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Getting your laptop fixed can take up some time as it depends on two things one is the type of repair and second is the customer service of the repair service provider. Apple provides its customers with a very fast repair service as they repair the laptop within hours.

So, one doesn’t need a temporary laptop, but there might be a situation in which your laptop repair time can go up to three days or even two to three weeks. In such a situation Apple doesn’t give its customers a temporary laptop, but there are some other ways by which one can get a laptop either on rent or on installments so if you are interested in getting a laptop on rent or on installments then read this guide.

Does Apple provide a temporary laptop while yours is being repaired?

The answer is a big No, as Apple has not provided a laptop to its customer for a temporary basis ever while repairing their laptop. Though Apple has provided the opportunity to its customers to buy a new one on installments and if your iPhone is on repair under warranty then you might get an iPhone on a temporary basis.

Reasons why laptops are not provided temporarily

  • There is a chance that temporary laptop might be mishandled by the customer
  • Many tasks can be performed on a smartphone

Alternative ways to get a temporary laptop

If you have to do some urgent work and need a temporary Apple laptop, then either you can borrow a laptop from a friend or get a rental Apple laptop on a daily basis. Below are the best online websites from you can rent Apple laptop:

To get a quote first search for the Apple model you are looking for, merienda you have found laptop with desired specifications click on the blue button of “Add to My Quote”:

Next proceed to checkout:

Select the total period for rent for which you need the laptop and next enter all the relevant details to get the quote:

You will receive a reply within a few hours, and you can decide based on the price whether it is feasible for you or not, moreover overall their service is quiebro good.

Another reliable site for renting the Apple laptop is the gorver.com as they have mentioned the prices with the laptops and there is no need to get a quote. Just search for your desired Apple laptop and “Add to the cart”, merienda you have paid the rent the laptop will be delivered to you in two to three working days:

Getting an Apple laptop on installments

If you are looking to buy a new Apple laptop, then there is an option of installments provided by Apple. Just follow the steps below to get Apple laptop on installments:

Step 1: First log on to the Apple website and then look for model in which you are interested in buying:

Step 2: Merienda you have selected your desired laptop click on the “Buy” or “view pricing” option:

Select the model either with M1 chip or M2 chip and click on the “Select” icon:

Step 3: Next it merienda again asks if you want to customize your Apple laptop and merienda you are done with customization then click on “Add to Bag”:

Next click on the “Check Out with Apple Card Monthly Installments” icon to get Apple laptop on installments:

Next proceed to check out and enter the Apple ID to pay your first installment:

Merienda you have paid the installment your Apple laptop will be delivered to you on 2 to 3 working days.


Apple has one of the best customer services among other laptop manufactures as they have relatively faster service. Normally the repair time of an Apple laptop is about six to eight days but, in some cases, it might exceed up to three or four weeks or more . So, if you are going to give your laptop for repair and think that Apple might provide you with a temporary laptop then the answer is no. However, there are some ways by which you can get a temporary laptop and this guide explains ways to get an Apple laptop on a temporary basis or buy a new one on monthly installments.

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