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Discord is a great way of online communication that enables its users to create servers and communities and interact with people to keep in touch with them. You can use it to talk with people using text messages, voice, and video calls. Discord offers multiple fantastic features, and putting spoilers is one of them. Spoiler images or Spoiler text are used on Discord when you do not want to visible your sent text or shared images by default since it could hold spoilers or other sensitive information.

This blog will provide the procedure of putting the Spoiler image and text on the Discord mobile application.

How to put Spoiler image on Discord Mobile?

You can send Spoiler images to your friends or serve members on the Discord mobile application. To do so, check out the below-given instructions.

Step 1: Open Discord
First, open the Discord application on your mobile:

Step 2: Select Discord server
Next, select wherever you want to send a Spoiler image. In our case, we will put a Spoiler image on our “Rasti_0422 server” Discord server:

Step 3: Select image
Now, tap on the “+” icon from the bottom left side of the screen to attach an image from the phone gallery:

A small popup window will open on your screen from where you have to select any image which you like to send as a spoiler:

After that, the selected image should now show in the textbox area. Now tap on that selected image, and hold it for a second:

Step 4: Mark Spoiler Checkbox
The options window for the image will open, from where you can mark the Spoiler checkbox:

Step 5: Verify the Spoiler image
The selected image will now appear as blurry. This operation verifies that it is successfully converted to a spoiler. You can also send any message along with the Spoiler image:

In our case, we have added text along with a Spoiler image, then tap on the blue arrow icon to send:

Step 6: Put Spoiler image
After taping on the blue arrow icon, a progress bar will appear on your screen, which signifies the spoiler uploading progress:

When the attached Spoiler image gets uploaded, it will be sent to the Discord server:

Lastly, tap on the send Spoiler image to view how it will be visible to others:

That’s all about putting a Spoiler image on Discord mobile. Now, let’s check out the procedure to send a Spoiler text.

How to put Spoiler text on Discord Mobile?

Discord also facilitates its mobile users to send Spoiler texts to their friends or server members. If you want to try it on your device, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Select server
First, open the Discord application on your mobile and select the friend’s personal chat or any Discord server text channel wherever you want to put a Spoiler text. In our case, we will put Spoiler text on the “Rasti_0422 server”:

Step 2: Add Spoiler Tag
Add two enhiesto bar “||” bars from your keyboard and use them as a Spoiler tag:

Step 3: Add text
After that, type any message that you would like to put as a Spoiler text:

Step 4: Send Spoiler text
Now, add two enhiesto bars at the end of the message and tap on the blue arrow icon to send it:

As you can see, the sent text is marked as a spoiler:

Next, tap on the Spoiler text to view its content:

We have offered the easiest method to put Spoiler images and text on the Discord mobile application.


To put a Spoiler image on the Discord mobile application, open Discord and select the server or friend’s personal chat. Then tap on the “+” icon from the bottom left side, next to the message bar, then select the image, tap on it and hold it for a second, mark the Spoiler checkbox, and share it. To send Spoiler text, select server, type a message and add two enhiesto bars before and after the text and send it. This blog provided the procedure of putting the Spoiler images and text on the Discord mobile application.

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Linux is an operating system that comes with different distributions like Ubuntu, Debian, and Arch Linux. Just like macOS and Windows, Linux is also a popular operating system that is installed on computers and laptops to manage the hardware of the respective machine and perform the different tasks requested by the users.

In this guide, different ways of installing or putting the Linux operating system on a laptop have been discussed.

How to put Linux on a laptop

There are two methods to install Linux on a laptop which are:

  • Using the USB
  • Using the Supuesto Machine

How to download a Linux operating system ISO file on a laptop

For both above methods, we have to download the ISO file from the official website of your specified Linux distribution. For example, for a better understanding, we will download the ISO file of Ubuntu by visiting its official website:

How to put Linux using the USB on a laptop

For this method, we have to make the USB bootable by flashing the ISO file of Linux on the USB and then attaching the USB to the laptop. Reboot the computer and open the boot menu and from there we will install the operating system.

The detailed explanation is described in the steps below:

Step 1: Flashing the Linux on a USB
Attach the USB with the computer and open any flasher, we will open the balenaEtcher, will launch it, choose the ISO file and then the USB device on which we want to flash it, and finally, flash the image on it:

Step 2: Reboot the computer and open the boot menu
When the image of Linux has been flashed on the USB, open the boot menu, it is important to tell here that the boot menu key is unique for every machine so search it on Google about the boot menu key. Click on it and then select to boot from USB:

The Linux operating system has been booted:

Then it will ask you either to install the Linux on your laptop or simply use it:

Now if you want to install it click on the “Install Ubuntu” and proceed by following the simple steps. Or you can try it by running it from USB by clicking on “Try Ubuntu”.

How to put Linux using the posible machine on a laptop

The other method is to install the posible machine and make a new machine in Ubuntu. For this launch the posible machine, and click on the “New” machine:

Name your machine as we are naming it “Ubuntu”:

Assign RAM memory to the newly created machine and click on the “Next” button:

Choose the hard disk type:

Choose the physical storage type:

And finally, create a machine by assigning some hard disk memory to it:

Then run the machine by clicking on the “Start” menu:

For the next steps follow the instructions displayed on the screen or read this article.


An operating system is used to manage the hardware of the laptop and perform different tasks for users by using the hardware of laptops. There are different operating systems, among which one is the Linux operating system popular in the World and in this guide, methods of putting Linux on a laptop have been explained.

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