Equipo de Sysadmin y DevOps

Equipo de Sysadmin y DevOps

Nuestros mejores técnicos al servicio de tu empresa

Delega la administración de sistemas en manos expertas
Somos administradores de sistemas y redes, gestionamos plataformas de virtualizacion y cloud computing. Contrata hoy un técnico que velará por el correcto funcionamiento de tus sistemas, actuando en caso de fallo, realizando mantenimientos programados, copias de seguridad para recuperar tus datos en caso de desastres y optimizándolos para máxima seguridad, estabilidad y rendimiento. El equipo de DevOps realizará los despliegues complicados e integrará cualquier aplicación que necesites desplegar. ¿Tienes un equipo de desarrolladores? Tendrán contacto directo con el Sysadmin & DevOps.

Servicios que realiza nuestro equipo

Configuraciones para máxima estabilidad y seguridad, con auditorías de seguridad periódicas. Cumplimiento de normativas de seguridad para empresas.

Sinergia entre equipos
El éxito sólo se consigue trabajando en equipo, por ello, nuestro equipo de Sysadmin y DevOps, estaremos a tu lado para desplegar cualquier aplicación que desees implementar en tu negocio

Installation of components
The process of installing software and services on the server must be carried out carefully. Otherwise, we could damage the correct functioning of the machine. Our administrators can take care of everything, with guarantees and with total security.

Server Security
Years = experience, we have gained more and more experience in securing services and operating systems, as well as in preventing attacks and intrusions. We can give you guidelines so that you can also collaborate in protecting your server or help you to implement some of them.

Mail and Spam Service
We can remove your IP addresses from spam blacklists and correct your email server settings. This way we will ensure that all outgoing emails can reach their destination correctly and without being blocked.

Service Optimization
We optimize and configure all the services that make up your server. We are experts in optimizing stacks servers, almost any cloud architecture you can think of and most of the common services that run on any OS.

Service monitoring
Do you want us to set up a customized notification system? Contact us and explain your case so we can give you a quote. You can also hire the proactivity bonus: our technicians will intervene as soon as possible if there is any failure.

Backup and restore
We manage the creation of backups and disaster recovery of your operating system and data according to your specifications. If you need to perform a restore, we will manage it with the utmost urgency to get you back to normal as soon as possible.

Error Correction
We solve any incident or failure of your server, that's our specialty! For example, we take care of panel maintenance, help you recover from failures, give you advice on whatever you need.

Services Upgrade
We help you update your OS system software and control panel when you ask us to do so. This way, you have the support of professionals with years of experience behind them.