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The Zotac company came into existence in 2006 and after that, they kept on consistently improving their products, which can now easily rival any other company such as AMD. They have diversified their products into such areas as gaming and mini PCs, SSDs, and other accessories, but they are most famous for making graphics cards such as the Zotac 1660 which is top of a line graphics card.

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Key Feature of Zotac 1660 Graphic Card

Let me give you a quick overview of the key features that this graphic card offers for better understanding:

Review of Zotac 1660 Graphic Card

Now we are going to discuss the important aspects of this graphic card in more detail.

Semiconductor Size

It comes with a semiconductor size of 12 nm that has 6600 million transistors that is far more compared to some of the new coming graphic cards. It consumes 120 watt of power to fully operate whereas its height and width is 111.15 mm and 215.9 mm respectively.

Clock Speed:

GPU clock speed determines how fast can the graphics render and load which means that greater the clock speed means greater the loading speed. So, the GPU clock speed of the Zotac 1660 graphic is 1530 MHz which should be sufficient to load most of the graphic intensive tasks in no time without any delay that can be further enhanced up to 1785 MHz but this can increase the heating issue. Other than that the texture rate of the graphic card is 157.1 Gtexels/s,GTexels/s which determines how much graphics can be rendered in a second.

Memory speed and Bandwidth

Memory speed is another crucial divisor that is necessary to show how quickly it can store the required information whereas the bandwidth shows the amount of data that can be transferred per second. It is usually there to control the processing speed that is needed to be rendered, and you will see a major difference in high graphics games. So, in this case memory speed is 2001MHz whereas the maximum memory bandwidth is 192.1GB/sec.

Memory Bus

The memory bus expands the number of pathways for transmitting data to the endpoint which means that as memory capacity increases, more pathways and information can be sent in less time. As a result, the memory bus value for this graphic card is 192bits.

Advance Features

It supports the most recent versions of DirectX and OpenGL, which are required to run current games, and it also supports multi-display technology, which allows you to connect several monitors. This will provide a more immersive experience because the screen will be broader, which will dramatically improve your gaming. Another great feature is that it supports ray tracing which is used to improve the lightning quality within the game. It comes with 1 HDMI port and 1 newer more advanced HDMI port 2.0 and other than that it has 3 display output ports as well.

Games that You can Play on ZOTAC 1660 Ti Graphic Card

Below are the games that can run on this graphics card with high settings:

Counter Strike Go – 300 FPS High Settings

The Witcher 3 – 90 FPS High Settings

Watch Dogs 2 – 65 FPS High Settings

Grand Theft Utilitario V – 65 FPS High Settings

Far Cry 5 – 80 FPS High Settings


Zotac has been releasing graphics cards for years, but it has only recently stepped up to releasing more specific and finely tuned ones suited to gamers’ tastes. One of their famous graphic cards is the Zotac 1660 graphic card, which can play most of the new games with ease having a decent frame rate of 40 to 60.

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