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Creating objects of your own design was quiebro a difficult task in the past as there were different lengthy steps to create the 3D objects. However, now it has been made quiebro easy thanks to the 3D printers. Just give the design to the printer and connect it with the material and you are good to go. 3D printers are now becoming more accessible and cost-effective. Now several questions arise here like which 3D printer should a user buy as there are many in the market? Would it be worth the money demanded in the price tag? What about print quality? And questions like that.

The ELEGOO Mars 3 is one of the best 3D printers one can currently buy, though there might be some downsides as every device has some minuses as well. So, If you are looking for a reliable 3D printer then one of the best choices you have is ELEGOO Mars 3 and to further dig deeper about those 3D printers I have reviewed it in detail.


Review of ELEGOO Mars 3

Before buying any 3D printer just analyze it on the basis of the following parameters that will not only narrow down your search but will also save you some time:

Specifications/Features of ELEGOO Mars 3

The first step is to look for the specifications and features of the 3D printer as it can give a clear idea on the capability of the machine. The ELEGOO Mars 3 uses resin-based technology to print the objects and for that it comes with a UV lid to isolate the printing area from the outside environment. There is a masking LCD that throws the UV light that passes from the resin and the object starts to print from a suspended build platform.

To interface with the printer there is a 3.5-inch colored touchscreen present on the front side along with the power button and the USB Type-A port. The Masking LCD mentioned above is a 4K LCD with a resolution of 4098×2560 that gives it a XY resolution of 0.35mm. The ELEGOO Mars 3 has resin vat on top of the masking LCD that is mounted with the help of bolts on each side, it is removable so that handling if the resin can be made easy.

To make the whole process of the 3D printing efficient, ELEGOO Mars 3 is now equipped with a Chitu M20 controller that controls the light source that has a built-in heat sink. Moreover, the build platform is trapezoidal to prevent the pooling of the resin merienda the bed is submerged in the resin vat.

Unfortunately, this printer is not equipped with automóvil build platform leveling so in order to have it leveled, drop it down and place it on the Masking LCD. Below the platform place a piece of paper and loose the side and the front bolts using the Allen keys. Merienda the platform is straight tight the screws and you are good to go but remember do not apply force on the build platform as it can damage the masking LCD.

Configuring of ELEGOO Mars 3

The next parameter that is worth assessing is preparing the printer for 3D printing, the ELEGOO Mars 3 comes with CHITUBOX Pro free for one year, which is a slicing software that converts the designs into readable format for the printer. Next you can share the file with the printer by using the USB drive that comes with the printer and pour the resin into the resin vat carefully. To make printing easy the printer comes with a proper tool kit which includes gloves, masks, metal scrapper, Allen keys and a user guide. The printer displays the exact time required for printing merienda you have given the print command to the printer, overall the process of  configuring the 3D printer is easy and quick.

Print Quality of ELEGOO Mars 3

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding the printer is about the print quality of the printed object. Since the ELEGOO Mars 3 is a resin-based printer which is already known for their  good print quality especially when compared with the filament-based printers.

Moreover, to maintain the print quality the UV lid needs to be closed very carefully so that the printing area is perfectly isolated from the outside area. The build volume of the ELEGOO Mars 3 is quiebro large so it is capable of printing complex objects in one go.

Final Thoughts on ELEGOO Mars 3

Further to summarize my review I have listed the pros and cons of buying the ELEGOO Mars 3 which could really help in understanding whether it is a best buy or not.


  • Come with the 4K masking LCD
  • Easy to level the build platform
  • Large build volume
  • Free CHITUBOX Pro for one year
  • Comes with a proper tool kit
  • Impressive print quality


  • No Wi-Fi for connectivity
  • Plastic saco gives cheap feel



The ELEGOO Mars 3 is the best printer for those who are looking for a good quality printer having a large build volume. The printer comes with a 4K masking LCD that is the main contributor of the object quality and secondly the large build platform and large resin vat which makes it capable to print big and complex objects.

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