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Selecting a case for your desktop PC is one of the important decisions one has to make while building it as component selection of the PC is based on it. NR200P is one of the best cases Cooler Master provides, if you are looking for a small size case having a good airflow for a cooling system. To read more about NR200P read this guide as I have reviewed it in detail and explains some of its quirks and features.


Specifications of NR200P

Before jumping to the review of this case, first let’s have a look at the major specifications of the NR200P as it will give an idea of if it is a right choice for you or not?



  • This casing comes support with AIO water cooler,
  • There are slots for fans on each side of the casing


  • Two USB Type-A ports
  • One microphone jack

Power Supply Unit

 Storage drive slots

  • Three 2.5 inches SSD slots
  • One 3.5 inches SSD slot

Review of Cooler Master NR200P PC Case

Normally, the casing is one of the most important parts of the PC as it contributes greatly to cooling and performance of the system. So, following are the aspects that one should look for to see if NR200P can be the best casing for their PC or not:

  • Interior
  • Extranjero
  • Ventilation


While selecting a casing for building a desktop PC the interior of the case is of great importance as it should accommodate all the necessary components effectively. Moreover, in case of NR200P when you remove the side panel you will come across two pre-installed brackets; the one on the front is for mounting the AIO water cooler system or two fans. Whereas the one on the back is for the power supply unit and motherboard, you can remove the first bracket if you want to mount the fans or cooler at the top.

For the mounting of the SSDs you can see the mounts on the front side which can be accessed by removing the front panel. At the bottom there are cooling vents having a space for filters that come along with the case and some is the situation on the top. The NR200P comes with a PCIe 3.0 riser cable that can be used to mount the graphic card vertically which makes it easy to install the GPU.


Coming to the outside the NR200P has a boxy design that has perforated panels for better ventilation and has four feet to keep it high from the ground. The Cooler Master also gives the opportunity to 3D print your own design for the feet which is cool.

Along with the casing a glass panel comes packed nicely in a separate box which one can use instead of the perforated side panel. Another feature that might intrigue you is that all its panels including the top and bottom can be removed for better reach and easy PC building.


Electronics require good thermal conditions to work efficiently and that’s why keeping your PC cool is very crucial. The Cooler Master takes ventilation very seriously so nearly all their cases come with perforated panels which ensure optimal air flow. The NR200P comes with two sickleflow PWM fans which Cooler Master claims to be more efficient in cooling as they have curved design and are relatively quieter.

Final Thoughts on NP200P

Further to make it easy for you to decide that if the NR200P is a best choice for you or not; I have supported my review by giving some of the pros and cons of NR200P:


  • Easy to assemble PC components
  • Good cable management
  • Comes with dust filters
  • Comes with two cooling fans
  • comes in  seven colors


  • No Type-C USB slot
  • Top panel build quality is not good
  • PCIe ribbon is finta stiff



The NR200P is the best choice for the people who are looking to build a mid-size gaming PC as it is spacious and has a good ventilation system. However, there is no USB Type-C slot provided in the case and the overall build quality is not so good. If you’re looking for a mid range case for your desktop PC then NR200P is the best buy for you.

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