Lucia,developer
1063,Corene,Danby,[email protected],Somalia,worker
1064,Kellen,Leonard,[email protected],Swaziland,developer
1065,Lory,Belanger,[email protected],United States Minor Outlying Islands,worker
1066,Charmaine,Lasley,[email protected],Northern Mariana Islands,doctor
1067,Dorene,Felizio,[email protected],Brunei Darussalam,developer
1068,Goldie,Mintz,[email protected],Kiribati,police officer
1069,Jenilee,Thar,[email protected],»Korea, Republic of»,doctor
1070,Hallie,Fleeta,[email protected],Papua New Guinea,police officer
1071,Meg,Elisha,[email protected],Brazil,police officer
1072,Raquela,Arley,[email protected],Libyan Arab Jamahiriya,doctor
1073,Mellicent,Goddard,[email protected],Algeria,worker
1074,Brandise,Abram,[email protected],British Indian Ocean Territory,police officer
1075,Sheree,Behre,[email protected],Anguilla,doctor
1076,Candi,Syd,[email protected],Bermuda,police officer
1077,Wynne,Heisel,[email protected],Myanmar,firefighter
1078,Andeee,Eiser,[email protected],Costa Rica,firefighter
1079,Wendi,Gilmour,[email protected],»Korea, Republic of»,firefighter
1080,Riannon,Delacourt,[email protected],Niue,firefighter
1081,Dyann,Donell,[email protected],China,worker
1082,Tani,Mitzi,[email protected],Mayotte,firefighter
1083,Leontine,Chick,[email protected],Jordan,developer
1084,Dennie,Wu,[email protected],Pakistan,worker
1085,Agnese,Richers,[email protected],»Palestinian Territory, Occupied»,worker
1086,Charissa,Delila,[email protected],Bahrain,developer
1087,Shaine,Hortensia,[email protected],Anguilla,developer
1088,Florencia,Modie,[email protected],Venezuela,developer
1089,Jordan,Center,[email protected],Vanuatu,developer
1090,Norine,Liva,[email protected],Albania,developer
1091,Norine,Waite,[email protected],Kyrgyzstan,firefighter
1092,Joceline,Brunell,[email protected],United Arab Emirates,firefighter
1093,Gretal,Orlene,[email protected],United States,police officer
1094,Rubie,Irmine,[email protected],»Cote D»»Ivoire»,worker
1095,Dagmar,Adrienne,[email protected],Uzbekistan,developer
1096,Regina,Harriman,[email protected],»Virgin Islands, British»,developer
1097,Cordi,Sacken,[email protected],Egypt,developer
1098,Myriam,Lumbard,[email protected],Holy See (Vatican City State),doctor
1099,Carlie,Zenas,[email protected],Bolivia,doctor

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A Cascading Style Sheet contains the piece of code that is responsible for adding the effects and properties to the content that is developed by HTML. Both HTML and CSS are used to create a static webpage or a dynamic website. CSS contains several effects, one of them is a style property that is applied to the list of HTML. This property is to enhance the list items, that is most probably text, by adding the effects on the bullets. Today, our discussion is about the style type of the list. In the article, we mention a couple of examples to style the bullets of the list uniquely.

An HTML code contains two basic parts: <head> and <body>. The head part contains the title tag and <style> tag if we use an internal CSS. The <body> tag contains the tags of all the content we want to create on the webpage. The list tag is also written inside the body tag.

Similarly, the CSS code is categorized as inline, internal, and external CSS. The effect that is written with the <style> tag inside the content tag is the inline CSS. The one that is written inside the HTML head section is the internal CSS. And the third one, the external CSS, is declared in another text editor’s file with a “.css” extension.

What Is An HTML List?

Hypertext Markup Language creates contents to form a website including text, images, tables, shapes, paragraphs, etc. The text is the building block of any website. This can be written in several ways and one approach is the HTML “LIST”. The list is the tieso demonstration of a text along with or without bullets. The HTML list just appears in the same way as we create a manual list. A list is divided into further categories. When the text is represented with numbers, it is done by an ordered list <ol>. If the representation is through any symbol or shape, it is an unordered list <ul>. The syntax that is used to create a list is mentioned as follows:

The unordered list syntax is given in the previous example. The first opening and closing tags for the list are declared. These outer tags decide whether the list is ordered or unordered. Inside both tags, the <li> tag is used to add the item names that we want to be part of the list.

List Style Property

The CSS list style property is the effects that are applied to the list bullets. There are several types of style properties of lists. Some of them are explained here. The basic syntax is written as:


List-style-type : disc;


Let us implement and explain the working of this property.

List Style Type for Unordered List

First, we apply some effects to the bullets of the unordered list. These bullets are symbols and shapes. For example, circles, squares, discs, etc.

Property Value: Disc

We create a simple webpage in which a heading is given inside the body part. We use a paragraph tag to write some text. Then, an unordered list is created as we previously described. The same syntax follows. Inside the <ul> tag, we declare the class name that belongs to the internal CSS. All the effects that are mentioned inside the class are applied to this list here:

Inside the tag, three items of the list are declared. Close the list and the outer tag. That is all from the body section of the HTML code.

Now, we lead towards the head section. Inside the head, we give a title to the page. Then, the internal CSS style tag is declared. Inside it, a “sub” class, the name that is used inside the unordered list tag, is declared. All the effects are applied inside this class.

The ids and classes are created to use the effects collectively that you want to apply. Then, use these names inside the tags where we want to apply these effects.

.sub {

List-style-type: disc;


The list style that is used here is a disc. If we do not use this property in the list creation, the default bullets that are formed are disc-shaped.

Further effects are in the heading. The font color is added to the heading. In addition to the body, the background color and font color are applied.

Save the code in the text editor with an html extension to create a webpage to be executed in the browser. By using this extension, you will see that the symbol of the text editor file that you saved is changed into the icon of the browser. It is the indication that this is a web page.

You will see on the execution that the webpage that is created contains the list of the subjects’ names and these items are declared through the disc bullets.

Property Value: Circle

After using the default disc bullet value, we use another shape to style an unordered list. This time, the style property contains the class with the list style type of circle. While the rest of the code, whether the head portion or the body section, is the same. Only make changes in the style type to see the effects working.

Close the style tag and execute the code in the browser. You will see that the filled disc bullets are replaced through the circle-shaped bullets.

List Style Type for Ordered List

Now, we use the numerical and alphabetical values to apply the effects on the bullets of the ordered list.

Property Value: Quebrado

As for the ordered list to be created, we use any numeric value. The one that is normally used in the manual counting or numbering is the parte notation. We will go for the parte numbering first. The whole HTML code is the same and the CSS code is only entertained through the bullet name that is referred to as “parte”. The list style type effect mentioned in the CSS class is the parte.

List-style-type: parte;

Upon execution, you will see that the bullets are changed from a circle to the parte numbers.

Property Value: Lower-Greek
The list style property is named in lower-greek to apply this effect and modify the list style property of the list.

Property Value: None

We can also hide the list bullets by using the “none” keywords in the list style type property.

Property Value: Georgian

The last but not the least, the value that is used is the “Georgian” value that is added to the bullets of the list.


CSS list style property is the effect that is applied on the bullets of the list whether the list is ordered or unordered. We started with a simple introduction of both HTML and CSS languages including their declaration of tags. Then, we elaborated the structure of HTML lists along with their types. The list style type property is elaborated and we implemented a few styles to see how this property works. We used some examples for both the ordered and unordered lists separately.

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The concept of order is also widely known among computer programmers, developers, and common people. As the title demonstrates, the CSS styling of Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) also uses the order property to organize an HTML file’s elements according to one’s choice. This order property can be applied to more than one element of the same type using their respective HTML tags in the HTML script. If you don’t have any prior knowledge regarding the “order” property of CSS styling, this article will demonstrate the use of the CSS “order” property.


Let’s start with this article’s first illustration to demonstrate the usage of the “order” property of CSS styling within the HTML. You need an “html” type file to add and run HTML code. So, we have created a new file, “test.html”, within our “Articles” folder and opened it with the Visual Studio code. The HTML code must be started with the “<!DOCTYPE html” basic tag followed by the opening tag of “html” that will be closed at the end of this HTML file. The HTML file contains the basic “head” and “body” tags to define the webpage’s main head and page body contents.

We will start explaining this example from the basic “head” tag. Within this tag, we have been using the different CSS properties for particular HTML elements defined in this HTML file via the “style” tag. First, we have been styling the main “div” tag used in the “body” of our HTML page via its specified ID, i.e., “main”. The “div” tags are always used to divide the page into sections or pieces to separate some of the elements and contents of an HTML page from others. We have been using the property width and height to define the width and length of this “div” element in the HTML page in pixels, i.e., 400px width and 70px height.

This “dib” area would contain the solid border of a five-pixel black border around it. This border would define the boundary of the main “div” area. Then, we used the main div tag’s main ID to apply the CSS on the child “div” tags. We have set the width to 100 pixels and height to 70 pixels for all the five inner “div” element tags, which would lie within this HTML tag’s main “div” section. These heights and widths for inner and outer div elements are specified to fit equally the five div tags within the outer tag. After that, we used the five div tag IDs separately on five lines to style all of the five “div” sections accordingly and differently. Here comes the “order” property of CSS styling to order the five div tags according to numbers. The brown “div” will be displayed on the 3rd, blue on the 5th, green on the 2nd, purple on the 1st, and orange on the 4th. The style and head tag became closed here.

Let’s start explaining the basic “body” tag used to define and represent the basic elements on the webpage of our browser. Within this tag, we have used the main heading tag of size one, the main “div” tag, and the five children “div” tags listed one after another. The main “div” tag has been specified with the ID, “main”, to style it within the head tag and can be differentiated easily. The inner five “div” tags have been specified with some styling and their separate IDs, i.e., brown, blue, green, purple, and orange.

These IDs would be used to style these “div” tags separately in the style tag. We have been styling all five tags by using the “style” element within the opening of all five div tags using the CSS inline styling method. The background-color property has been used to specify the colors for all five div tags separately, i.e., brown, blue, green, purple, and orange. These five colors would be filled in the boxes created by the “div” elements on the webpage and looked great on the screen. The main “div” tag and the main “body” tag have been closed here. Additionally, our “html” main tag closing would be used here to end the HTML code and make it run smoothly.

First, let’s save this code with Ctrl+S. Then, tap the “Run” menu from the taskbar of your Visual Studio code tool. Tap on the shown “Run without debugging” option and select the browser to continue. We will be using the Google Chrome browser to execute it.

The output tab of the Chrome browser displays the following image of five div parts within one main “div” of the solid black border. The sequence of the child “div” boxes is the same as we have described in the explanation of a code, i.e., purple 1st, green 2nd, brown 3rd, orange 4th, and blue 5th. Although we have defined the random sequence of “div” elements in the CSS styling, it doesn’t affect the output and is displayed as defined in the styling.

The previous code illustration and its webpage output show us the use of random numbers within the “order” property to set the “div” tags to random positions. Those values for the “order” property were simple positive integers. Hence, we have no problems using those. What if a user tries to set the order property with the negative values in the style tag? Let’s try this to see the results. So, we have been updating our code to do so. Within the style tag, we have been updating the value of the “order” property for each inner “div” tag. For brown, it’s 3. For blue, it’s -1. For green, it’s 2. For purple, it’s -2. Lastly, for orange, it’s 0. These values define the index of a main “div” element. Let’s save this code to see.

Running this updated code in the Chrome browser, we have the updated output result shown below. As we have defined 0 for the order property of the “orange” div, it has been displayed in the middle of the main div. The green and brown “div” tags are displayed on the right side after the orange “div”. The use of -2 for purple div and -1 for blue tag has displayed the inner “div” tags according to the sequence of negative integers.


This article contains a simple and brief explanation of using the “order” CSS property in the HTML code. For this, we have explained a brief HTML code example. This example contained the use of “div” elements to properly elaborate the concept of “order” CSS property. We have discussed the detailed analysis of using the positive integer values for the order property and compared it with the use of negative integer values for the same property.

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Colors and animations are widely used on websites built by HTML scripting to make them more pleasing and aesthetic. Sometimes, these colors could be seen quickly changing at some element of HTML. This would happen because of the use of “setInterval” functions. Some of you may have thought about randomly changing the colors of HTML elements while doing HTML scripting. You may have thought about some pure way to do that but could not find the solution. If so, this article is for you to gain expertise on changing the color of any element of HTML randomly.

Example # 01

Let’s get started with the first example of this article by demonstrating the use of the simple pick color function to generate random colors on HTML elements. This example code started from the HTML main tag followed by the empty head tag. We have been using the body tag to define the body elements of this HTML page, followed by the script tag containing JavaScript styling to make this page aesthetic and styled. The body text has been aligned to the center using the “text-align” property within the inline style tag. Two headings of size 1 have been used here.

The first heading uses inline styling to color itself green using the color property. While the second heading has been specified with the ID “pick” and the inline styling tag to color it red for a while via the “color” property. After this, the button tag is used with the onclick attribute getting the return value from the “pickColor()” function to specify which color must be displayed upon tapping this button. Here comes the JavaScript code for this HTML script to make it dynamic. It contains the script tag followed by the use of function definition for the “pickColor” method. This method has been initializing an array “Col” taking different colors within it, i.e., using the specific color numbers.

Another variable, “random_color”, has been used to get the random color from the “Col” array by applying the “floor” and “random” functions of the Math library. Whatever the “floor” value has been calculated, it would be used to get the random color from the specific index of this array. The ID “pick” of heading 2 for this HTML file has been used to get the ID and saved to the variable “x”. After that, the style attribute “color” was applied to the variable “x” to randomly color heading 2 using the “random_color” variable. This is it about this code. Let’s save it and run it with the “Run” menu.

The output in the Chrome browser is shown in the following image. It shows two headings followed by a simple button. The first heading is static, while the second heading has been used to randomly change its color whenever a user taps on the button.

Before tapping the button, the color of the heading was red. After tapping on it, it turns out as shown below, i.e., light orange:

Again tapping on the button, the color of the heading turns yellow.

Tapping on the button merienda again changes the color of the heading to green.

Like this, each tap on the button would randomly change the color of a heading, i.e., blue, green, yellow, etc.

Example # 02

Let’s get started with the advanced example of randomly changing the color of some element from the HTML file. We have created an HTML file that will randomly change the color of some headings after each second without using any button or tapping on the section. Also, we will be creating a random “div” section and filling it with any random color upon clicking on any area of the HTML page. We suggest you read the explanation for the “body” tag first and then go through this section of the HTML page explanation. The HTML file started with the style tag to color the different HTML elements on this webpage. The “#color” ID has been used to set the width and height of the “smallest” input “div” to 10em and 6em, respectively. The heading 1, heading 4, and paragraph font family have been set to sans-serif. The text has been aligned to the center. While the “box” class has been specified to set the width, height, align-items, and justify-content property for the second “div” section to 100%, 33vh, center, and center, respectively. The styling has been done here:

Within the JavaScript code of this file, we have been calling the “setInterval” function by passing it a random color with the help of a “setColor” function after each millisecond. The function “setColor” has been taking the random color using the “randomeHexaDecimalColorString()” function, getting the ID of the first “div” section, and applying the random color on the particular “div”. The function “changeColor” has been used here to create an array of colors and randomly choose one color from its array by a “floor” method.

This would be applied to the inner “div” section of the second “div” element of the body to randomly change the color of a “div” box. The function “rgbColor” has been used to initialize the value for red, green, and blue colors while using the previous “randomNumber” function.

Th randomHexaDecimalColorString() function would be getting the value for the red, green, and blue combination using the “toString” and “padStart” function and return to its calling function. The changeColorRandomly() function is again using the randomHexaDecimalColorString() function to change the color of a box according to the color number specified by the ID “text”. The “clickHandler” function is used to randomly change the color of a box when clicked on anywhere in the section.

The HTML “body” tag contains the inline styling to align the text. It contains the center via the use of the “text-align” property. We have two main “div” elements to divide the page into 2 sections. The first one contains the ID “automóvil” for differentiation, while the other one contains the class “box”. The first “div” section only contains a single heading of size 1 with its unique heading title. The other “div” section contains another “div” in it that has been using the “p” HTML element to add the paragraph of 1 line and the “input” tag element to get the color ID as input and change the color of this “div” according to that.

Along with that, the h4 heading of this “div” section would use the ID “text” to randomly change the color number with each click on the HTML page. Let’s save and run the following code:

The first heading would change its color after each millisecond. While clicking on the HTML page’s second “div” section, the box will also change its color randomly.


This is about using simple techniques to randomly change the color of some HTML elements without hard work. In our examples, we have tried to cover the use of the “pickColor” function to randomly pick one color from an array and apply it to the specific element. We have been attempting to implement the function setInterval() to instantly change the color of a specific element without tapping somewhere on the HTML screen, i.e., automatic color change.

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“Linux has come up with many of its unique functions to perform routine tasks. The dlsym() function is one of them. The dlsym() function goal is to find the address of a defined symbol specified in a DLL (Dynamic Link Library) that has been made accessible via a dlopen() function call. After loading the dynamic shared object (common link library) file indicated by the null-terminated string filename, the function dlopen() outputs an anonymous “connection” for the loaded object. The named symbol is looked up in the dynamic link library (DLL) that has been fetched by the dlopen() method. In this article, we will talk about the use of dlsym().

If the desired symbol is not present in that DLL, the dependent DLLs of that DLL will be searched for it, after by any dependencies of those, and so on in a breadth-first fashion until the desired symbol is found or all the DLLs have been searched for this purpose. Although the sequence in which dependent DLLs at the same level are searched is undetermined, this search order determines how duplication symbols in distinct DLLs will be identified. Be aware that unloaded dependent dynamic libraries won’t be loaded as a consequence of a dlsym() search for dependent DLLs. Only the DLLs that were loaded as a component of the dlopen() call’s dependent DLLs will be scanned.”

RTLD_NOW: If the entire collection of dependent DLLs must be made available to subsequent calls to the dlsym() function, this flag is used to invoke dynamic link libraries.

RTLD_LAZY: When we use this flag, we are unable to find which dependent Dynamic Link Libraries are loaded is not known.

RTLD GLOBAL: Newly loaded libraries may use the symbols specified by this package for symbol determination.

RTLD_LOCAL: Since neither flag is mentioned, this is the opposite of RTLD GLOBAL and the default.

Here is the syntax of dlsym() command:

#include <dlfcn.h>

# void *dlsym(void *__restrict__ handler, const char *__restrict__ symbol_name);

The header file where the dlsym() function is defined is <dlfcn.h>. “symbol_name” is the character string that is a representation of the symbol’s name, and “handler” is the value obtained by a call to dlopen() (that has not yet been returned by request to dlclose()).

The NULL value is returned, If the handle does not point to an appropriate DLL that was opened by dlopen(). The NULL value is returned by the dlsym() function if no DLL linked with the handler matches the named symbol (symbol name).

Create the dlsym.c file using VIM editor or any editor of your choice, which may include nano etc.

Write the code given in the below screen to the C file created in the previous step. The header files are included in the first four lines of code in the example code below. Following that, the main function is launched, and within the main function, a handler pointer of the void type is created. The preceding line of code declares a character-encoded pointer of void type.

Using that, we invoked the dlopen method and supplied the RTLD LAZY flag along with the location of the .so file (which is a dynamic shared file in Linux). The handler variable will keep the results of dlopen. By returning 1, the next line determines whether the dlopen successfully loaded the dynamic link library. In the event of a failure, the error has been written on the screen, and the main function has been ended.

After the conditional expression, we now call the dlerror() method to fix the existing error. As soon as we add 1 integer ASCII to the encoded symbol of the character type that we have defined, it will have the value “puts.” The length of the string was calculated in the next line and saved in the encoded length variable, which was then employed in the for loop used for decoding. We use the ending symbol “0” to end the code after the for loop. Following that, we executed the dlsym() method, passing the handler and decoded code parameters, and the output variable included the results.

When invoking the dlsym() function to compile a C file, the compilation process in a C compiler differs from a standard compilation command. You would create the program using the following command if it were in a file called “dlsym.c”:

$ gcc -rdynamic -o foo dlsym.c -ldl

After a successful compilation, the output file is created and given the name dlsym.out. Simply enter the command./dlsym.out and hit the enter key to run the output file. The file’s output will be displayed on the terminal screen in an operating system similar to UNIX or Linux.

Using the vim editor, we have made a small adjustment to the C file’s last lines of codes. The print statement at the end of the main function must be substituted with the output, which has been transformed into the puts function. In the screen’s double quote marks, the text has been added.

Now compile the code again and see the output on the terminal screen; without using the print statement, we get the output on the screen using our output value which is changed to the puts function. Here is the output of this particular code file shown above.


Within the introductory paragraph of this article, we have discussed the use of the dlsym() 3 c function to find out the address of some specified defined symbol in DLL. We have discussed and elaborated two clear examples of C in the Kali Linux operating system for this. Both the examples are very simple yet very efficient simultaneously and demonstrate the usage of the dlsym() function very clearly for better understanding.

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One way of working with files in Linux is using a scripting language to manage the automation of repeated tasks. An example of a good scripting language is awk which makes the extracting of data and working with patterns easy. The GNU implementation of the awk scripting language is gawk. If you are yet to come to terms with its usage, you are in luck. This post presents the different examples of the use of gawk in Linux, and by the end of this guide, you will have a solid understanding of working with it.

Getting Started with Gawk

If you are using the latest Linux versions, gawk should be installed by default. You can verify by checking its version.

There are different ways to use gawk. The common functionalities are the following:

  • Format output lines
  • Transforming data files
  • Scanning files per line
  • Splitting input line into fields
  • Producing formatted reports
  • Sorting data

The basic syntax for gawk is:

$ gawk [POSIX / GNU style options] -f program_file [ ] file

$ gawk [POSIX / GNU style options] [ ] ‘program’ file

To use gawk, you either use the -f option to specify a script file or specify the script on the command line directly.

There are three important options to note when using gawk:

1. -f file, –file=file: Used when you want to use gawk and read commands from a file. The file is the script.

2. -v var=val, –assign=var=val: Used when you need to assign a value to a variable before executing a script.

3. -F fs, –field-separator=fs: The value of the predefined variable FS gets used as the separator for the input field.

Built-In Variables

Gawk offers built-in variables such as:

FS: Used when dividing files and contains the field separator character.

RS: Contains the current character separator.

OFS: Contains the output field separator that separates the fields that AWK prints.

NF: The number of fields for the input record gets stored in the NF.

ORS: Contains the output field separator that separates the output lines printed by AWK.

NR: Contains the total number of input lines.

In the previous example, we use * as the separator for the input lines in the file.

Example Usage of Gawk

1. -F

For sorting a text file and printing the first three colon-separated fields, use the following command. Note that we use the passwd as our file here:

$ gawk -F: ‘{print $1; print $2; print $3}/etc/passwd

Here, our separator is a full colon. Since we want the first three fields, you specify them as shown in the previous example. You can tweak it around and use a different separator and a different number of fields.

2. -f

To specify the awk program source from a file, use the -f flag followed by the file:

$ gawk -F: -f file1.txt /etc/passwd

3. Printing Contents of a File

Using gawk on a file prints all the data lines in the file.

4. Working with Patterns

You can also use gawk and print only the lines matching a given pattern. For instance, to print a line containing a particular word, in our case the word is kim, the command would be:

$ gawk/kim/ {print}’ file-name

Here, the pattern can also be a character. For instance, to print all the lines that contain a colon, the command would be as in the following image:

You can also specify the specific lines to print. For instance, to print the lines containing specific characters such as greater than 6, the syntax is:

$ gawk ‘length ($0) > 6’ file-name

5. Splitting Lines Into Fields

Gawk, by default, prints every field when printing lines in a file. However, you can specify which field to print. The first field gets stored in the $1 and the whole line is represented as $0. By default, the entire line gets printed unless you specify to separate the fields based on the whitespace.

For instance, to separate the lines and print only the second field of each line, the command would be:

$ gawk{print $2}’ file-name

To add the line numbers, add the NR variable.

The new command would be:

$ gawk{print NR, $2}’ file-name

6. Get the Number of Lines

You may need to get the total number of lines for large files, and you can achieve that using the following syntax:

$ gawk ‘END {print NR}’ file-name


Knowing how to use gawk in Linux is fun and helpful, especially when dealing with text data. You can use the different patterns to extract and manipulate the lines of data. Hopefully, the examples covered in this article give you a head start and open your eyes in using gawk for different activities.

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The C language is a very vast language when it comes to the use of different technologies or APIs. It is also very usable when we want to use the socket programming. Just like this, it comes up with the epoll 7 functions. Poll(2) and the epoll API both observe the various document descriptors to determine whether I/O is feasible on every one of them. The epoll API extends very well with the great numbers of monitored document descriptors and may be used as being either a level-prompted or edge-prompted gateway.

The epoll entity, an in-kernel information model that may be seen from the user-space as a wrapper for two sets, serves as the foundational idea of the epoll API. Within this guide, we’ll discuss the use of the epoll function in the C language.

  • Interest List: The interest group, also known as the epoll collection, is the collection of document descriptors that the procedure has indicated that it is interested in keeping track of. The collection of document descriptors that seem to be “ready” for I/O is known as the all-set queue.
  • Ready List: The collection of document identifiers that are “prepared” for I/O is known as the “ready list.” The document identifiers in the interest list are a subgroup of (or, more correctly, a collection of pointers to) the ready list. The kernel uses I/O operations on such document descriptors to periodically fill the ready list.

The following system functions are available to build and administer an epoll object:

  • Epoll_create(2): The epoll create(2) function starts a new instance of the epoll service and returns a file descriptor. (The more modern epoll create1 (2) expands on epoll create (2) (capability).)
  • Epoll_ctl(2): Contributes things to the epoll object’s interest list and is then used to enroll the interest in specific document descriptors.
  • Epoll_wait(2): If there are no I/O activities present at the moment, epoll wait(2) blocks the thread that called it. (This system call may be viewed as collecting things from the epoll object’s ready list.)

Level-Triggered and Edge-Triggered

Edge-Triggered (ET) and Level-Triggered (LT) behaviors are both possible for the epoll incident circulation interface (LT). The two methods’ differences can be summarized as follows. Suppose the following transpires:

  1. The read side of a pipe’s document descriptor (RFD) is enrolled on the epoll object.
  2. A total of 2 KB content being written on the writing wall of the container by a pipe author.
  3. A request to epoll wait(2) is made, and RFD, a prepared file handle, is returned.
  4. From the RFD, the pipeline reader will read 1 kilobyte of content.
  5. An epoll_wait(2) function call is made.

The request to epoll_wait(2) made in step 5 will likely stall if the RFD document handle has been assigned to the epoll protocol with the EPOLLET (edge-triggered) signal. In the meantime, the remote partner could be anticipating a reaction depending on the content it already supplied. This is because the edge-triggered option only sends signals whenever the observed document descriptor undergoes modifications.

Therefore, the caller function may even have to be put on hold for a certain information which is already in the buffer cache in phase 5. In the aforementioned example, the write in 2 may trigger an activity to be created on the RFD, and the incident will be received in 3. The call to epoll_wait(2) in step 5 may become stuck because the read activity in step 4 did not use all of the buffer information.

To prevent a stalling read or write from depleting a job that is managing the various file descriptors, a program that uses the EPOLLET option should be using the non-blocking document descriptors. The following is a recommended procedure for using the epoll as an edge-triggered (EPOLLET) interface:

  • Non-blocking document descriptors, and
  • Just after read(2) or write(2), deliver EAGAIN by going to wait for an action.

Epoll, on the other hand, is just a quicker version of poll(2) and may be used everywhere poll(2) is used since it has the identical logic whenever it is seen as a level-triggered protocol (the standard whenever EPOLLET is not given). The caller function has the choice to supply the EPOLLONESHOT signal to instruct the epoll to shut the linked file descriptor when receiving an occurrence with epoll_wait. Meanwhile, even with edge-triggered epoll, many actions can be created upon reception of the several sets of information (2). The caller really must redeploy the document descriptor with the epoll_ctl(2) and EPOLL_CTL_MOD whenever the EPOLLONESHOT flag is given.


Although the logic of epoll when used as a threshold API is identical to those of poll(2), the edge-triggered behavior use calls for greater explanation to prevent the delays in the program event queue. The listener in this illustration is a non-blocking socket upon which the listen(2) function is invoked. Before EAGAIN is given either by read(2) or write() function, the method use the fd() function to maintain the new ready file descriptor (2). An event-driven state machine app might as well save its present state after receiving EAGAIN so that it could resume reading or writing at the previous point when fd() is called again. Check out the affixed code here:

In order to improve efficiency, the file descriptor may only be added merienda within the epoll interface (EPOLL CTL ADD) by designating (EPOLLIN|EPOLLOUT) as an edge-triggered interface. By running the epoll ctl (2) with EPOLL CTL MOD, you may avoid the constant shifting among EPOLLIN and EPOLLOUT. The remaining code for this illustration is appended in the following image:


This is about the use of the epoll 7 C function in the Ubuntu 20.04 Linux operating system to perform the socket programming. We discussed how an epoll() 7 C function can be used to check the feasibility of the various file descriptors to determine whether the input and output they contain are viable or not, both from the server and client side.

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As most of us might know, a function in Python is a chunk of code that can be reused when required without having to write it repeatedly.

Each program has a particular “flow”. Flow refers to the order in which a program gets executed. In a program, we have lines of code where we initialize variables, take inputs and outputs, and often create and call functions.

We can have one or more functions to perform particular tasks or operations. These functions might or might not return some value or result. However, we need to make a function call for these functions to run and execute. This is necessary.

Merienda the function has run completely, the next step is to exit the function. For this, we have the “return statement”. The return statement is used (implicitly or explicitly) to exit the function.

Exiting Function in Python Using Explicit and Implicit Return Statements

In this article, we will learn how to exit a function in Python with the help of return statements. We can use return in two ways:

Explicit Return in Python Function

By explicitly using the return keyword, you write and use the return statement in the code yourself. This method has many advantages, and it can be done in various situations.

When We Want To Stop the Execution and Exit the Function Early (if a Particular Condition Is Satisfied)

In this, we simply write “return” where we want the flow of the function to no longer continue and exit.

For example, we create a function here. We run a for loop from 1 to 10 and print the values individually. For each value “i”, after printing, we check if it equals 5. If it’s not equal to 5, we increment the “i” and continue. Merienda we reach “i=5”, “exit loop early” is displayed. Then, we exit the function due to the “return” statement.


When We Want To Return a Value From the Function Which Will Be Further Used in the Program

Here, we call the add function and assign its value to the variable “value”. Then, the control goes to the function, which receives arguments 1 and 2 and stores them in a and respectively. Next, we return a +b from the function. Here, a+b is calculated, and the value is returned to the line where the function was called and is stored in the variable “value”. Finally, we print the sum, i.e., 3.


Implicit Return in Python

It’s important to note that when the control reaches the last line of the function, the compiler calls “return” with the value “none”. Even when you only write “return” explicitly without passing any value, you are returning “none”. The value “none” is returned means that the function has been executed completely and returns no value. So, when the function ends, it calls the return statement implicitly.

Let’s take an example.

We create a function “solution” where we assign a string, “John”, to the variable, “name”. We check if the name stores “John”, print it, and exit the function. If it does not match, we exit the function without doing anything by implicitly calling the return statement.


Python Exit Commands

Apart from exiting a function, we also have situations where we might want to end the program flow and exit the program abruptly.

Normally, the scripts exit merienda the control or interpreter reaches the end of the code. However, we have some commands that help us explicitly end the program with the help of built-in exit functions. Let’s discuss these functions one by one.

  • quit(): This command should be used only in the interpreter as it works only when the site module is imported and not in the Production code, i.e., the code is open to real-world users.
  • exit(): It is the same as quit(). It also can be used only in the interpreter and not in the production code.
  • sys.exit([args]): Unlike quit() and exit(), this can be comfortably used in the production code because of the availability of the sys module
  • os._exit(n): This method exits the process without calling any clean-up handlers, flushing buffers, etc.

As you might have noticed, all four have almost the same functionalities. They all raise the SystemExit exception, which causes the interpreter to exit without stack traceback.

What Is Exit() Function in Python?

Python’s exit() function is used to exit and come out of the code directly. This function is only used by interpreters and is synonymous with the quit() method. The exit function closes the program with a detailed status.


So, these are the two ways we can exit a function in Python. Either way, a return statement is used to exit a function. This can be done implicitly or explicitly, as explained above. You should try to understand this and implement this by yourself. This article mentioned some exit commands that can be used to quit the program suddenly. Exiting the function in Python using return commands is finta helpful when you have to leave midway in the function.

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