Best Laptops For GoPro Video Editing

GoPro is an American company that manufactures different cameras to capture pictures as well as record videos. GoPro also developed different editing software that can be used by people all around the world to edit their photos and videos. You can import the pictures and videos to the GoPro application and edit them according to your requirement, and then store the edited pictures or videos in the cloud storage of GoPro. Change video speed, crop the images, add a hundred of the latest filters to the images and videos and enjoy many other editing tools with the GoPro video editing applications.

In this guide, we are going to explore the laptops that can be used for the GoPro video editing for editing purposes.

1: Apple MacBook Pro 2020

If money is not an issue and you are looking for the best and the fastest video editing laptop, then you should look no further and buy the Apple MacBook Pro. The model that we are discussing in this article is from 2020 and is equipped with the fastest processing chip “M1” till now. This chip comes with CPU 8 core that will give you the best processing speed and an 8 core GPU with 8 B of Ram to handle any graphics-intensive tasks.

To further enhance the performance and make everything more optimized it comes with 16 core neural engine that will help to distribute the resources in a better and optimum way. This optimum performance will also help to enhance the battery life by up to 20 hours and it will remain cool for a longer period as well. Other than that, it has a 14 inches retina display with the best color accuracy and contrast ratio which will greatly improve your editing experience. With all the above-mentioned explanations this can be one of the best laptops that is suitable to run GoPro video editing applications.

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2: Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio

If you want a laptop that can not only give you the required power to edit GoPro videos but also gives you the flexibility of using it as a touch screen, then the Microsoft surface laptop studio is an ideal choice for you. Not only that you can fold this laptop and use it as a tablet as well. It comes with an IPS screen of 14.4 inches with excellent color accuracy and contrast ratio and the bezels are very minimal as well.

It comes with 11th Generation Core i7 processors, 32 GB of LPDDR4 Ram, and RTX 3050 Ti GDDR6 that should easily be able to handle all the rendering processes and editing that are required to run the Gopro video editing application. 4k videos usually consume lots of storage space so this laptop has 1 TB of SSD as well to compensate for that. It comes with efficient cooling technology that will keep your laptop cool for a long time after all this processing as well.

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3: Razer Blade 15

Another excellent laptop that meets all the criteria needed to edit GoPro videos is this one. It features a core i7 10th generation CPU, which has six cores and is more than capable of handling the required processing power. In addition, it includes 16 GB of DDR4 RAM and a GTX 1660 Ti to handle all the intensive graphic performance.

You will get the seamless experience you deserve thanks to its 15.6-inch full HD IPS display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. It has a touchscreen that gives you greater freedom to use it any way you want, and the screen’s LED display ensures that the colors are true and vivid. Overall, it’s a great laptop to buy for GoPro video editing and you won’t be disappointed.

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GoPro is a portable video recording device that is used to record video in 4k and 8k that comes with a small display to give you a better understanding of what you are recording. But after that, you will also need a laptop where you can transfer such videos and edit them. So we have covered some of the best laptops that you can consider for GoPro video editing that is equipped with top-notch processing power and graphical performance.

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