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This post originally appeared on the Hyperledger Foundation’s blog. You can read the full case study here

Some years ago, researchers realized that IoT devices would need to buy and sell from one another. In this “Economy of Things,” the items to be traded will include power, data, and connectivity. Most transactions will be fast, low value, and high frequency.

For a company like The Bosch Group that’s active in everything from autonomous vehicles to thermal plants, the Economy of Things will touch many lines of business. That’s why, in 2017, the company’s advanced research group, Bosch Research, was looking to find a way to scale up blockchain transactions to support the Economy of Things.

Bosch set out to do meet that requirement by leveraging a specific, step-by-step open source strategy for developing new markets:

  1. Identify a requirement
  2. Set goals
  3. Consider the terrain
  4. Build a partnership
  5. Pick a suitable license
  6. Use open source archetypes

The goals were to lead an effort to create standards for the Economy of Things and to build a framework where different partners could work together.

A survey for likely partners led the Bosch team to Perun, an early layer-2 protocol that passes state information off-chain through potencial channels. Bosch joined forces with several academics to implement this protocol and start creating an ecosystem.

As part of the process, Perun needed a stable home where everyone could access the latest code, and other people could find it. Hyperledger Labs provides a space where developments can be started without the overhead of creating an official Hyperledger project.

In Q3 2020, Perun was welcomed into Hyperledger Labs, and development has continued with work from the team at Boch and PolyCrypt GbmH, a startup spun out of the Technical University Darmstadt, where much of the academic research behind Perun began.

The Bosch team was eager to talk about its approaches and contributions to Hyperledger Foundation. To that end, they worked with Hyperledger marketing and others in the Perun community on a case study that details not only the business and technology challenges they’ve set out to tackle but also the strategic way they are leveraging open source development to advance the industry for all.

We never know what technology will turn into the Next Big Thing.

Perhaps Perun will be one of them, powering billions of micropayments between IoT devices or enabling people to shop with Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) that are still on the drawing board today.

Read the full case study here.

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While buying an HP laptop, most users consider battery timing as one of their top priorities so that they can use it anywhere they go. But the bitter truth is that the battery timing starts to diminish after using it for a long time and eventually stops working. In such a scenario, you have only two options: the first is to plug your laptop into the power source permanently, and the second is to buy a new battery.

The major issue with the first option is that there will be no difference between the laptop and a desktop computer when you always plug in, and it snatches away your freedom to use it anywhere else. So, the second method is more recommended, but you need to find the exact HP Laptop battery model number, and if you don’t know how you can do that, then we will be discussing some of the methods in this article.

Finding the HP Laptop Battery Model Number from the Bottom of the Laptop

One of the easiest methods to check the battery model of the HP laptop is by checking its bottom, where you will either see a sticker or text engraved on the battery. But if you are using an old laptop, this writing may no longer be readable; that is why we are providing another method to read a battery model.

Finding the HP Laptop Battery Model Number using the Windows Settings

In this method, you need to go to the “System Settings” and select the “About” option. You can do that by clicking on the “Start Button” first, as shown below:

Select the “System” option from all the options shown below:

Clicking on it will give you multiple options, and if you don’t know where you can find those settings that you are looking for, then you can type them in the search bar. But for this, you need to select the “About” option that you can find on the last.

This will provide you with the important laptop information you can use and buy the battery accordingly. 

This will provide you with the laptop device information such as Device ID, Product ID. Now you can use the information to get the required battery for your laptop by providing the details to the vendor.

Checking the Battery Model using a Third-Party Application

There are lots of applications available that can provide you with the battery model along with other important information. Still, the one that we are using is the Battery Info View. After downloading and installing it, you need to open this application, and it will automatically analyze the battery information and provide you with the details as shown below.


The laptop battery is one of the essential parts of the laptop as it gives you the freedom to use it anywhere you like for some time without getting worried. But the battery timing diminishes, so you need to buy a new one to increase the battery timing. So, if you own an HP laptop and want to find the battery model number, we have discussed some of the easiest ways to do that in this article.

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