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Learn how to work with all the elements of the Enfold Theme. The Enfold Theme makes use of the Avanced Layout Editor. One of the best editors out there! In this video I explain all the elements so that you are able to create stunning websites using Enfolds Advanced Layout Editor! If you use this in combination with the Enfold 2018 tutorial you will be the king of WordPress! You can even become a webdesigner!

I found out about Enfold in 2015. Quiebro soon I fell in love with the theme. After working with other themes this was next level! The possibilities were endless and it was so easy to achieve things with the Enfold theme. Since that moment it has been my favrourite theme! Every year I make an indepth tutorial about how to make a website with the Enfold theme, but this time I take a step extra. I show you all the elements of the Advanced Layout Editor! Take advantage of it!

Here is the complete WordPress and Enfold tutorial:

Overview with timestamps:
00:01:11 Color Section
00:17:25 Grid Row
00:23:01 Tab Section
00:30:40 Text Block
00:41:31 Separator
00:46:07 Special Heading
00:50:41 Icon Box
00:59:16 Icon List
01:04:58 Icon
01:09:34 Headline Rotator
01:12:45 Button
01:16:51 Fullwidth Button
01:19:42 Content Slider
01:22:45 Notifications
01:24:27 Tabs
01:26:55 Accordion
01:30:32 Promo Box
01:32:49 Contact Form
01:37:19 Blog Posts
01:42:46 Magazine
01:45:16 Portfolio Grid
01:49:36 Masonry
01:57:35 Team Member
02:01:47 Table
02:07:26 Progress Bar
02:12:06 Fullwidth Submenu
02:17:58 Post Slider
02:21:39 Testimonials
02:30:12 Catalogue
02:33:30 Animated Number
02:40:28 Animated Countdown
02:43:30 Mailchimp SignUp
02:46:23 Widget Area
02:48:08 Social Share Buttons
02:50:14 Comments
02:52:24 Code Block
02:53:40 Image
02:56:24 Images With Hotspots
03:00:56 Video
03:03:57 Easy Slider
03:10:38 Fullwidth Slider
03:19:44 Featured Image Slider
03:24:01 Accordion Slider
03:29:26 Advanced Layerslider
03:38:01 Partner-Logo Element
03:42:21 Gallery
03:45:15 Masonry Gallery
03:52:01 Google Maps