How To Install A Software On A Laptop Without CD Drive

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Nowadays laptops are easy to carry and comfortable for work use as they are slim and lighter in weight compared to the older laptops. Latest laptops don’t have a CD drive in them and if you want to install any software from the CD, you need to buy an external CD drive and plug it into the laptop USB port. In this article, we will discuss how to install software on your laptop without using the CD drive.

Why latest laptops don’t have CD drives?

Most modern laptops don’t have a CD drive because of the design and weight reasons, as laptops feel lighter in weight without a CD drive. You will prefer listening to and downloading music, movies, and applications from the internet rather than using a CD and you will always prefer a slim design rather than a bulky laptop. These all things make your laptop feel light in weight and on the other hand, the optical drives are outdated.

So, if you have recently bought a laptop then your laptop most probably would not have a CD drive, so how would you install software from a CD? Let’s find out:

How software can be installed on a laptop without a CD drive

The software can be installed without a CD drive on your laptop by the following methods:

  1. Through the internet, the software can be downloaded
  2. By downloading software using the app store
  3. By using an external CD drive
  4. By using a flash drive (USB)
  5. By downloading software using a shared network
  6. By using an ISO file, ISO can be downloaded on your laptop

1: Through the Internet

The most common and easiest way to download software on your laptop is from the internet and It can be done on both Windows and macOS laptops. Simply Google the software’s name you want to download on your laptop and search to install.

2: Through macOS App Store or Microsoft Store

Simply open the App Store of your MacBook or Microsoft Store of a Windows laptop and search the software you want to download, select the software to download and then install it. Paid software can also be purchased from these stores.

3: Through an external CD drive

Attach the external drive on your laptop via a USB port and use it as a CD or DVD drive. Insert a CD containing the software, open it on your laptop, and simply install the software. It is also the common and easiest method.

4: Using a USB

A USB can be used to install software on your laptop. Transfer software from anywhere in the USB, plug the USB into your laptop’s USB port and open the folder having the transferred software, click on install and use the software.

5: Using a shared network

The software can also be installed on your laptop through a shared folder or a network, it’s the most preferred method in workplaces. Double click the exe or ISO file in the shared folder, and launch the installation option to use the software.

6: Using an ISO file

ISO file is basically a digital replacement of CDs and DVDs, many software downloading websites support the ISO file option. Simply download the ISO archive file on your laptop, click mount, and then right-click it to eject and install the software to run it. It works similar to the CD and DVD.


We always prefer lighter laptops that are easy to carry and thinner like the latest MacBook Air even though they don’t have a CD ROM in them. Installing software before and now has changed and in the above-mentioned methods, we have discussed several options for installing software on your laptops without a CD or a DVD. You don’t have to worry if your laptop does not have a CD ROM, simply follow these methods to download and install software on your laptop with ease and fast speed.

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