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If your charger is not working correctly, your battery is close to dying, and you need to complete an urgent task, then one of the common solutions that come to most people’s minds is to plug in another charger. So, if you or anyone of your friend or family owns an Acer laptop, then plugging their charger on your ASUS laptop will depend on certain conditions that we will be discussing in this article.

Checking the Acer Laptop Charger Compatibility

Different laptop companies make different chargers as per their preference which may vary from others, so it is highly not recommended to insert the charger without taking these measures as discussed:

1: Check the Adapter Port

The first and the most common important thing that you should consider is to check the adapter port because different companies make it in different sizes, so there is a possibility that you won’t be able to insert the adapter cable on your charging port due to the size difference.

You need to ensure that the Acer charger should not be powered on while connecting that with your charging port, as it can adversely affect your laptop battery.

Now, if the charging port is different and you cannot insert it on the laptop port, then you can remove the Acer power cord and try to fit your Asus charger power cord on it. If both don’t work then you need to buy a new charger or look for an alternative.

2: Check the Adapter Voltage

Now there are two main things you need to check; the first one is to check the Acer charger output voltage value and how much it can deliver. The second thing is to check the required voltage to charge the Asus laptop battery. If there is a voltage difference of 5% to 10%, you can charge your laptop, but you still need to educador it very carefully as it also depends on the battery condition. You can check this value on the backside of the Acer charger by checking its input value.

3: Check the Adapter Current

Just like the similar voltage, the value of the current also matters as otherwise, it can damage your laptop battery. The current value can also be checked similarly by looking at the back side of the charger as you did to check the voltage.

4: Check the Adapter Polarity

Laptop polarity matters a lot in this case which means that the positive terminal of the Acer charger and the ASUS charging port should be connected, whereas the negative terminal of the Acer charger and the ASUS charging port should be connected. If the polarity reverses, your battery can be damaged and stop working any longer, which you can check by connecting a multimeter to the charger port.


If you own the ASUS laptop but your charger stopped working and if you are looking for an alternate solution like using the Acer charger on it. Then you should do it very carefully by taking key measures discussed in this article. Otherwise, you can damage your laptop battery, and then you will regret it because the laptop battery is much more expensive than the laptop charger.

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For Acer laptop users, taking a screenshot is the most crucial task, especially when you are encountering an error and want to resolve it through others’ help. In that case, you have to show the image of the exact error so that the other person can easily provide you with the necessary feedback to resolve the error. You will also get other benefits, including the screenshot images in your document report, saving QR code screenshots for later use, and much more.

This guide will provide you with some methods through which Acer laptop users can easily take a screenshot on their laptops.

How to take screenshot on Acer Laptop

There are several methods that allow the Acer Laptop users to take a screenshot on their laptop and their step-by-step detailed guidelines are provided as below.

1. Take Screenshot on Acer Laptop using PrntSc Key
PrntSc key is used on the laptop for taking a screenshot and similarly, you can also utilize this key to take a screenshot on your Acer laptop in a second. This key will capture the entire image of your screen.

2. Take Screenshot on Acer Laptop using Snipping Tool
It is another easiest method for Acer laptop users using the Windows operating system on their laptop. Snipping Tool is a built-in Windows application that allows users to take a screenshot on their laptops easily. You can find this application on your Windows operating system from the search option as shown below:

Click on the application to open it on your desktop.

To take a screenshot, click on the “New” option and then set your desired screenshot area to complete the process.

Now save the capture screenshot by clicking on the “Save” option as shown below.

3. Take Screenshot on Acer Laptop using LightShot
There is a third-party application called Lightshot which is designed specifically to take a screenshot on a laptop with some additional features like text writing, markers and more. You can easily Lightshot application on your laptop through the website.

After completing the installation of LightShot on your Acer laptop, you can run this application from your taskbar or Windows search.

As soon as you click on the above highlighted icon, you can then be able to take a screenshot on your Acer laptop.

You can also press the PrtScr key to take the screenshot using Lightshot, apart from that the shortcut keys can also be modified in the Options… menu of the app.


Taking a screenshot on an Acer laptop is pretty simple, which you can do in a few seconds by following the methods given above. If you don’t want to use any utility, you can use the PrntSc (Print Screen) key from your keyboard to take a screenshot of the entire window. If you want to take a screenshot of the desired area, then the last two methods would be your picks and for using more advanced features, the best one is the LightShot application on your Acer laptop.

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