Best Fully Hosted Email Hosting Providers

When we send emails to our friends or any other person, we are usually associated with famous email providers such as Yahoo or Google. These email providers are free, but they have a limit, especially in terms of storage. But if we talk about large businesses and even small businesses, they have different requirements regarding email providers. So, they have to buy a business email hosting service to grow their business and provide a more professional user experience.

There are many hosting companies which are providing free versions. Till yet, the people who take businesses seriously, take benefit of the flexibility and power of professional email services. Professional services usually provide better customer service and features to ensure that you have what you need for your business.

What is email hosting?

Email is one of the oldest and most popular applications on the internet. To host email, an email server software stack is required that knows how to both store your email, secure your email, and send email to your recipients. As well a graphical front end is required to access your email on the web. And finally protocols must be established to allow you to connect to your email from 3rd party applications like an Android or Apple phone, or email client like Outlook or Thunderbird. A service provided on the internet dedicated to this task for many clients is called email hosting.

There are many providers that offer email hosting, in this article, we will discuss 12 of the best fully hosted email hosting providers. These email hosting providers are incredible in providing you with the best services.

Liquid Web

Liquid web is an affordable best email hosting provider where all the packages are affordable and come with handy features such as 25GB capacity mailboxes, automatic setup of Microsoft Outlook, custom email filtering, and free user aliases.

Attachments up to 250 MB size

The liquid web allows you to add the attachments up to 50 MB size. It also allows you to recover the emails or mailboxes you delete accidentally.

Help you in growing your business

Liquid web is the best email hosting provider that helps you in growing your business. Liquid web is the best email hosting provider that allows you in growing your business. You can do it very easily from a small number of employees to a larger number.

Lower your cost with liquid web

You can also lower your cost with the best email hosting provider “liquid web” where you do not have to do any type of maintenance, and also you do not have to pay the license fee for antivirus and spam software.


  • The liquid web offers you a free domain registration service.
  • The liquid web also provides a secure email service.
  • It offers you unlimited disk space and Google Maps integration.
  • It is giving you free SSD and SSL.
  • The good thing about the liquid web is that it offers you unlimited email accounts and storage.
  • Now, you can have free data backups with liquid web, and it also offers you a 90 days guarantee.
  • You can do the attachments of 50 MB size in the case of liquid web.

Google G Suite

G Suite is the number one hosted email hosting providers supported by Google. It is Google’s hosting service; therefore, it is the most reliable service. You can easily access the services of your email from any device.

Different plans offered by G Suite

G Suite is offering you different plants where the basic plan is for smaller businesses and larger businesses, business plans, and Enterprise plan is available. The plans of G Suite are available at the most affordable rates.

Security and Management

Now, your emails can be easily managed by the best email hosting providers such as G Suite. It gives you enterprise-grade access control with security key enforcement and has an advanced protection program with 24 7 standard support.

Making decisions faster

Now, you can make the decisions faster and face to face with the shared calendar so that other people also see your plan and schedule meetings with automatic email invites.


  • G Suite is also the best fully hosted email hosting providers who use the ordinario Gmail interface.
  • It provides you with unlimited storage on the highest plan.
  • A custom domain is also present in its plan.
  • Gmail interface is also offering collaboration features and archival tools.
  • This email hosting provider also works with other G Suite applications.


As we all know that rat space is the most famous email hosting provider and is specially designed for smaller businesses. So if you have a small business, you can get the services from Rackspace.


Rackspace has acquired a robust email hosting provider that comes with ample storage and plenty of collaboration tools so that you can increase your team productivity.

Affordable email hosting

Rackspace provides you with an affordable email hosting, especially for your small business. With the help of Rackspace, you can give your business a professional look. It is also offering you a free domain name.

100% uptime

Rackspace is also providing you with 100% uptime which uses 25GB mailboxes. It also gives you unlimited aliases, forwarding, and group list. Now, you can have a clean inbox with the help of Rackspace as it is offering you a premium filtering system to keep your inbox spam-free and Virus-free.


  • Rackspace is equal to a 100% uptime guarantee.
  • It is also providing you custom business domain.
  • The attachment limit in Rackspace is greater than Zoho, which is 50 MB.
  • Rackspace is also offering you migration tools and IMAP Protocols.
  • The good thing about Rackspace is that it gives you 24 hours support from its experts.
  • It also has security features, such as virus protection and built-in spam.


Zoho is not as popular as the email hosting providers like Microsoft or Google, but still, it is a very useful and best fully hosted email hosting provider. In this software, you can have tasks, notes, calendars, and contact lists.

100GB of email storage

Zoho is such an incredible service that it is giving you 100GB of email storage which is more than enough for the people. On the Zoho website, you can easily access your inboxes.

Security and privacy

Zoho is one of the best email hosting providers with unparalleled security and privacy. Their data centers are so powerful with top-notch security and surveillance. Zoho is also giving you a reliable 99.99% of uptime.

Extensive control panel

Now, you can do all of your settings, customization, or configuration with the help of a powerful control panel of Zoho Mail. You can also add a managed group, aliases, users, on the control panel as well as setting up the policies to moderate business email content


  • Zoho has an incredible webmail interface.
  • The storage space it is offering is 100 GB.
  • The fees which it is offering is based on the number of users.
  • The free plan is also available in Zoho.
  • The email attachment limit in Zoho is 25 MB.
  • The custom domains are present in Zoho, and also many productivity apps are also included.
  • It is mobile-friendly email hosting service providers which also assist you in email migration.

At Mail

At mail is an effective and affordable email hosting provider with many benefits. It gives you enhanced security and cross-platform support.

Promote your brand

Now, you can promote your brand with the help of “at mail,” as it is one of the leading email hosting providers.

Grow your revenue

With the help of At mail, you can get easy access to your customer’s inbox and grow your revenue. Many service providers sign 10,000 new email customers each month, and it can be possible with at mail.

100% secure and reliable

At mail is 100% secure and reliable email platform. It is also a private email hosting provider with 99.99% uptime. At mail is giving you a cloud-hosted email, premium anti-spam, and malware detection, on-premises email, etc. at an affordable rate.


  • At mail gives you the management of multiple domains from one account only.
  • The good thing about at mail is that there are no size limits on attachments.
  • It is compatible with a wide variety of email clients such as apple mail, Thunderbird, and Outlook.
  • It can do the automatic configuration of all mailboxes.
  • It also gives you security features such as spam filtering technology, and art antivirus.
  • At mail can configure your inbox where the emails are saved automatically at the existing cloud storage account or directly to your computer.

Amazon AWS Workmail

AWS stands for Amazon work mail, and it is a secured and manage email hosting service provider. Now you can also get the calendar service, mobile email, client application, with the help of Amazon work mail.

Outlook compatible

The best feature of AWS is that it is compatible with Microsoft Outlook on both Windows and Mac OS X. Now, you do not have to install any additional software as it is Outlook compatible.

Active Directory integration

AWS is very effective in security by integrating with your existing Microsoft active directory. By using this feature, the users can easily access the mailbox using the existing credentials.


AWS gives you enterprise-grade security, which automatically encrypts all of your data security using the AWS management service. Now, the users can also synchronize their mailboxes with Android, Amazon Fire, Windows Phone devices, iOS, etc.


  • The mailbox size offers by AWS is 50 GB.
  • It also gives you a free domain name, spam, and virus protection.
  • The email shifting and storage of the mails are added free in the package given by AWS.
  • It is also offering you 24/7 support where you can talk to the experts through chat or phone calls.
  • You can also synchronize your mailboxes with Android, iOS, Amazon Fire, and Windows.


Fastmail is also popular among people, and it is working for many years as a solid email hosting option for businesses. The plan offered by Fastmail is simple and easy to use. With the help of FastMail, you can easily import emails from other inboxes, and also you can send mail from other accounts directly into your main inbox.

Secure service

Fastmail provides you with a secure service with great responsibility so that your email remains secure. For this purpose, the server will continue to review the code and processes for potential vulnerabilities.

Encrypted sending and receiving of mails

It is a fully secure service where the server will fully encrypt all the connections between the user and the receiving server.

24 hours monitoring

Fastmail gives you 24 hours monitoring so that if you encounter any problem, then the experts will help you out and get your problem solved.


  • One thing which is impressive about Fastmail is that it gives you a hundred GB of storage.
  • It also gives you email routing features.
  • No tracking or ads are there in Fastmail.
  • Fastmail is offering you 24-hour support through email.
  • It is also supporting most transfer protocols.
  • Fastmail is offering a per-user pricing model.


With the help of Greatmail, you can easily host your domain email, starting from only $15. It is giving you all the time support with experts for your business or group. Also, Greatmail is a cost-effective email hosting provider.

Email servers

Greatmail has dedicated email servers where it can manage the high-volume senders. It is cost-effective, giving you a fixed monthly cost where you can send unlimited emails and reputation monitoring.

Email hosting

The email hosting provided by Greatmail is a dependable cloud-based email hosting. It is also giving you a hundred percent security with antivirus protection and spam filtering.

Services by Greatmail

Greatmail is providing you exchange hosting, email hosting, SMTP hosting, hybrid exchange, email servers, and application hosting.


  • Great mail is offering you mailboxes for multiple domains.
  • It is giving you 24/7 expert support through email, online ticketing, or phone call.
  • The cloud storage offered by Greatmail is 10 or 25 GB per mailbox.
  • It is an entirely private hosting service provider with no content for advertising or third-party marketing.
  • It provides web-based administration where you can manage your email accounts such as forwards, vacation messages, adding new accounts, or changing passwords.


The main purpose of Migadu is to manage multiple email domains. It is also an affordable email hosting provider and is very helpful in managing multiple Google apps accounts.

Save time with simplified administration

With the help of Migadu, you can save your time. It has an administration interface that is built from the ground up for ease of use. It will also give you a fast overview and understanding.

Extra storage

Now, you do not have to worry about the storage as it is a fantastic email hosting provider which gives you sufficient space for email. There is no storage limit in the paid plans offered by Migadu.

Automatically forward messages with aliases

Now, with the help of aliases, you can create aparente addresses that automatically forward messages to your required destinations. As we all know that aliases are used for newsletters, team notifications, delegations, receipts, etc.


  • Migadu is recommended for the people who are seeking for unlimited email addresses at one domain.
  • All of your data remains private in Migadu hosting provider.
  • It is also offering advanced spam filters for the users.
  • Migadu is giving you a 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days.
  • Unlimited storage is also giving by Mega.
  • It is a simple yet very useful hosted email hosting provider.


Runbox is a very useful email hosting provider with many email hosting offerings such as managed WordPress hosting, innovative speed Technologies.

Keep your email secure and private

Now, with the help of Runbox, your email is secure and private as it is providing you secure email services. It is also giving security services to your business with encrypted communication. The email sent through this server is authentic and managed fully.

24/7 support

Runbox gives you 24/7 support as it has several layers of redundancy. The experts are always available and responsive in solving your problems regarding emails.

Easily transfer your emails

Now, you can easily transfer your emails from other services to Runbox. All you have to do is just sign up and pay within 24 hours. The good thing about Runbox is that it gives you two years of services for the price of one.


  • It is a secure and private email hosting provider.
  • Runbox protects you from surveillance, so it provides you security services.
  • Its micro package is giving you 1GB email storage as well as Mini package which gives you 5gGB email storage and so on.
  • Runbox provides you with the free domain name where it is a complete email domain and hosting web service.
  • Runbox gives you 24/7 support where you can contact the experts through phone call or chat.


Protonmail is the most efficient and secure email hosting service based in Switzerland. With the help of Protonmail, you can secure your communication and get the encrypted email account.

Protecting your privacy

Protonmail is the most secure email hosting provider who can protect your privacy. You will not lose your personal information. So you will be successful in getting the security email account with the help of Protonmail.

Modern inbox design

Protonmail gives you security with productivity by giving the modern inbox design. Now, you can easily optimize your inbox design with the help of the best email hosting service provider. It is very easy to use on any device. You do not need to download any software and install it for using this hosting service provider.


  • The protonmail hosting service is easy to use.
  • The basic Protonmail accounts are always free.
  • It gives you a hundred percent security with productivity as well as modern inbox design.
  • Protonmail is also providing you with Swiss privacy as this hosting services incorporated in Switzerland.
  • It is using encrypted email for HIPAA compliance.
  • It is a secure email for organizations with 100% privacy.


MXroute is a very reliable email hosting service provider. The good thing about this hosting server is that it is also offering lifetime packages, but they are very limited. This lifetime includes 10GB storage, unlimited domains, unlimited email accounts, and 300 outbound emails power limits.

Basic email protocols

MX route supports the basic email protocol. It is also providing mail forwarding and is the best email hosting provider. MXroute is equal to do with the featured control panel where you can easily add the domains and email account. There is no limit to storage you used in it.

Community support

MXroute is also opening community support so that you will be able to provide the public answers to all of your questions. With the help of community support, you can communicate with your staff members, and it is very necessary for the growth of your business.

Affordable packages

MXroute is providing you with affordable packages where the small package is for only $40. It is best for personal use. It is also offering a medium package which is oportuno for the business use. This package is for only $50 per year. The large package is the best value package which is offering the services at $60 only.


  • MXroute gives you the maximum storage of 50 GB in the large best value package.
  • In all of its packages, it is giving you unlimited domains.
  • MX route is providing Limited email accounts and unlimited control panel user accounts.
  • It offers you 24/7 support where you can talk to the experts and discuss your problem through phone call or chat.
  • Now, you can have unlimited accounts on one domain with the help of MX root. is one of the cheapest domain email services out there, and focuses on being super easy to use. After only a few years of existence the service has received hundreds of stellar reviews from its users, often highlighting the service’s simplicity, low cost, and excellent support.

Easy to use

Registration is extremely straight forward: fill a two fields form, set your domain MX record, and you’re done. Depending on your DNS propagation speed the whole process may take from 30 seconds to a few minutes. You’ll then be given access to a very intuitive admin interface where you can quickly manage your business email addresses. Creating or deleting an address takes a few seconds top. The service also provides a neat webmail, though any mail app is compatible with it since POP and IMAP are enabled on all addresses.

Low flat pricing

All accounts start on a 30 days free trial requiring no credit card. Plans start at $1/month, and pricing is flat instead of charging per email address. For instance the $5/month plan allows you to create up to 25 email addresses (and unlimited aliases). Storage is relatively low at first (1 to 2GB on $1 and $5 plans), but scales up to 20GB per address on higher plans, still at a low price (e.g. 50GB in total storage for $10/month). That low cost makes a prime choice for small entrepreneurs and startups.

Strong support offers responsive year-round support, often mentioned in reviews, at no extra cost. By choosing this service, you can be sure to get answers and assistance quickly when you need it!


  • One of the lowest cost domain hosting services.
  • Simplicity and ease of use.
  • Excellent support.
  • Integrated anti-spam and anti-virus.
  • Support for SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.
  • Compatible with all email clients (i.e. POP/IMAP enabled).
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA).
  • Email aliases.
  • Coche-replies, redirections, and other filters.
  • DAV calendars and address books support.
  • PGP encryption.

Fully Hosted Email Hosting Providers Buying Guide

One thing on which you should focus is the performance of email service, especially when you are running a business website. So you must take advantage of the best-hosted email hosting providers. This buying guide will guide you when you are purchasing email hosting providers. You must take into account the following factors while buying best-hosting providers.

Uptime figures

Uptime figures play a very important role when purchasing email providers, just like web hosting services. If you want to access to your inboxes all the time, you must stick with the higher uptime. The good thing about email hosting providers is that the people are not affected if the service godown for some time.

Storage options

When you are doing smaller or larger businesses, you have to send large files such as graphics, photos, larger documents, and all this needs large storage options when sending emails. So the best fully hosted email hosting providers provide you with higher storage options, and it is very necessary.


You must keep in mind that your plan is available or not depending on the needs of your business. So scalability is the main feature that you have to keep in mind when budgeting for your service. All these things depend on the individual needs and the needs of your organization when you are doing the shopping around for email providers.

Security features

We all know about the digital viruses, so keep in mind the security features the best email hosting providers must offer. Spam protection is the first approach towards security feature in email providers. If the hosting provider feels anything dangerous for your email, then a spam filtering system is present to protect your emails. Spam messages are present in a different folder named spam so that your inbox remains clean.

User interface

With the help of the user interface, you can easily access your inbox through a webmail interface. The hosting providers create this webmail which is a browser-based application, and it allows you to send and receive emails from any web-capable device.


Email hosting providers give you the best hosting services for small businesses as well as medium and large size businesses. If you are doing business online which is normally called digital business, you should take advantage of email marketing, and it is now an integral part of every digital business. In this article, we have presented you 12 best email hosting providers that are fully hosted and up to the mark. Now, it’s your choice which type of email hosting service you want. With the help of email hosting providers, you can scale your business, and this is the right time when you get the advantage of the hosting email service.

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