How to Run Xbox Cloud Games on Raspberry Pi

Are you an Xbox gaming fan but don’t have an Xbox console? The good news is you can run Xbox cloud games on your Raspberry Pi device without any issue. However, this requires a high-speed internet connection and if you have that, you can use this article’s guidelines to run Xbox cloud games on your device. Xbox cloud gaming is a fantastic Microsoft service that allows users to play hundreds of console games live on their laptop, or PC.

How to run Xbox Cloud games on Raspberry Pi

Running Xbox Cloud games on Raspberry Pi is damn simple and you should be able to do it successfully by following the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Purchase an Xbox Controller

First, you must ensure that you have an Xbox controller for playing Xbox games and if you don’t have purchase it from the following link:

Purchase Xbox Controller

Step 2: Connect Xbox Controller to Raspberry Pi

After having an Xbox controller, it’s now time to connect it with your Raspberry Pi device. If you are using a Wireless Xbox controller you can connect it with your device easily, however for wireless case, you have to connect it through Bluetooth. For guidance, you can see our published article How to Connect an Xbox Controller with Raspberry Pi.

Step 3: Update Raspberry Pi packages

Head to your device terminal and apply the following command to update the packages on your Raspberry Pi device:

$ sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

The above command will update the packages on your Raspberry Pi device.

Step 4: Install Additional Packages

To make the whole gaming process impressive on your Raspberry Pi device, you should need to install some additional packages through the following command:

$ sudo apt install xserver-xorg x11-xserver-utils xinit openbox unclutter -y

Step 5: Launch Chromium Browser

After installing the packages, you can now launch Chromium browser on your Raspberry Pi from your desktop:

Step 6: Visit Xbox Website

Now, visit the website “” on your Chromium browser.

Step 7: Make an Account on Xbox Cloud Gaming

On the website, you will first need to sign using the “SIGN IN” option:

Then, use your Microsoft account to login and if you don’t have an account, you can create a new one.

Step 8: Get Game Pass Ultimate

After reloading the “” again, you will have to get “Game Pass” to play games on your device.

You can also play some free games as well like the one shown below. However, it’s better to get a game pass ultimately to play more games on Xbox Cloud. For guidance, we are showing you how you can run the game.

Click on any game as in our case we are selecting “Fortnite: season 3”.

Click on the “Play” button.

Ensure that your Xbox controller is connected and you have high speed internet connection and then click on the “CONTINUE ANYWAY” option.

This will launch the game on your browser. Follow the onscreen options that appear within your game to begin playing it on your browser.


Xbox cloud gaming is an excellent platform for game lovers, enabling them to play Xbox games live on their browser screen. The above step-by-step instructions help the Raspberry Pi users run Xbox cloud games on their device. However, those who wish to experience a better gaming adventure should acquire a suitable Xbox controller and purchase an ultimate game pass to run any game on the Raspberry Pi’s Chromium browser.

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