How to Fix a Laptop Power Jack without Soldering

Laptops are computerized machines that can be used remotely without connecting to the input current source by putting a machine on your lap. Laptops contain the battery which stores the electric energy in it in the form of DC current and supplies it to the machine for its working instead of any external current source.

The battery is charged by plug-in the AC charger into the laptop through the power jack which converts the AC current into the DC current which can be stored in the battery and used later. But it is observed that the power jack of the laptop is not working so in this guide, we will try to find out the best possible methods to fix the laptop power jack without soldering it.

What is the first approach to fixing the power jack of the laptop

It is observed that many times the issue is in the battery instead of the power jack, as you connect the charger to the power jack and it does not show any charging indication because of the dead battery and you assume the issue is in the power jack.

To confirm whether the issue is in the power jack or battery, remove the battery. Then connect the charger of the laptop with the AC source by connecting the charger to the power jack. If in doing so, the laptop charger indication is shown then it means the issue is with a battery so replace it and if still there is no indication of the charging, then connect the battery back to its position because the issue is with the power jack and in next sections, we will find the solutions to fix it.

What are the common reasons behind not working the power jack of the laptop

There are many reasons for not working the power jack, but the most common ones are:

  • Internal pins of the power jack are damage
  • The whole power jack is damaged
  • The power jack is being hot
  • The loose connection between the power jack and circuit

How to fix the damaged power jack without soldering

If the power jack of the laptop is damaged or its pins are damaged, you can fix it by replacing it with the new power jack. But if you are traveling or going to a meeting and have no time to solder the power jack, then you can attach it with the help of a glue gun but remember this method is not recommended for long use as it is suggested only if you want to fix this issue temporarily.

How to fix the power jack of a laptop without soldering if it is not losing the connection or producing a spark

If your laptop loses the power supply for some time while working well or starts producing the sparks then it is possible that there is some loose connection of the power jack pins with the circuit board.

To resolve this, unplug the charger, open the back lid of the laptop,  then open the power jack, and detach it from the power jack connector. With the help of a cotton bud, clean the surface around the connector and then reattach the power jack on its connector carefully and gently apply the pressure on the power jack with your hand so that it can be placed properly on the connector.

What to do if the power jack of the laptop is still not working

After the above-mentioned methods, if the power jack of the laptop is still not working or it is already soldered, then it is recommended to consult the authorized manufacturer or a professional person who is expertise in fixing the power jack with his technical knowledge.


The power jack in a laptop is a source by which we can charge the battery of the laptop and also if there is no battery then we can turn on the laptop by just connecting the AC power supply directly to it. In this guide, different techniques for fixing a laptop power jack have been explored without making use of solder.

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