How Much Does A Laptop Weight?

Laptops are computerized machines that can be carried anywhere in a bag and used either in sitting on a bench in the park or during a flight in an airplane. So the size of the laptop matters a lot and in this guide, we will discuss a laptop’s weight in detail.

How much does a laptop weigh

The laptops are classified into different types depending upon their usage and these types are:

  • Desktop replacement
  • Luggagebale
  • Books
  • Ultraportable
  • Slim and lightweight

Desktop replacement

The laptops that belong to this type usually have measurements of the size between 15 to 11 inches and mostly have a weight of around 4 pounds. Though these laptops are a little bit heavier still they can be carried easily for a short distance.


These types of laptops weigh around 8 pounds and are similar to desktop PCs so obviously when you have the options of ultrabooks and light-weight laptops then such types of laptops are redundant in the market because it’s difficult to carry these heavy laptops.


There are different types of books like ultrabooks, pro books, and chromebooks manufactured by different manufacturers which are thin in size just like a book and can be easily carried while commuting to university or office. These laptops are mostly of the size 9 to 13 inches and weigh around 2 to 3 pounds only.


These are ultraportable and before proceeding to the next discussion we will consider an example of the Apple Macbook Air which is one of the kinds of ultraportable laptops. These laptops are thin as well as lightweight and these laptops weigh only 2-3 pounds.

Slim and lightweight

These laptops are specially designed to be slim and lightweight so that they can be used in business meetings because they are very lightweight , even around 3 pounds that a person can carry very easily.

Weight of some of the best laptops

Weight of some of the best selling laptops are:

  • MacBook Air 2022 M2 – 2.7 pounds
  • Dell Alienware M15 – 4.65 pounds
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 8 – 1.96 pounds
  • HP Spectre Folio 13 – 3.26 pounds
  • Acer Aspire 5 – 3.7 pounds


Laptops are designed to carry for meetings or to use the computer by sitting anywhere across the world so with the advancement of technology the weight of the laptop is reducing from its ancestor’s weight. In this guide, different categories of laptops have been discussed with their weight.

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