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A laptop is like a small power plant, producing heat and radiation that can damage your health, mainly when used for extended periods. In the past, laptop radiation mainly affected the user by causing headaches and fatigue. Today, laptop radiation has been proven to cause serious harm, including cancer and male infertility.

Most laptops use a complex and inefficient design, which requires the user to dismantle their laptop to clean and maintain it thoroughly. This is time-consuming and requires the user to purchase separate cleaning supplies. So, when they are using a laptop while sitting on the bed or table, they place their laptop on top of the pillow, thinking that this will reduce the radiation level their laptop produces. In this article, we will discuss this concern: will a pillow block laptop radiation, or is it just a misconception? Before that, let’s discuss these radiations and their adverse effects on humans.

Will a Pillow Block Laptop Radiation

If you are looking for a quick answer, it is “No”, the pillow won’t block the laptop radiation. It will cause more damage to your laptop as the air vent is usually installed at the bottom. So if you place your laptop on top of the pillow, this will block the vent, causing the laptop to overheat much sooner than expected. This will overburden your internal components, which will cause your system to not work correctly as it was before.

It will just trap the heat closer to your body, which will do more harm than good, especially if you’re typing or sitting with the laptop on your lap. But still, this method is better if you place a laptop directly on your lap as there will be no interference now, and all the heat will be directly transferred to your body which is more harmful than placing a pillow.

What Emits the Radiations

A laptop contains many electronic items such as ICs and chips, and such things will emit electromagnetic force (EMF). Anything that can be connected wirelessly will emit some radiation; for example, your internal Wi-Fi card will emit radiation when you connect it with a Wi-Fi device. Another example can be a Bluetooth device that you can connect with your mobile phone for data sharing or if you are using a wireless headphone that relates to your laptop.

Ways to Reduce the Laptop Radiations

Although the radiation emitted by the laptop will not affect the human body, being exposed to it over time can have adverse effects. So, some of the measures that can help you in reducing the laptop radiation are as follow:

  1. Avoid trying to connect your laptop all the time with the Wi-Fi and use an ethernet cable for an internet connection.
  2. Avoid frequently connecting with the Bluetooth device for file sharing when you can do the same using a USB or a storage device.
  3. Buying Wired headphones is better than connecting your laptop with wireless headphones.
  4. Don’t sit too close to your laptop; always try to maintain a distance of at least a foot or more to reduce the radiation exposure.
  5. Overheating your laptop will emit more radiation than usual, so it is always better to buy a cooling pad that will be used to reduce the laptop temperature.


If you are one of those who put the laptop on top of the pillow and now wondering whether a pillow can block laptop radiation? Then the answer to this question is “No,” it won’t; this will normally trap the laptop heat, and your laptop might not function properly if this happens for a long time. So what measures you should take and how you can reduce the laptop radiations have been discussed in this article.

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