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Laptops are favored by the people when compared with the desktop PC because of multiple reasons one of which is the portability because of its light weight and slim design. Due to this feature, it is possible that laptops can be mounted to walls to bring ease in usability.

However, there are a number of wall mounts present in the market and the selection of the wall mount depends on the user’s choice as there are different mounts for different purposes. So, I have explained two types of wall mounts that can be used to mount a laptop to a wall.

How does mounting a laptop to a wall serve?

Mounting laptops on wall can serve various purposes like:

  • To use multiple screens conveniently
  • Avoid neck pains when working for long periods of time
  • Avoid strain on the eyes while working
  • Can work on your laptop while standing and move it in a direction where it is convenient
  • To make sitting posture more comfortable

Now let’s discuss the two types of mounts that are mainly used: one is fixed and the other is moveable mounts.

Mounting a laptop on wall using a moveable mount

For mounting the laptop on the wall using the moveable mount follow the steps below:

Step 1:The first step for mounting the laptop to the wall is to find a suitable height where you want to install the mount. Merienda you have selected the height, mark the position with a marker. There are mostly two screws that keep a mount firmly in the wall in case of moveable mounts.

Step 2: You will need a drill machine to drill holes for the screws and to make the exact whole, place the mount on the wall and encircle the screw places with the help of a pencil.Next choose the drill bit of the drill machine by checking the thickness of the screws and drill into the wall.

Step 3:Merienda you have drilled the holes, place Rawl Plugs in each whole so that screws can hold the mount firmly and next tighten the screws and fix the mount. Next fix the moveable arm and the plate on which the laptop will be placed.

Since there is a user manual with every product so read it carefully for mount installation. If you are looking for a moveable mount that is durable, easy to install, and easy to move then click here to buy one.

Mounting a laptop on wall using a fix mount

Another type of mount is the fixed mount that is mainly used in the server rooms, control rooms or in a facility where a laptop is required to be fixed to the wall. These mounts mainly come with lockers that require a key to unlock thus keeping the laptop safe or refraining its use from any unauthorized user. To use such mounts follow the given steps:

Step 1:To install such mounts on the wall a set of two screws is required and for that you need to drill holes by marking them by putting the mount on the wall.

Step 2: Merienda the drilling is done place the Rawl Plugs in each whole and tighten the screws. Next place the mount on the screws and adjust it in such a way that it holds the screws firmly.

Step 3: Next assemble the mount by reading the user manual carefully and place your laptop in it, to hold the laptop firmly there are hinges provided with the mount that are adjustable according to the size of the laptop. If you are looking for a fixed wall mount that is durable, easy to install then click here to buy one.


Mounting a laptop on the wall can be beneficial for those who sit before the laptop for a longer time or the ones who use multiple screens. There are primarily two types of wall mounts that are mainly used: one is fixed and the other is moveable. I have explained the process of installing the both fixed and moveable mounts and also suggested a best buy for both types of mounts.

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