Interoperability and portability of real-time 3D assets and tools deliver unparalleled flexibility, as the Open 3D community celebrates its first birthday

SAN FRANCISCO – July 20, 2022 – The Open 3D Foundation (O3DF) is proud to announce Epic Games as a Premier member alongside Adobe, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Huawei, Intel, LightSpeed Studios, Microsoft and Niantic, as it celebrates its first birthday.

With today’s world racing faster and faster towards 3D technologies, the O3DF provides a home for artists, content creators, developers and technology leaders to congregate and collaborate, share best practices and shape the future of open 3D development. This thriving community is focused on making it easier to use and share 3D assets with its partners and the Open 3D Engine (O3DE), the first high-fidelity, fully-featured, real-time, open-source 3D engine, available to every industry.

Epic Games, developer of Unreal Engine, joins the O3DF as a Premier member to further interoperability and portability of assets, visuals and media scripting, enabling artists and content creators around the globe to unleash their creativity and innovation by removing barriers in their choice of tools. Marc Petit, VP of Unreal Engine Ecosystem at Epic Games, will join the O3DF’s Governing Board. In this role, he will share what Epic has learned over 30 years in the industry to help shape the Foundation’s strategic direction and curation of 3D visualization and simulation projects.

“The metaverse will require companies to work together to advance open standards and open-source tools, and we believe the Open 3D Foundation will play an important role in this journey,” said Petit. “With shared standards for interoperability, we’re giving creators more freedom and flexibility to build interactive 3D content using the tools they’re most comfortable with, and to bring those amazing experiences to life in Unreal Engine and across other 3D engines.” 

This move builds on Epic Games’ steadfast commitment in delivering choice to content producers to unleash their creativity. In addition to enabling them to move media seamlessly between development environments, the Open 3D Engine allows artists and developers to consume only what they need, with the ability to customize components based on their unique requirements.

“We applaud Epic Game’s commitment to the open-source community and welcome them into the Open 3D Foundation as our newest Premier member, underscoring our mission in championing the deep integration of open source with commercial solutions to accelerate growth in a sustainable, balanced ecosystem that fuels the flywheel of success and innovation,” said Royal O’Brien, Executive Director of Open 3D Foundation and Caudillo Manager of Games and Digital Media at the Linux Foundation. “It’s truly exciting to see how the industry is responding to the real-time 3D needs of content creators around the globe, providing them with best-of-breed tools.”

Celebrating Its First Birthday

The Foundation and its anchor project, O3DE, celebrate their first birthday as they welcome Epic Games into this quickly growing community. Since the Foundation’s public announcement in July 2021, over 25 member companies have joined. Other Premier members include Adobe, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Huawei, Intel, Microsoft, LightSpeed Studios and Niantic.

In May, O3DE announced its latest release, focused on performance, stability and usability enhancements. With over 1,460 code merges, this new release offers several improvements aimed to make it easier to build 3D simulations for AAA games and a range of other applications. Significant enhancements include core stability, installer validation, motion matching, user-defined property (UDP) support for the asset pipeline, and automated testing advancements. The O3D Engine community is very active, averaging up to two million line changes and 350-450 commits monthly from 60-100 authors across 41 repos.

Join Us at O3DCon

On October 17-19, the Open 3D Foundation will host O3Dcon, its flagship conference, bringing together technology leaders, indie developers, and institución to share ideas and best practices, discuss hot topics and foster the future of 3D development across a variety of industries and disciplines. For those interested in sponsoring this event, please contact sponsorships@linuxfoundation.org. 

Anyone interested in the O3D Engine is invited to get involved and connect with the community on Discord.com/invite/o3de and GitHub.com/o3de

About the Open 3D Engine (O3DE) project

O3D Engine is the flagship project managed by the Open 3D (O3D) Foundation. The open-source project is a modular, cross-platform 3D engine built to power anything from AAA games to cinema-quality 3D worlds to high-fidelity simulations. The code is hosted on GitHub under the Apache 2.0 license. To learn more, please visit o3de.org.

About the Open 3D Foundation

Established in July 2021, the mission of the Open 3D Foundation (O3DF) is to make an open-source, fully-featured, high-fidelity, real-time 3D engine for building games and simulations, available to every industry. The Open 3D Foundation is home to the O3D Engine project. To learn more, please visit o3d.foundation.

About the Linux Foundation

Founded in 2000, the Linux Foundation is supported by more than 1,000 members and is the world’s leading home for collaboration on open source software, open standards, open data, and open hardware. Linux Foundation’s projects are critical to the world’s infrastructure including Linux, Kubernetes, Node.js, and more. The Linux Foundation’s methodology focuses on leveraging best practices and addressing the needs of contributors, users and solution providers to create sustainable models for open collaboration. For more information, please visit us at linuxfoundation.org.

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Are you an Xbox gaming fan but don’t have an Xbox console? The good news is you can run Xbox cloud games on your Raspberry Pi device without any issue. However, this requires a high-speed internet connection and if you have that, you can use this article’s guidelines to run Xbox cloud games on your device. Xbox cloud gaming is a fantastic Microsoft service that allows users to play hundreds of console games live on their laptop, or PC.

How to run Xbox Cloud games on Raspberry Pi

Running Xbox Cloud games on Raspberry Pi is damn simple and you should be able to do it successfully by following the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Purchase an Xbox Controller

First, you must ensure that you have an Xbox controller for playing Xbox games and if you don’t have purchase it from the following link:

Purchase Xbox Controller

Step 2: Connect Xbox Controller to Raspberry Pi

After having an Xbox controller, it’s now time to connect it with your Raspberry Pi device. If you are using a Wireless Xbox controller you can connect it with your device easily, however for wireless case, you have to connect it through Bluetooth. For guidance, you can see our published article How to Connect an Xbox Controller with Raspberry Pi.

Step 3: Update Raspberry Pi packages

Head to your device terminal and apply the following command to update the packages on your Raspberry Pi device:

$ sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

The above command will update the packages on your Raspberry Pi device.

Step 4: Install Additional Packages

To make the whole gaming process impressive on your Raspberry Pi device, you should need to install some additional packages through the following command:

$ sudo apt install xserver-xorg x11-xserver-utils xinit openbox unclutter -y

Step 5: Launch Chromium Browser

After installing the packages, you can now launch Chromium browser on your Raspberry Pi from your desktop:

Step 6: Visit Xbox Website

Now, visit the website “https://xbox.com/play” on your Chromium browser.

Step 7: Make an Account on Xbox Cloud Gaming

On the website, you will first need to sign using the “SIGN IN” option:

Then, use your Microsoft account to login and if you don’t have an account, you can create a new one.

Step 8: Get Game Pass Ultimate

After reloading the “https://xbox.com/play” again, you will have to get “Game Pass” to play games on your device.

You can also play some free games as well like the one shown below. However, it’s better to get a game pass ultimately to play more games on Xbox Cloud. For guidance, we are showing you how you can run the game.

Click on any game as in our case we are selecting “Fortnite: season 3”.

Click on the “Play” button.

Ensure that your Xbox controller is connected and you have high speed internet connection and then click on the “CONTINUE ANYWAY” option.

This will launch the game on your browser. Follow the onscreen options that appear within your game to begin playing it on your browser.


Xbox cloud gaming is an excellent platform for game lovers, enabling them to play Xbox games live on their browser screen. The above step-by-step instructions help the Raspberry Pi users run Xbox cloud games on their device. However, those who wish to experience a better gaming adventure should acquire a suitable Xbox controller and purchase an ultimate game pass to run any game on the Raspberry Pi’s Chromium browser.

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Raspberry Pi is an amazing platform that allows users to play many games easily. The device processor has an excellent capability to handle games that require fewer memory resources so that you can smoothly run the game without reducing your device performance. You can run several games on your Raspberry Pi device, but those designed for a Linux environment are the ones you should try to play out on your device.

Can we install Native Linux games on Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi OS is a Linux-based operating system, so you can easily play Linux games on it; however, because of the device’s limited resources, it becomes pretty hard to run high-end games on it because it gets heated up too quickly. Still, running Linux games that consume few memory resources won’t be a bad option, and you can play them freely on your Raspberry Pi device.

In this article, we are presenting you some of the native Linux games that you can easily play on Raspberry Pi without compromising on device performance.

How to run Linux games natively on Raspberry Pi

Here, we provide you with the information of the Linux games with the terminal commands so that it becomes easy for you to install and run these games on your device.

1: Micropolis

Micropolis is one of the best Linux games you should try to play on your Raspberry Pi. It was designed by the SimHacker team and made it an open-source game so that you can easily install it on your device. The game requires your brain as you have to build a city through proper planning so that you can save the city from the monster’s attacks. You can install this game on your Raspberry Pi through the following command:

$ sudo apt install micropolis -y

2: SuperTuxKart

The SuperTuxKart is an open-source arcade racing game with different levels, modes, characters and tracks to play. You can race against the computer in a one-to-one mode or compete in a Grand Prix to beat your competitors. Besides racing, you will also experience different stories within the game and your main aim is to secure the Mascot kingdom from the evil attack by fighting against it. You can install this game on your Raspberry Pi device from the snap store using the following commands:

$ sudo apt install snapd

$ sudo snap install supertuxkart

3: Freeciv

Freeciv is an empire-building strategic game based on the history of human civilization. The game story builds around civilization history and your mission is to lead the tribe and pick them up from the stone age to the space age. You must have to use your brain to play this game as it requires proper planning. You can utilize both single and multiplayer mode to play this game and you have to get through different levels to beat your opponents. The game can easily be installed on your Raspberry Pi device through the following command:

$ sudo apt install freeciv-client-sdl -y

4: Pingus

Pingus is an open-source Lemmings-style Linux game where you will see penguins in the game instead of Lemmings. Your aim is to guide the penguins using commands like dig, redirect and others. Guiding them the wrong way may lead to failure because these penguins only listen to your commands and you have to make sure that you will properly guide them. You can install this game on your device through the following command

$ sudo apt install pingus


Running Linux native games on Raspberry Pi is not difficult; however, it should be noted that you cannot run high-end games as these games require memory and processing resources. The reason is that the Raspberry Pi device won’t be able to handle demanding games and may heat up too quickly. If you are planning to use your device for gaming purposes, you should need to install the above Linux games as these games are pretty lightweight and won’t impact your device’s performance.

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Gaming on Linux has become very popular and gained the trust of hardcore gamers in very short period of time. Thanks to digital video game distribution services like Steam and PlayOnLinux, it has been possible for gamers like me to enjoy my favourite video games from Windows on Linux and its distributions.

Now that we’re in mid-2022, there are many games from popular developers and publishers available for Linux and its distributions like Ubuntu. But games from popular publishers guarantees one thing and that is price tag and some games are very expensive too. So, today I’m going to introduce you to the 10 free games for Linux.

1. Dota 2

I know many of you won’t be surprised to see Dota 2 on top of the list. No game can replace this game at the top and you will not read any gaming related blog without mentioning this very popular game. Dota 2 is one of the most popular battle arena game available for Linux. It is also free.

Dota 2 is published by Steam and it is one of the most played game on the platform. If you want to compete with top gamers around the world, then this game offers you the opportunity as this game is part of eSport competitions.

Valve keeps on updating the game from time to time with new features and content to keep the game fresh and always exciting.

Download Here

2. Super Tux Kart

Super Tux Kart is free to play kart racing game for Linux and its distributions. It is an open-source arcade racing game with variety of gameplay modes, characters and tracks. The gameplay is quiebro realistic and a fun experience while playing.

Game also has story mode where as a player you must face the Nolok and defeat him to keep the kingdom safe. There is also time trail mode where you can challenge yourself to beat your own fastest time.

There are three main characters in the game: Tux which is a brave penguin the hero of SuperTuxKart; Gnu who is mentor of Tux; and Nolok, the villain.

Download Here

3. Alien Arena: Warriors of Mars

Alien Arena is a first-person shooter game available on Steam for Linux. Developed by COR Entertainment, it is powered by Quake II engine and Open Dynamics engine. This game can be played in single player as well as multiplayer game modes.

It is free-to-play game and it is very popular on other operating systems platforms such as Microsoft Windows and macOS. The gameplay is full of action making it thrilling till the very end. Game features variety of battle environments along with incredible graphics.

Download Here  

 4. Unknown Horizons

Do you love city building games right from their economies? Then I have a special real-time economy simulator and city builder game for you. Unknown Horizons is the 2D simulator game for you with features like urban development, commodities management, diplomacy, trade, strategy and exploration.

It is an exciting game where you can build a high-profile patrón city from scratch and find new islands, trade routes, diplomatic strategies to raise your city’s wealth.

Download Here

5. Team Fortress 2

This one is for FPS game lovers. Team Fortress 2 is very popular first-person shooter video game developed and published by Valve. Even though it is free video game, Team Fortress 2 developers keep on pushing updates with gameplay features time to time.

Even if you’re new to this game, it ensures you settle in well with detailed training and offline practice modes. Gameplay modes include Capture the Flag, Control Point, Payload, Arena, King of the hill, and many more.

Download Here

6. Counter Strike: Integral Offensive

Counter Strike: Integral Offensive popularly known as CS: GO is another excellent game published by Valve Corporation. It is first-person shooter video game available for free on various platforms including Steam for Linux.

Game was initially released in 2012. Since then, Valve corporation has been pushing major updates every year. Game is also very popular among esports gamers and game is played in various competitions every year.

Download Here   

7. Mari0

Every gamer in his childhood has played popular Mario game. Diferente Super Mareo Bros developed and published by Nintendo and Mari0 replica of that with some tweaks with the help of Valve.

Mari0 has features such as portal gun to shoot portals, 4-player simultaneous coop with each player having his own portal gun, 33 different hats, game modifiers, level editor, and many more.

Download Here

8. Zero Ballistics

Zero Ballistics is free first-person shooter tank combat game available for Windows and Linux. This game is easy to learn but difficult to master as gameplay gets intense with every level you cross.

Game features 81 different tank setups which keeps you ready for any combat situation during game play. Gameplay is quiebro engaging with masting main weapon ballistic trajectory and judging the distance correctly is easy.

Download Here   

9. World of Warships: Transformers

World of Warships: Transfers is another free to play game available on Steam platform for Linux. You take control of one of the 300 historic vessels from WWI and WWII like lowa, Bismarck and Yamato to combat the enemies.

You can play this game in solo mode or even with your friends in multiplayer mode. Combats and engaging which demands your full concentration else you can get bombarded by enemy anytime. You can customize you fleet with options such as ship modules, camouflages, flags and many more.

Download Here

10. Cube 2: Sauerbraten

Cube 2: Sauerbraten is free multiplayer first person shooter successor of the Cube first person shooter game. It is an old-school deathmatch game, where gameplay is exciting and engaging.

It is a cross-platform game, hence also available for Windows, macOS X, FreeBSD and OpenBSD alongside Linux and its distros. Action game lovers are going to like this game with features like map and geometry editing tools.

Download Here

So, here are the 10 best games which you can play on Linux and its various distribution for free. There are many other free games available for Linux with ever increasing competition among Linux game developers. But only few manage to stand out and rule the hearts of gamers like us!

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