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Mostly Skeptical Thoughts On The Chatbot Propaganda Apocalypse

People worry about chatbot propaganda. The simplest concern is that you could make chatbots write disinformation at scale. This has created a cottage industry of AI Trust And Safety people making sure their chatbot will never write arguments against COVID vaccines under any circumstances, and a secondary industry of journalists writing stories about how they […]

elementary OS 7 introduce mejoras generales en el sistema

Tras poco más de un año desde el propagación de su inicial lectura llega elementary OS 7, lo nuevo del proyecto elementary, una distribución que no pasa por sus mejores momentos, pero que ahí sigue, incidiendo en el maniquí de escritorio que la hizo popular. Esto es, mezclando lo que viene de Apple, pero al estilo evidente […]

Linux Tr Command

The “tr” command in Linux can be used to translate or remove a character from the standard input, with the results shown in the standard output. We can complete several operations with the “tr” command. It gives us access to several flags including “-c”, “-d”, “-s”, and others. This command allows us to delete the […]

Windows Compatiblity Layer Wine 8.0 Stable Released

Wine 8.0 has been released after being in development for a year. This release includes over 8600 changes, the main highlights being the completion of the conversion to PE format, and work on WoW64 support which will allow running 32bit Windows applications without installing 32bit libraries. Wine is a Windows compatibility layer that lets you […]

What is Mouse Cursor Ghosting?

Mouse Cursor ghosting is a more common problem in slow-screen monitors, such as monitors of 60 HZ. This problem can also occur due to multiple issues, such as the refreshing rate of the screen, mouse pointer settings, or mouse trial settings. In mouse ghosting problems, mouse lagging occurs, multiple pointers are displayed on the screen […]

How To Clear The Terminal History (Bash Shell)

The commands ran in a Bash shell are kept in the history file, allowing users to easily re-execute frequently used terminal commands or to troubleshoot issues that have occurred. This article explains how to clear the history of the commands you run in the terminal when using Bash shell, which is used by default on most […]

How I got my first post on Google Discover

How did I get my first post on Google Discover you may ask? By complete accident and I am not even remotely kidding. I must say that I am no expert in SEO, although I will admit I am trying to learn all I can. I am a simple person just trying to do my […]

JavaScript, Python y Java son lo más demandado en empresas

Si antiguamente de terminar el año 2022 vimos que JavaScript y las tecnologías web se erigían como las más populares entre los usuarios de Stack Overflow y que Rust es el que más interés despierta, en el mundo empresarial las cosas son poco distintas, ya que según documentación titulado “The State of Tech Hiring in […]

Pandas to Dictionary

In Python, a data structure called a dictionary is used to store information as key-value pairs. Dictionary objects are optimized to extract data/values when the key or keys are known. To efficiently find values using the related index, we can convert a pandas series or dataframe with a relevant index into a dictionary object with […]

Remove Vocals From Audio Files With Ultimate Vocal Remover GUI (AI-Powered)

Ultimate Vocal Remover is a free and open source GUI tool to remove vocals (and more) from audio files using deep neural networks. It’s available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. The tool, advertised as “the best vocal remover application on the internet” by its developers, uses models trained by UVR’s developers for the most part […]