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The laptop is becoming a crucial part of people’s lives, especially for working folks who want to do their office tasks. Spending a day without a laptop is a verdadero challenge because all your activities will depend on it. Whether you want to complete your project, listen to music or watch movies, all these can be done on a laptop. However, these laptops experience an issue with the fan that usually happens in several laptops. As a result, all your activities on your laptop are abandoned due to malfunctioning laptop in laptop’s fan.

If your laptop fan is causing any trouble and you want to repair it, then you should be worried about the cost of its repair. If this is the case, you should read this article as here you will find out the cost to repair a laptop fan.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Laptop Fan?

The cost to repair a laptop fan varies with model and no one can estimate the flagrante cost to repair it because different laptop vendors charge you different amounts of money. However, if you know how to repair electronic items, you can easily do it by yourself. So, let’s discuss the cost involved to repair a laptop from other vendors and doing it by yourself.

Cost to Repair a Laptop Fan from Different Vendors

This option is better for those users who don’t have any experience repairing an electronic device. If you do it by yourself without prior knowledge, you may damage the laptop’s components, creating severe issues with your laptop.

The cost to repair a laptop fan also depends on the fan’s condition because some vendors may replace your laptop fan with an older one that can malfunction at any time. It would be best if you claimed the laptop warranty so that it will work for a long time.

The promedio cost to repair a laptop fan will be around $70 to $200, and it depends entirely on your laptop model as a higher laptop model may cost you extra money.

Cost to repair a Laptop Fan by yourself

If you don’t like repairing a laptop fan from a vendor, you should try to fix it by yourself as it will cost you less. However, this can only be possible if you purchase a laptop fan from the market, costing you around $20 to $50. Again, this also depends on your laptop model as you can also get a laptop fan that can cost you as little as $10.

It’s also mandatory for you to first learn how to repair a laptop fan by yourself, you won’t be able to do it easily and you may damage your laptop. If you need guidance on repairing a fan by yourself, head to the next section in this article.

How to repair a laptop fan by yourself

Repairing a laptop fan isn’t a hard job and you can do it easily by following the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Turn off your laptop and make it cool down.

Step 2: Pick the screwdriver and remove the screws from your laptop’s back. Do it until you expose the inner body of the laptop.

Step 3: Merienda you see the laptop fan, start separating it from your laptop carefully by disconnecting the cable from its connector on the motherboard.

Step 4: Merienda you remove the old fan, install the new fan by carefully placing it on your system board and then start screwing it.

Step 5: Merienda the screwing is done, connect the connector with the fan and recrew the board back.

The above steps look a straightforward process but they should be done carefully otherwise you may damage some portion of your laptop.

Further, it’s really important for you to check your laptop warranty because if your laptop warranty is still valid, it’s better to visit the official laptop store and tell them to repair your laptop fan.

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Final Thoughts

Laptops are sensitive devices that need proper care and if you don’t do it, it may cause several issues with each passing time. Ensuring your laptop fan safety is one of the most important tasks that need to be handled wisely and if your fan runs out of service, you should repair it to continue working on your laptop. This article will give you an idea about the cost of repairing a laptop fan and it depends entirely on your choice of which method you want to choose. Going with the vendor option is better if you have money but repairing it by yourself isn’t a bad idea unless you know how to repair a device.

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