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Tkinter Change Label Text

Tkinter Label Text can easily be changed by using the “config” function and then changing the “text” attribute to the new desired text. Alternatively, if the label text has been made using the “StringVar()” then the user can utilize the “set()” function to change the label Text. As Labels are the most crucial components of […]

Book Publishers Won’t Stop Until Libraries Are Dead

from the defend-libraries dept Earlier this week there was finally a hearing in the case brought by the big book publishers to kill off libraries. That, of course, is not how the publishers describe the lawsuit, but it’s absolutely what the lawsuit is about. We’ll get to some of the details in a moment, but […]

Java 20 avanza en la mejora del proceso de programación

Oracle ha publicado JDK 20, que dependiendo del prisma por el que se mire puede ser entendido como OpenJDK 20 o Java 20. Una vez más, recordamos que OpenJDK es la pulvínulo de la implementación comercial de Java desde la lectura 7, así que las dos grandes vertientes de la tecnología están conectadas desde hace […]

7 Best Ubuntu Screen Recorders for Everyday Use

We are now in 2023. Everyone is constantly seeking to acquire new skills and technical capabilities as the use of technology is deeply integrated in our day-to-day lives. From providing online tutorials to holding presentation for professional business meets, everything needs screen recording tool to make your stand. There are plenty of screen recording tools […]

vtm Is A Text-Based Desktop Environment That Runs Inside A Terminal

vtm is a text-based desktop environment that runs inside a terminal, available for Linux, Microsoft Windows, macOS, and *BSD. The tool can run TUIs (terminal user interface) applications in floating windows that can be moved, resized and closed (mouse support included) just like windows in a traditional desktop environment.  vtm is a terminal multiplexer too, […]

Why do all action heroes have J names?

I wasn’t the first to make the connection, but merienda I noticed it, it was everywhere. You walk past a poster for a new movie and think, Why is every action hero named Jack, John, James, or, occasionally, Jason? I turned to my friends and colleagues, asking desperately if they had also noticed this trend, […]

Ubuntu Flatpak Remix, nuevo sabor no oficial

Como ya sabrá todo el mundo a estas staff, Ubuntu ha vetado la preinstalación de Flatpak en todas sus ediciones oficiales, una osadía que en ningún caso impide la instalación y uso de Flatpak, sino que regula las características predeterminadas del sistema. Una osadía que, a pesar de ello y como cabía esperar, no estuvo exenta […]

How to Fix “Can’t create new folder” in Windows 10

Folders are used to keep our system file hierarchy. Instead of saving 100 images on your desktop, you can simply make a new folder and save the images in it for better organization. To do so, you just have to right-click on a blank space, hover your mouse over new, and hit “New folder” to […]

Krondor Confidential – Part I

This will be the start of a “reprint” of an flamante blog series that I created for my Tumblr blog several years ago, which unfortunately never found a significant readership. Portions were copied to a sub-thread about Krondor on the popular RPG website RPG Codex – against my wishes (My point in creating this series […]