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External displays are of great importance in case one has to multitask using a laptop or for gaming purposes either you are using the desktop PC or a laptop. The AW3821DW is one of the best display monitors when it comes to gaming especially, further it can also be used for watching movies or doing routine work as well.

So, if you are looking for a good multipurpose display celador then you should consider AW3821DW as one of your options. Further to get an idea if it is the right choice for you then read this guide as I have reviewed AW3821DW in detail and explained some of its quirks and features.


Specifications of AW3821DW Display Profesor

Before going to the review first let’s have a look on the major specifications of the Dell AW3821DW display celador to get an over review:

Type of Display: LED-backlit LCD celador or TFT active-matrix curved display

Resolution: 3840×1600 and refresh rate of 144Hz on display port and 85Hz on HDMI port

Aspect Ratio: 21:9

Contrast Ratio: 1000:1

Viewing Angle (Horizontal and Tieso): 178 Degrees


  • One 1.4 display port
  • Two HDMI ports
  • One USB 3.2 Gen 1 upstream port
  • Three USB 3.2 Gen 1 downstream port
  • One USB 3.2 Gen 1 downstream port with Battery Charging 1.2
  • Headphone jack
  • Audio line-out port

Power Consumption: 46.35 W

Reviewing the AW3821DW Display Profesor

To analyze any display celador to see if it can hold up well and is a right choice for you all you need to check it in on the basis of the given parameters. So, let us see how the Alienware AW3821DW holds up when analyzed on the basis of the given parameters:

  • Image quality and performance
  • Design and other features

Image Quality and Performance

We always have heard that the bigger the display the better the display quality and the Dell 38 inches curved display celador proves it. Moreover, the AW3821DW comes with a resolution of 3840×1600 which is enough if you want to play high-end games as due to its big size you can even see the minor details in the game.

Similarly, to avoid any screen tearing and stuttering experience this display celador comes with a G-Sync module by giving a variable refresh rate. The display celador shifts to the HDR mode when an HDR 10 signal is applied, though the standard mode also works fine and HDR performance is quiebro impressive.

However, since it is an edge backlight celador, the HDR image is not that improved as it should be as in the zone dimming screen. The 144Hz refresh rate of AW3821DW delivers very smooth graphics and has a very quick response time that contributes to a very low input lag.

However, this display celador is kind of not suited for a dark room as its contrast ratio is low and doesn’t have black uniformity that makes black appear as gray. Alienware AW3821DW has VESA DisplayHDR 600 certification but still its HDR is not very good due its number of edge-lit dimming zones.

Design and other Features

The first impressions of the Alienware AW3821DW are good as it has a curved design and the light on the back of its premium build stand that gives it an attractive look. It is quiebro bulky so you need to have a solid space on your desk to keep it, similarly at the back of the screen there is a Alienware logo that has a light in it which looks cool.

Moreover, the stand comes with the height, tilt and swivel adjustments, you can adjust the height up to 5.1 inches which is impressive. To give you a comfortable experience you can tilt the celador at an angle of -5 or +21, Similarly the swivel angle adjustment can be made up to 40 degrees. To make adjustments to the display there is an on screen display menu which includes the adjustments related to audio, video, lighting and some other stuff.

Final Thoughts on Alienware AW3821DW

There are always some positives and negatives of every display celador and these have major contributions in deciding whether it is a best choice for you or not. So, below are some of the positives and negatives about Alienware AW3821DW:


  • Impressive response time
  • High resolution
  • Impressive refresh rate
  • Good build quality
  • Great gaming experience
  • Lower contrast ratio
  • Display reflection handling is promedio



The Alienware AW3821DW is a good option if you want to use it for both gaming and work purposes. It is a very high resolution display with an excellent response rate. Though there are some downsides, the positives outweigh so having an AW3821DW as a display celador can be a good choice.

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Laptops are the computers that can be carried and used anywhere either on the bed or in the park. Laptops are used by every person either for working in the office, to attend business meetings, to learn school lessons, or to play games. There are different models of laptops for different applications like notebooks series are used for business meetings and similarly, Alienware series of Dell laptops are used for playing games.

In this guide, Alienware laptops are being explored and we will see whether these laptops are good for school work or not.

What are the Alienware laptops

Dell is the popular brand of manufacturing laptops and it has released a series of the Alienware laptops which comes with an elegant look and RGB lights on different sections of laptops. The Alienware laptops are used by the gaming community because they are designed for gaming, and in short we can call them as gaming laptops. The performance, graphics, and speed of these laptops are the basic concern of the gamers so that it can be used to play any sort of games.

Are Alienware laptops good for school work

As it has been discussed above the performance and specifications, they are good to play games that implies you can take any sort of work from these laptops. Either you want to do your school assignments or want to present a business presentation, but it is not recommended to use Alienware laptops for such purposes.

The reason is the price, if your child demands that he wants an alienware laptop for completing his school assignments then it is not recommended because these laptops are above $1500 which is not economical for school work purposes. For school work, you can buy a laptop ranging in $300 to your child that will fulfil all his requirements.


Alienware laptops are manufactured by Dell which is an American brand with high-end processors and graphic cards. The purpose of these laptops is to play games, though you can perform other tasks by using these laptops as well but it is not recommended as they are pricey. For school work mid range laptops are more than enough.

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Graphic card of laptop is one of the main components that provides a better display quality. If you are an absolute fanatic about graphics, then this might surprise you that now you can upgrade your graphic card of Alienware laptop. However, not all the models have the option of upgrading the graphics card so, this guide has given the models that have this feature and what are the options if you want to upgrade the graphics card of your Alienware laptop.

Upgrading the Alienware Laptop Graphics Card

There are two following ways by which one can upgrade the GPU of Alienware laptops:

  • Upgrading the Alienware laptop graphic card using external graphics card
  • Upgrading the Alienware laptop graphic card by replacing the older one with the newer one

Upgrading the Alienware laptop graphic card using external graphic card

If you own a later model of Alienware laptop and looking to upgrade its graphic card, then there is good news for you as your laptop might have a dedicated port for connecting the e-GPU. To connect an Alienware graphic amplifier or e-GPU you need PCI express interface between the laptop and the graphics card so the thunderbolt 3 port can serve this purpose.

In the late versions there are dedicated external graphic ports, so you simply need to plug your e-GPU in your laptop and connect the graphic amplifier with the power supply. If you are interested in buying one, then click here. However, Dell has recently launched a new e-GPU that is Polaris which can be connected to the newer laptops using the thunderbolt 4 port and will remove the necessity of any dedicated port for external graphic card, also it comes with a water cooling system.

Upgrading the Alienware laptop graphic card by making changes in the hardware

Another way of upgrading the graphic card of an Alienware laptop is by making changes to hardware which is quiebro a complicated process and is suitable only if you are well aware of components of the laptop and their working. Moreover, the list provided below shows the model which supports the upgradation of their GPU, and if you have the similar model as in the list then visit here and select the upgrades you want to do to your laptop.

On a serious note,if you are planning to buy a new Alienware laptop and you have a plan to upgrade it in near future then go for the Alienware area 51m as it is a fully customizable laptop.

List of Alienware laptops whose GPU can be upgraded

Not all Alienware laptops have the option of GPU upgradation as it depends on the internal design of the laptop because some have integrated graphic card, and some have discrete graphic cards. So, here is the list of Alienware laptops whose GPU can be upgraded:

  • Alienware Area 51-m
  • Alienware 18 (R3)
  • Alienware M18X (R2)
  • Alienware M18X (R1)
  • Alienware M18X (R1)
  • Alienware M17 (R6)
  • Alienware M17X (R4)
  • Alienware M18X (R1)
  • Alienware M17X (R3)
  • Alienware M17X (R2)
  • Alienware M17X (R1)
  • Alienware M18X (R1)
  • Alienware M15X (R1)


Alienware is the flagship series of the Dell, which is known for its performance, however as the laptop age its newer versions are launched making it outdated. The GPU is one of the main components of a laptop because it powers up the display and provides users with a great gaming experience. So with the passage of time, it needs to be upgraded, this guide explains the two ways by which you can upgrade your graphic card of Alienware laptop.

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Alienware laptops are currently one of the best laptops available on the market as they offer some of the best features that you won’t be able to find in any other laptop. There is no specific rule that can measure how long Alienware laptops last as it solely depends on the usage of the user. But this is obvious, as you are buying a laptop that is worth a lot, and this can make anyone curious about the long-lasting performance. That’s why we will be discussing this topic and will provide you with some details that will increase the life of your Alienware laptop.

Alienware Laptops

The total life span of any laptop also depends on the model you are buying. For example, if you are buying a budget-friendly laptop, then there will be some compromises on the build quality as well as the laptop internals. But if you buy an expensive laptop, you will notice a better premium quality in each department, and that’s why the lifespan of such laptops will be longer. You can check the lifespan of an Alienware laptop by looking at the table below, which will give you an media estimate.

Laptop (Price) Lifespan
Under $1000 4-6 Years
Above $1000 6-8 Years

Some Measures to Increase the LifeSpan of Alienware Laptops

In this section, we will be discussing some of the main points that can be used to enhance the life span of the Alienware laptop

Avoid Overcharging the Battery

Alienware laptops are mostly designed to do the heavy tasks on them, whether they are any kind of animation or playing games. Such activities consume a lot of battery, so many users keep on charging the laptop even if the battery is full, which is a bad practice. You will be harming your battery, which will eventually shorten its life if you keep on charging like that, so the best way is to remove the charger when the battery is full and then put it back on charge when the battery is below 20%.

Avoid Keeping the Laptop on for a Long Duration

Most of the Alienware laptops have the excellent build quality and internals, but there is a high chance of significantly reducing the laptop’s life if you keep on operating it for longer periods of a few days and do not give it a rest or shut it down. This will keep the fans on at full throttle to maintain the temperature due to the excessive heat produced during this operation, which will affect the internal components. Other than that, shutting the laptop down frequently will greatly enhance the life span of the laptop, so don’t try to adopt the habit of always hibernating your laptop rather than shutting it down.

Avoid Mishandling

This can also reduce the lifespan of the laptop if you are not handling it properly, which means dropping it somewhere on the table or on the ground. This will not only break the external body of the laptop but can also disturb the internals such as RAM or SSD drive, which can stop working any longer. Also, if you are not opening the lid of the screen with care, then this can damage the screen or the movement of the hinge that is responsible for opening the lid can be disturbed.

Frequently Updating the Drivers

If you keep on using the Alienware laptop with the outdated drivers, then this will also affect the life span as now the components will need to make an extra effort to keep up with the requirements and the task given by the user. Updating them will not only improve their life span but also help to operate the windows more smoothly without glitches or delays.

Clean the Motherboard and Internal Hardware

When you keep on using your laptop for a few months or more, especially in an environment where the place is not clean or filled with dust particles. Then there is a high chance of that dust entering inside the laptop on the motherboard, which can deteriorate the lifespan of the laptop. So, it is highly recommended to thoroughly clean your laptop merienda a year to improve its performance.


Alienware laptops are one of the best when it comes to performing heavy tasks that can belong to any category, such as doing animations or playing games. But such performance comes with a price which is quiebro a lot, and this can make a user wonder that if they are paying such a huge amount, then how much can  it last? To answer this question, we have discussed the media lifespan of the Alienware laptop, as well as some measurements that will improve the lifespan of the laptop.

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