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Macast mpv DLNA renderer Linux

Macast is a new free and open source tool to use your computer as a DLNA media renderer, so you can cast videos, pictures and music from your phone (or another computer) to your desktop, kind of like a Chromecast. It’s available for Linux, Microsoft Windows and macOS.

The application is very easy to use, shipping with only a tray menu (without any other GUI) from where you can control it, and it uses mpv as the media player. A few days ago, Macast has added the ability to use other media players via plugins, with 3 such plugins being available right now (for IINA on macOS, pi-fm-rds for Raspberry Pi and PotPlayer for Microsoft Windows). You can also write your own plugin.

Macast Features:

  • Start / Stop casting from the tray menu
  • Set the player position and size (in a corner of the screen or centered, and various player sizes including fullscreen)
  • Optional hardware-accelerated video decode
  • Choose between 3 tray icons (default colored icon, light and dark)
  • Option to automatically start on login (not available in the tray menu, you must edit the Macast configuration, which on Linux can be found under ~/.config/Macast/macast_settings.json)
  • Set the DLNA friendly name (not available in the tray menu, you need to edit the config file)
  • Set the port used by Macast (not available in the tray menu, you need to edit the config file)
  • Support to cast videos when the DLNA client is connected to the computer’s hotspot
  • Disable or force enable a network interface (Blocked_Interfaces and Additional_Interfaces in the config file)
  • Uses mpv as the media player, with support for third-party players via plugins

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To use this, launch the application, and you should see the Macast icon in your system tray. There’s no need to do anything else. Next, install a DNLA client on your phone, such as BubbleUPnP/DLNA, use it to connect to your computer, and start streaming videos, music and photos.

E.g. with BubbleUPnP/DLNA, click on the Now Playing tab at the bottom, then click the cast icon in the bottom right-hand side corner and choose the computer which is running Macast:

Then click on the Library tab and cast some media from your phone to the computer running Macast. Obviously, the computer running Macast and the phone used for casting need to be in the same network.

In case the DLNA client you’re using is unable to find Macast, make sure it’s not blocked by your firewall or router. See the Macast FAQ for more on this.

Download Macast DLNA Media Renderer

The Macast releases page has binaries for Linux (DEB packages for Debian/Ubuntu and a generic Linux binary), Microsoft Windows and macOS.

You’ll need to install mpv to be able to use Macast (unless you use a plugin to be able to use a different player). You should find it in the repositories on most Linux distributions (on Fedora it’s in the RPM Fusion repository).

Also, to get the Macast tray icon to work on Linux, make sure you have the libappindicator3 package installed (even if you use the DEB to install Macast). E.g. on Ubuntu you’ll need to install gir1.2-appindicator3-0.1 (using gir1.2-ayatanaappindicator3-0.1 might also work, but I did not try it). Also, if you’re using GNOME Shell, you’ll need an extension such as AppIndicator and KStatusNotifierItem Support (this is installed by default on Ubuntu).

You can also install Macast using PIP, via AUR on Arch Linux / Manjaro, or build it from source. See the Macast installation page for details.

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“Is there anyone who doesn’t love music? No matter what gadget you use, you always love to listen to music that pleases your ears. Android is the widely used OS in smartphones, and there are several music player applications available on app stores. But many of us get confused while picking up the best music player for our Android device. Several factors must be taken care of while selecting a good music player application. Today we are going to list out the 10 best music players for Android in 2022 that you can use to listen to your favorite music anywhere, anytime.

Not all the applications hosted on the play store are legit, as some of them show a lot of ads while others lag a lot while operating. To avoid you from such malicious applications, we have prepared a well-researched and detailed list of music players for Android. So, let’s have a look.”

1. YouTube Music

YouTube music is one of the best music players for Android devices. The songs are very easy to stream on low internet connectivity too. The interface is finta user-friendly and has a dark theme, too, for night owls like me. As this application is from YouTube itself, you can search for any video/audio uploaded on the YouTube streaming platform.

Many of you might remember the Google Play Music app on Android devices; well, that app is now replaced by the YouTube Music app in the Google suite of apps. To play music in offline mode, enjoy ad-free music, and listen in the audio mode, you need to get a premium subscription.

Key Features

    1. Offline Mode
    2. Audio Only mode
    3. HD Sound Quality

Download Here

2. Spotify

The second pick on our list is Spotify, and it is one of my favorite music players on the Android platform. Basically, the Swedish music streaming app is known for its quality music. When it comes to sound quality, no one is better than Spotify. You can listen to favorite songs, artists, and podcasts. There is a huge collection of songs on this application, and users can easily access the music by searching by song name or artist.

You can sign up for free and start listening to music with some limitations and ads. Getting a premium subscription will help you get rid of annoying ads. It is a very popular music app worldwide, and it keeps getting better with every update.

Key Features

    1. HD Quality Sound
    2. Podcasts
    3. Frequent Update

Download Here

3. Apple Music

Maybe you don’t know that apple music is not only for apple now. It is available on the Android play store too. Apple is known for its premium services and has done exceptionally good work here too. With a huge collection of more than 60 million tracks, you can listen to your favorite songs, create custom playlists and mark your favorite artists.

Nothing comes free from Apple; you will have to pay approx. $10 per month for this application, but it is worth it. You can avail yourself of 3 months free trial, though. It offers Chromecast support to stream your music to any device. Overall, it’s a package that every music loves to have on his/her smartphone.

Key Features

    1. Access to 60 Million Songs
    2. Beats One
    3. Awesome Offers with Verizon

Download Here

4. Poweramp Music Player

PowerAmp is indeed a powerful music player for Android where you can create libraries for family and share. The unique UI gives you a DJ feel, and the equalizer will surely make the best use of your headphones. It has Google assistant integrated for further commands.

If you have a huge collection of audio songs on your device, then you can Install a Poweramp music player to arrange the libraries and share them with your loved ones. The spectrums that display while playing songs are finta attractive. If you are a bass lover, you can create your own equalizer presets too.

Key Features

    • Library Sharing
    • Attractive UI
    • Bass Booster

Download Here

5. Musicolet Music Player

Musicolet Music Player is the only Android player with multiple queues. It is a completely offline music player that doesn’t even use internet permission. It is a simple yet powerful music player to play your favorite music from recinto phone storage.

This music player comes with a collection of stunning widgets so that you can control music from your home screen. The graphical user interface is simple and minimalistic, which gives a great feel and looks impressive.

Musicolet comes with other features such as a tag editor, folder browsing, powerful equalizer, gapless playback, earphone control, and many other useful features for music lovers.

Key Features

    • No Internet, No Ads.
    • Lightweight UI

Download From Here

6. Amazon Music

The Amazon Music player app needs no introduction. This app needs a prime subscription to access its huge collection of music. If you have an amazon subscription already, then you have to download the app and then sign up for your account & you are good to go.

The sound quality is just awesome; it will make perfect use of your headphones. If you don’t remember the song’s name, you just need to enter a lyrics line in the search bar; its intelligent search engine will do the rest for you. This application has been downloaded 100,000,000+ times.

Key Features

    1. HD sound Quality
    2. Subscription has access to all new shows and movies

Download Here

7. Neutron Music Player Application

The neutron Music player is not for corriente users but is good for audiophiles who want to experiment with several audio tweaks that are present within the application. You can make high bass presets for yourself.

This application is a bit underrated but surely serves its purpose smartly. There are 2 versions of this application free and paid. The free one shows you ads, and paid ones have some premium features. If you are looking to do experiments with sounds, then you can have a paid application.

Key Features

    1. Loaded with audio tweaks
    2. Good For making customized presets

Download Neutron Music Player App

8. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is the world’s largest platform for music streaming platform. You can discover and build a playlist from the large pool, i.e., from 300M + songs and 30M+ artists.

While listening to your favorite tracks, you can also upload your own track here. Fan-powered streaming features help you put money into your favorite artists’ pockets to support them. It comes in three variants, SoundCloud Free, SoundCloud Go, and SoundCloud GO+.

Key Features

    • Unique Songs
    • Unique Artists.

Download from Here

9. Resso Music – Songs & Lyrics

Resso Music is another modern-day music player on our list that comes with a beautiful user interface. You can listen to millions of music in different languages and also sync the lyrics of your favorite song.

Using the premium version, you can get access to special features such as unlimited download so that you can listen to your favorite song while your phone is offline, ad-free experience, excellent audio quality at 256 kbps, and unlimited jumps to your favorite songs.

Key Features

    • Share your playlist with the community
    • Diverse podcast channel to match your taste.
    • Personalized music recommendation.

10. CloudPlayer

We all remember the Doubletwist when it ruled iTunes. Now double twist has been replaced by a cloud player app and is on Android. You have many cloud services to access your music files. The sound quality is up to mark. It has got a brilliant equalizer tool, but you need to unlock it by in-app purchases. This app will surely give you an old-school feel while listening to the radiodifusión and podcasts.

Key Features

    1. Can connect to Cloud storage
    2. In-app Air more support

Download CloudPlayer App

So, these are the best music-playing apps for Android smartphones in 2022. If you’re a music lover like me, then you will surely enjoy listening to your favorite music on the above apps.

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